Nearly 40 Qassams land in Negev region; 3 people injured
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 17.01.08, 17:33
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1. Why not hit them back with artillery?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.17.08)
The government and security establishment are cowards!
2. They are TARGETING our civilians!
Unbelievable ,   Israel   (01.17.08)
The IDF and our idiotic government holds back because world says to us, "Don't hurt any civilians". Yet the Palithugs shooting the rockets are targeting our children going to school, citizens just going about their daily lives. The shooting of rockets into Israel is an act of war. We have declared Gaza to be enemy territory. Good grief! Go on the offensive - now. Is our lunatic triumvirate (Olmert, Barak & Livni) waiting for a classroom of children to be hit? (Also, why are Israeli hospitals full of Gazans - our enemies? They should go to Egypt.)
3. Just respond, hit them hard once an for all !
ben   (01.17.08)
4. Sad Strategy
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.17.08)
Mr. Olmert and Mr. Barak are simply waiting for people to be killed before they can "justify" to the world Israeli retaliation. That seems to be their strategy. Wait until a Kassam hits a building and kills 10, 20 people (G-d forbid) and then, and only then, can we go in a clobber the Gazans. They are willing to sacrifice a few Jewish lives to placate world opinion. I am suddenly not feeling well.
5. Enemies dont create War..... War Create Enemies
Palestine.My.Love ,   Gaza   (01.17.08)
So olmert , Try to be wise in dealing with Palestinians.... you make Million and half ready for being fighters against you and your people. Sederot Security is Equal for Gaza Sercurity.
6. Sderot
Albert Fournier ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.17.08)
Till when should the habitant of Sderot fear for their life and endure the scandal of being bombed daily, before the Israeli government will take its responsibilities and react energetically and with determination against the criminals of the Gaza strip? Kassam rockets are being daily launched from Gaza toward Sderot and the Western Negev. 180.000 Israelis live under daily bombardment of the Kassam missils since several years as described at :
7. Spare us the "children's kindergarten routine"
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (01.17.08)
If the IDF didn't kill Palestinians everyday for the thrill of it Sderot would not have a rocket problem. Last year only 5 Israeli civillians were killed. About that many Palestinians are killed by the IDF every day. Amazing that these harmless home made fireworks always seem to land near "kindergartens". Heavens Sderot must be a city of kindergartens. The rocket problem is one of Israel's own making so spare us the usual bogus tears of self pity.
8. #1 Jason - As long as Olmert remains Israel Public enemy #1
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.17.08)
Olmert must go now. Cut electricity, gas, water, and shell Gaza with artillery, mortars, and cheap inexpensive Qassam like rockets rather than risk IDF lives (Unless you can get any more of Zahar's family)
9. #1 Jason - As long as Olmert remains Israel Public enemy #1
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.17.08)
Olmert must go now. Cut electricity, gas, water, and shell Gaza with artillery, mortars, and cheap inexpensive Qassam like rockets rather than risk IDF lives (Unless you can get any more of Zahar's family)
10. Barak response
aharon ben Yitzhak ,   golus   (01.17.08)
It is time for another warning from Barak. How many times has he threatened an attack on gaza if the missiles don't stop. What is holding us back? Could it be the emphasis on dismantling more Jewish towns in Judea & Samaria? Or could it be a fear of disrupting the opportunity to turn over much of our country and 1/2 of our capital to our enemies? Maybe it is just that Barak agrees with landau that he wants to see Israel (Chvsh) raped by terrorists.
11. poor children
carol ,   eilat   (01.17.08)
12. sderot.(a solution?) ,   u.k.   (01.17.08)
move the terrorists out of prison to a temporary prison in sderot.It may not fit with the Geneva convention exactly but then America's rendition policy or quantanamo bay is harddly in the spirit of the Geneva convention.This is more humane because when the rockets stop the terrorist prisoners are in no danger.
13. Barak
Where is the anti- rocket defense system. i mean the multi- level system. Do it now ! Test it an apply ! idiot !
14. We have a criminal government.......
Avtaham ,   Negev   (01.17.08)
led by the criminal Olmert with Shas sitting on the bench with their eyes closed. Sick, sick, sick!
