International aid for Palestinians increases to $7.6 billion
News Agencies
Published: 17.01.08, 18:29
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USA USA USA   (01.17.08)
good to see the world doing the RIGHT THING. CONGRATS. SPEND IT WISELY. take care of your children. kick those illegal settlers OUT!!!
2. So much money to buy weapons????
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (01.17.08)
3. congrats!!
usa   (01.17.08)
way to go FRANCE. Palestine needs so much help the israelis have been so so so awful.
4. Thank you world! More money to buy weapons
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.17.08)
explosives, produce pallywood and Farfur clips, spread hateful propaganda..... What you can't achieve on your own - you're doing thru arabs....
5. I'd really like to know how much of this
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.17.08)
aid is coming from those loving Arab brethren that are so attached to Palestinian statehood. They have been VERY generous with the aid that goes into murder and mayhem, wanna bet they are more than a little stingy on the development aid?
6. SO???????
Sebastian Ludlow ,   USA   (01.17.08)
That 7.6 billion is just a DROP in the bucket of foreign aid MY country gives stop whining all the time and get over it!
7. 1 + 3 same guy
dude, your pali friends have no future :-) enjoy losing (over and over again).
9. Great! 7.6 billion down the toilet!
Barry ,   Tokyo   (01.17.08)
Palis are man-made losers. They were meant to be eternals pawns for Arabs and more recently Iranians to play the "victim" card while killing innocent men, women, & children. They are hopeless and are being punished as can be measured by their "quality of life" offered by their power hungry gangster "leaders".
10. any aid to gaza supprts hamas
arthur ,   jersey city usa   (01.18.08)
abbas again makes it clear split with hamas more show and tell.Once pa established hamas will overthrow abbas or merge and take control. Then the world will do nothing. Once pa state established they have the soverign right to arm,that means artillery,tanks,missiles,rockets,planes ships.And they can treaty with whomever they want, syria,hamas hezbouleh and theycan station troops where they want
USA   (01.18.08)
on organizing this long needed aid of the victims of the jews and IDF. long time needed. god bless. PALESTINE.
12. To All Palestinians.
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.18.08)
Do you know what that money means? It means prosperity to each and every one of you. It means peace and no more premature death to your sons. It means lawful life to all you and me. It means... Only if your leaders do not swallow it.
13. waste of money! all will be in private banks for Abu Mazen
GOD   (01.18.08)
14. Nations Finance their Favorite Terrorists & Second HOLCAUST
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.08)
What a wicked betrayal! The response to global jihad - non-stop war against Israel is Jews must not defend themselves and must surrender Jewish land vital for Israel's defense to a cruel enemy who show no mercy. The IDF whose mission is to defend Israel must never again cooperate with barbaric enemies - never again ethnically cleanse a single Jew. The IDF must save Jewish innocents from the planned Second Holocaust. The IDF must immediately take control of the country - fight and win the war. Every traitor must be brought to trial.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.18.08)
US/EU/UK - how would you like it if the nations gave billions of dollars, plus massive amounts of weapons and ongoing military training to terrorists, in the global jihad against your country? You are ALL immoral hypocrites who are seeking a Second Holocaust of Jewish innocents.
16. And then they say Israel lives on hand outs
Jake   (01.18.08)
What a joke. How about comparing the % of Israel's annual budget coming from US aid (less than 3%) to the Palestinian annual budget coming from international aid, both official and unofficial.
17. Palestinian budget woes
Will ,   Shreveport U.S.A.   (01.18.08)
Doesn't all this aid to Gaza make the Palestinian people the welfare state of the Middle East? Since the Palestinian people destroyed all the businesses the Israeli people left behind when they were forced out of Gaza, what have the Palestinian people done to develope their own businesses? It seems to me that while the people of Gaza are being taken care of by contributions from the Middle Eastern nations, the rest of the money has gone to buying and developing bigger and more destructive weapons they fire into Israel. I guess paying all those terrorists comes to high dollars. Just think ,if these Muslims could turn all that hate of the Israeli people into constructive endeavors instead of destructive efforts, how much more self sufficient the Palestinian people could become. But after all their hate is what drives the Muslim peoples in that part of the world. And then they take that hate into every country that supports America and Israel and they plan on destructive efforts in those places to, and already have in some places. If these countries really wanted to starve out terror in Gaza then why don't they just cut off the money that's buying bullets and rockets. If all these U.N. dupes put their money where their mouths are, since they talk peace all the time like it's only Israel's responsibility, the number one thing that all contributors to the Palestinian Authority should agree on is it's the money that they send to Palestine that is being used for deadly purposes instead of peaceful purposes. When they give money they should attach requirements on it. They should say to the PA, "We will not give you this money unless we see peaceful use of it. If we see any of it going to attacking Israel we will cut off the money". But then that would be putting the responsibility of their behavior in the laps of those who want Israels death, wouldn't it. Then it's obvious that these contributors don't care what PA does with the money. That's like giving money to a criminal who has no job but going out and committing crimes. But the criminal keeps saying it's the responsibility of the places he robs to stop him before he committs the crime, as if he's the victim not the businesses the prays upon. But the people who want him to be a good productive citizen keep giving him money so he can take care of himself while he continues to go out and committ crimes. Kinda stupid isn't it?
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