Russian army chief: We'll use nuclear weapons if threatened
Associated Press
Published: 19.01.08, 12:04
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1. Russia WILL use nuclear weapons, not MIGHT use them.
Rivkah   (01.19.08)
Perhaps as early as Nisan 24 in 2008, which is April 29 in 2008, the vision of Daniel will come to pass of the Battle of Hidekel River (Tigris River) where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet near Basra. Ezekiel chapter 32 says a young lion nation will lose its multitude or military by a sword of the king of Babylon ( Iraq's WMD's) along with its Pharoah (leader of young lion nation). Then Damascas is nuked or destroyed in a way by an earthquake that leaves it in rubble. Ezekiel chapter 38 warns of Russia (Magog) attacking Israel with a coalition of Moslem nations. The Russians also go up (north) to attack a land of unwalled villages which probably is in North America since they attack for cattle. The coastal cities of the world will burn which is probably nuclear attacks. Yes, Russia WILL use nuclear weapons. But beware, Russian bears: ONE American submarine has enough nuclear weapons (288) to obliterate Russia and its allies in a war.
2. Russia
alvaro ,   jerusalem   (01.19.08)
Russia lately has been showing signs that it wants other countries to see her as a world power, of course, and as always it goes in the wrong direction
3. Just who is threatening Russia?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.19.08)
Is there any real military threat to Russia? Who is poised to militarily attack Russia? It is totally beyond the realm of possibility, except to raving lunatic paranoid believers in wild conspriacy theories, to see a military threat to Russia from anyone. Russia's problems are all domestic. Corruption, authoritarian gov't., declining birth rate, failing health system, alcoholism, AIDS, Islamic terrorism, etc. cannot be eliminated with nuclear weapons. Perhaps he is talking about Iran which might conceivably be a future threat but I doubt it. The key to understanding his statement lies in the phrase, "....or our allies." Does he mean Russia would militarily intervene, say, if we attacked Iran or Syria?
4. Rivkah (#1) what are you on?
Concerned Israeli   (01.19.08)
Sounds like you just stepped out of a great action flick, but the real world works a little different than that. Even during the fiercest ideological battle of our era, the Cold War, when tensions, doubts and suspicions were everywhere and nuclear fallout was at some points minutes away, the human rationale proved its power by preventing such a horrid conclusion. Today's Russia, although yearning for their Cold War power, is far more pragmatic than the Russia of old. Putin and gang might talk a lot, and they do, but it's just posturing. Everyone knows, especially Russia, that they are no match for the United States like they were in the Cold War. Furthermore, they are rational, sane, normal, call them as you will, so they don't want to destroy the world. If they didn't do it then, they for sure won't try it now. Sorry to disappoint you.
5. Israel quiet smoke aside & envy " ba sheket"
Bob ,   Moscow   (01.19.08)
6. Perhaps Russia is warning Iran?
Petra ,   usa   (01.19.08)
Russia sells them fuel and might be worried Iran has no regard for a communist G-dless nation? Or maybe the old guard in Russia remembers the allies and puffs a lot to try and impress others? Either way, Russia should refrain from selling Muslims anything but food and medicine.( if they have any left over)
7. #1 true
russia going down soon, huh :-) finally. i never liked putin anyway.
8. Most welcome us it againsty Iran who is your THREAT ALSO !
ben ,   singapore   (01.19.08)
9. #4 Sorry, but Rebecca is correct----
Ariel ,   Israel   (01.19.08)
While in the past nuclear fall out has been kept in check, the world has fainally come to the point in time prophisied by our great prophets. You cannot stop their decree which was given to them by Hashem from coming to pass. Esaus's decendants are wreaking havoc as foretold. Russia is lining up with Persia as foretold, There are many other things that are in line now as well. Read your Torah. This is not a war about who will be the greatest of nations. This is a war about who is the greatest in the kingdom. The muslim world,(led by satan himself), or those to whom the promise was given and who have chosen to side with Hashem. Hashem has told us that he will clear his name, and when he does, we and you, and they, will see things happen against them that this earth has never seen before. And that will cause many in the muslim world and non believers to change their ways and turn to him.. It's all there my friend, you just need to read, learn, and understand.
10. Russians want Stolnichia Vodka&Cigarett Factories-not ICBMs
Alan ,   SA   (01.19.08)
Can any sane person tell us who is going to attack Russia.If they think Iran is a threat then why send it Atomic Materials . Will EU attack -or US Maybe China -I dont know .???Or N Korea . In any case why are the Russians crawling around Syrian Ports
11. I think that Russian is warning Israel
Jam   (01.19.08)
Because Iran is not a treat to Russia,Russian and Iran have a solid and strong ties.
12. (yawn) That's what the weapons are for
Damir ,   Russia   (01.19.08)
The day we'll say we won't use the nukes anymore we will scrap them to save the cost. Until that... I think Israel should ignore this report. (yawn)
13. Who are the allies?
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (01.19.08)
Who are the allies that is the question. If Iran is the ally then he is warning the US and Israel, or they could mean China as a ally. Kinda odd since Iran supported Chetnya and also is a threat to Russia's moslem population.