15. For the Peter Morris's of this World
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (01.17.08)
In case you still don't understand this: If the Arabs lay down their guns - there will be peace. If Jews lay down their guns - there will be no more Israel. Of course, that would cause you to rejoice, wouldn't it?
16. Peter Morris #7
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.17.08)
Your own country was invaded by the British! If you knew anything about us, you would know that the IDF does NOT kill for "the thrill of it!" You obviously have an anti-Semitic bias if you think - after reading about how we are suffering - and have been for the past seven years from these rocket attacks - and even more so AFTER we left Gaza - that we get some kind of 'thrill' from all this!! You live on a damn island!! These terrorists are next door to us! How dare you come here with your verbal attacks! But in the larger scheme of things you - Peter Morris - are nothing. I belong to a very ancient people - more than 4,000 years old. And I am proud to live in this land!! So you, Peter Morris, can go to hell!
17. Israel ,give them more electricity ..
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.17.08)
Give your enemies more help and they will reward you some more. You have corrupt ,pathetic leaders who care more about the Palestinian terrorists than they do about you. How many other shipments of fertelizer from the E.U. got thru ?
18. Peter Morris
Korem ,   New York, USA   (01.17.08)
Do you have evidence to back up your insane statements? Do you check ynetnews every day to look at Palestinian casualties? Because if you do, one the days which there is any fighting at all (so not every day), it is almost exclusively terrorists, Hamas/Islamic Jihad rocketeers, that are killed. When civilians are unfortunately killed, they die in the airstrike against a Hamas position. This fact alone disproves your first statement, that the IDF kills for the thrill of it. Your second statement is also wrong. 5 Palestinians arent killed every day. Again, how about you actually look at the news. Every other day or so there are 2 killed and they are HAMAS TERRORISTS. Only now, since the violence is escalating, are more dying. Every week, there are some civilians (not nearly as much as terrorists) killed but they are EXTREMELY RARELY killed on purpose, or targeted by the IDF. On top of that, yeah only 5 civilians died. BUT HUNDREDS WERE INJURED OR MAIMED FOR LIFE, AND LIFE IN SDEROT HAS BEEN COMPLETELY DISRUPTED. Life there is a nightmare, but you clearly don't care about the lives of whatever side you deem "evil" from your safe island house. Harmless homemade fireworks...for using that phrase, I really hope you wake up one day in a town like Sderot, hear warnings to escape in 15 seconds from ROCKETS THAT EXPLODE AND DESTROY HOUSES, PUT PEOPLE INTO SHOCK, KILL, AND TERRORIZE, and then go online to watch a kid from far away say "look at how they complain from harmless homemade rockets!" How is the rocket problem of Israel's own making? The FIRST rockets fell when ISRAEL PULLED OUT OF GAZA, A STEP TORWARDS GRANTING MORE CONCESSIONS TO THE PA. Thus the rocket problem is, technically of Israel's making, because it chose to concede, not because it's evil and kills innocent women all day. But the fact that concessions were met with further attacks is the reason why Israelis are pessimistic about negotiations and untrusting of the PA. You're another worthless talkbacker on ynet, peter morris. Who are you trying to convince? Israelis actually LIVE there and know you to be a liar. Go join the ISM and leave everyone else alone.
19. Don't whine now!
IRAN#1   (01.17.08)
You aksed for it with your wonton desire to kill "palies" and you are getting it. Be a man and take responsibilty for you actions, no whining!!
20. what is this
james ,   jerusalem   (01.17.08)
if olmert is looking for peace with palestinians why he is killing them daily, they will kill us back now with bombs in tel aviv
21. Peter Morris #7
Jippus ,   Holland   (01.17.08)
Dear brothers and sisters, Let this guy be.. He's living far away in New Zealand and doesn't have a clou. Just ignore this kind of people and save your precious time for better things. God bless the children of Abraham and give peace to them!
22. Sderot schools
Gabriel ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.08)
I was amazed to read that the IDF had OKd the schools in Sderot to remain open despite the kassam rockets salvos. How is that possible and how are these children? They will at minimum need extensive counselling after living there.
23. AMIT Schools in Sderot.
Aaron ,   Israel and USA   (02.26.08)
Visit: Providing education - without discrimination - to students of Sderot including some of the students visiting LA.
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