We'll fight Hamas without mercy, says Olmert
Published: 17.01.08, 15:19
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1. Good :-)!~
ben ,   singapore   (01.17.08)
2. Olmert, You Failed!
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (01.17.08)
Whatever you say, is only empty words. You are a paper tiger. Go home.
3. Great another 'war' and who is leading...
josef cohen ,   herzliya il   (01.17.08)
What will they call the next commission and when will they report?
4. We need to fight without Olmert, Not without mercy
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.17.08)
5. Israel is burning at the edges and you are having conference
Al   (01.17.08)
about what? About nothing.... Ist War get it together and get cracking.... You're people will up and leave and allow the Arabs to overrun the country. Oh I forgot your own friggin family has done that already. Question What the F are you doing there? Goto NYC and I am sure the big "D" will welcome you....He has an appt waiting for you at his Trump Place where you can view the NJ shore.
Petra ,   usa   (01.17.08)
7. Trying to save your skin? Too litlle, Too late, Mr. Olmert
Joseph P. ,   JewRusalem   (01.17.08)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.17.08)
Olmert keeps on quoting rubbish. It is the same Ynet that just reported that 30 qassams fell in the Negev and many more the day before. I do not understand why these Ynet boys are so eager to help quote a looser like this. The fact that these rockets are stilll falling proves the impotence of the government. On the other hand what can one expect from someone who is tired of winning. I understand that israelis are fed up with war, but to take on a defeatist leadership in the hope of peace is moronic and outright suicidal. Hopefully there are still some reporters out there who are more interested in a winning attitude.
9. kassams
colin   (01.17.08)
The corrupt olmert said something.It is of course a lie.He will not fight his mistresses the hamas without mercy.He will do what Bush demands.He killed 119 soldiers in Lebenon .Olmert does not give a damn about Israelis.
10. Fight??? US/Olmert Offers Half of Israel to Terrorists
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.17.08)
11. Why do we still have that coward?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.17.08)
olmert should have been thrown out along with his kadima/labor gang. They screwed up in lebanon and now he sends the children of other to die. Not his sons!
12. olmert
ami ,   israel   (01.17.08)
this are only words they are loughing in SDEROT there is no electricity no light in SDEROT nolight in GAZA missels in SDEROT rokets in Gaza your speaches dont have any impression on them also we are fed up with you
13. What a coincidence
Debbie ,   Toronto Canada   (01.17.08)
Olmert fighting back just when his government is falling apart. Smells like election!!!!!!!! Does Olmert think we are idiots we cannot see through his scams
14. more qassams
zev ,   usa   (01.17.08)
Of course the increase in rockets is horrible for the residents of sderot. however, as they fire more rockets and expose themselves the IDF can pick off more of the terrorists. This is not to make light of the pain thats being caused to the residents of sderot. may hashem watch over them and the brave soldiers to keep them all safe mentally and physicaly.
15. Wow! Olmert can do this?
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.17.08)
16. You have Sharon and Olmert to thank for the deteriation
Harry   (01.17.08)
17. unbelievable
lee ,   canada   (01.18.08)
so let me see if i have this right. Isreal bomb the heck outta the palestinians killing women and children with American f18s and the bombs american aide can buy. Then they respond buy firing some homemade bottle rockets into some open fields? Is that it? We are not all idiots over here. We see the insane double standards. Did you people learn nothing from your holocaust????? or maybe you did!! what did you expect after killing all those people??? roses?
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