14. Read the Russian news people.
Michael ,   U.S.   (01.19.08)
The warning is the same warning they have been shouting for over a year. It is directed to the U.S., which has been elluded to several times, even by Putin. There is a storm coming........the likes of which this earth has never seen, no, nor ever will see again.
15. Russia is no match for God. America has defense weaknesses.
Rivkah   (01.19.08)
Russia has Sunburn (Sunburst) missiles that have nuclear warheads that fly below radar and can nuke an American ship with no defense from that. But they cannot nuke EVERY American submarine and surface ship at one time which is a Russian weakness. Also, America is vulnerable to high altitude nuclear blasts in the atmosphere 65 to 200 miles high that can put out the fiberoptics (electricity) in a vast area. A US Navy line Captain at a Navy League lecture in the 1990's told me it would take two high altitude nukes to put out America's fiberoptics so the electricity goes out, the cars don't run, etc. America is working on defenses to that and means to reverse an EMP attack with HAARP. The Russians know the dangers of HAARP when used as a weather weapon instead of a defensive device since Nikola Tesla tested a HAARP weapon in Siberia in the 1920's. The damage was so extensive, an asteroid was blamed and HAARP weapons were shelved by treaties. There is a 1970's treaty on weather weapons. I do not use substances that affect my central nervous system in the manner you infer. I drink coffee in the morning which is a stimulant. And I take low dose phenobarbital to keep my neck muscles relaxed because of a cranio-vertebral-joint-misalignment birth defect that causes pain from the base of my skull to my feet when my neck muscles tense up. I do try to cram a many year Bible study perview into a paragraph for people to be warned and to get prepared for what is certain to come. If you go to the "IAEA" article earlier this month on YNET you will find a list of critical mostly over the counter items you should have on hand to protect your body from cancer from various radioisotopes from nuclear fallout that you should take for a hundred days at least after a nuclear event. It IS shocking to see what should be described in thousands of words and pages in a paragraph. My hope is for you to be stimulated to search it out for yourself in the Bible translations that are truthful.
16. 13 The Bible says there is only one friend (ally).
Rivkah   (01.19.08)
And that is God. That is who will deliver Israel from the Russians and Moslems with an earthquake in northern Israel and a plague that melts the eyes. For atheists that can be explained by an underground nuclear explosion triggering an earthquake and and nuclear defenses. But God used nuclear weapons on Sodom and Gomorrah as is evidenced by melted ceramic tiles there. If God says he will do it, don't rule that out.
17. Putin needs to go
He has become unstable and his paranoia is leading Russia in a very dangerous direction.
18. And Israel will continue to bomb empty buildings - Olmert
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.19.08)
19. Response to Rivkah
Michael ,   U.S.   (01.19.08)
Yes, you are correct. I agree with what you are saying wholeheartily, Sadly most are clueless.
20. Russia
Dave ,   Linwood, USA   (01.19.08)
Russia will defend Iran if anyone attacks them, this is why ahmadinejad is so bold. He talks big when he's got a big brother behind him but what has me wondering is how ahmadinejad has made referance to the middle east states exploding like volcanos. He has a lot of muslims listening to him and if he comes across as just blowing hot air he will be ousted by his own people, so he has to make good on his words. The only way he can do that is with Russias help, along with N. Korea, Pakistan, Syria, China, Brazil and the list goes on and on. Turkey is listed in the Bible as another ally to Russia and are showing signs of doing so with there role in Iraq. The world stage is being set according to Gods word and when Isreal is ready militarily, the first seal will be opened. But before that, as John wrote in the book of Revelation - A door was open in heaven (Jesus) a trumpet talking with me, which said Come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit and behold a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. Rev 4:1,2 verse 4, speaks of the 24 elders (church) already in heaven, thats where I'll be. Will you be there? Read 1st Corinthians 15 and believe Amen
21. terry
nilli ,   jerusalem   (01.19.08)
i understand another thing .... befor any new step you must be sure that your feet is on the earth //// putin do it to russa not against any or with any
22. Rivkah #15 comment
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.19.08)
Do you have more information about this IAEA article on Ynet earlier this month regarding the over the counter items? I did a search on the site for IAEA and didn't see what you were talking about. Thanks.
23. To all those expecting armageddon
Concerned Israeli   (01.19.08)
Russia is not siding with Iran against the West and Israel. They are just playing power politics as has been done throughout history. This may not ring well for us Westerners, but it definitely does not mean that they are teaming up with the Muslims to fight a war that will destroy the world. Russians are normal people, like you and me, that have aspirations of prosperity and wellbeing, not destroying mankind. The fact that Russia is aggressive in its foreign affairs is nothing new and the West is powerful enough to counter it so don't worry. Inside, Russia is inherently weak because of the lack of democracy, failing economy, and rapidly dropping birth rates. The only thing they have to cling to is their Cold War legacy of military might, which anyway today is erroding with their country. Russia knows it is no match for the West. They are not stupid, and definitely not suicidal. Furthermore, both former Prime Minister Primakov and Putin himself have declared many times that they see a nuclear Iran as more of a threat to them than to Israel. They simply have different intelligence estimates, more similar to those of the US. Therefore, they see, as of now, that continuing economic relations with Iran is more beneficial to them than not. However, when the time comes, Russia will stop its childish play once Iran is perceived as a real threat to their interests. As for now though, stop forcasting the end of the world, you're scaring the children.
24. Putin has lost the plot
zionist forever   (01.19.08)
The man is talking about neuclear preventive strikes. Even during the cold war we didn thave the Russians talking about neuclear preevptive strikes. We all knew both side had the ability but we didnt have the Soviets going on record in the international media talking about it.
25. #23 i thought the same way about moslems
just me   (01.19.08)
before i saw the true barbarians in them, nazi or whatever the name is of hisbollah just bragged about israelis' body parts in his hands, but him and his gang are only puppets, their masters in tehran and damascus listen to polar bear. russia arm syria and iran, syria and iran waging a proxy war against israel, it's only part of russia's plan to strike u.s. and allies anywhere they can, the weaker u.s. and allies become the stronger russia will be. there will be a final showdown between human and lunatics, but before that russia will join forces with whoever against u.s. and allies...
26. 23: Russia is no match for God. The world will NEVER end, so
Rivkah   (01.19.08)
there is no fear of that. It will be cleansed with fire and floods, but not a worldwide flood like in Noah's time. You think the events that must come to pass are scary? Not if you know the reason. If the Messiah does not come, everyone will die on the earth. He is coming to stop that and to set up a perfect government with Israel as the chief among the nations. If scaring children with the truth alarms you, then they will die in ignorance instead of being saved by knowledge. The Bible says "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Far scarier than the Bible predicitons is an eternal fate without God. That is what your children should fear: eternity in hell that is black and hot and dry and without hope. Children should not fear what evil people and governments can do to their physical bodies. They should fear the one who can throw them into hell for eternity. You can water down the Bible at home and black out a lot of passages so your children won't be scared. I think it is you who is scared. Children play death every day in their games and are fearless in their makebelieve worlds. In many places the Bible says, "FEAR NOT".
27. # Concerned Israeli, excellent post. Thank you !
Abel Shoni ,   France   (01.19.08)
Enough with apocalyptic preachers reading too much of "end-times" books by so many Evangelists (UCG, CGG, etc.) who predicted so many times the end of our world, already in past centuries, and nothing happened. They have nearly all misunderstood John's Apocalypse which is highly symbolic, and not all people are up with deciphering symbols and "translate" them into reality. John did better job in his Gospel, I mean in the eyes of Christians. Better, safer future for all, especially children, who are at the beginning of their life and do not need being scared by all sorts of media whose primary task should be balanced information, and sound education far from "people press". Enough with end-of-the-world atmosphere bringing with it complete destruction of the world. Who knows God's will, given that he exists ? Who is his last prophet ?
28. Israel should do the same
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.19.08)
29. 22 Scott: The article has been removed from the data base,
Rivkah   (01.19.08)
perhaps by oversite or perhaps on purpose. Here is the list again for you and others who want to protect yourselves and your families from radioactive fallout that looks like white powder on the ground after a nuclear event. Take these mostly over the counter meds for 100 days after a nuclear event. One adult dose of these for 100 days will fit into a one gallon ziplock bag. Children's doses are half the adult dose for children over six as a general rule. l. Potassium Iodide or Potassium Iodate tablets. Take two by 50mg tablets daily. The bottle may say 85 mg, but is 50mg of elemental potassium. A bottle of 200 tablets costs about $30 from the Prophecy club of Topeka, Kansas. This protects the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine-131. 2. Calcium citrate 300mg/magnesium citrate 150mg tablets. Take two tablets daily for 100 days to block the reuptake of radioactive strontium-90. The magnesium prevents constipation from the calcium that blocks the strontium-90. 3. Elemental iron tablets. Take one 18 mg elemental iron tablet daily for 100 days to block plutonium reuptake from radioactive fallout. 4. Potassium Chloride or Potassium gluconate tablets. Take one 99 mEq tablet daily fo prevent Cesium-137 from damaging the body. 5. zinc tablets. Take one 30 mg zinc tablet daily for 100 days to reduce the reuptake of radioactive zinc-65. 6. Vitamin B-12 SUBLINGUAL tablets. Place one 1000mcg tablet under the tongue daily for 100 days. let it dissolve under the tongue. B-12 suppress the reuptake of cobalt-12.
30. marcel
russian and nuclear   (01.19.08)
Boris Yeltsin, a real russian nationalist overcame soviets, but with health problems was not strong enough to carry on so he gave it to a strong apparatchik recommended by his NSA advisor berezowsky. Putin is strong but is a soviet style nationalist with polonium injections, soviet sales of weapons to middle east, and playing the usual double game and just causing problems which will end up in muslim russian backyard. Olmert goes around saying that Bush is courageous and wise and Putin is helpful on iran. Right. You have to wonder about Lieberman who said Olmert was a good PM; It may be that Olmert was nice to Liberman because he needed his 11 seats, but that is different from him being a good PM. Now Winograd from reports will blame the IDf more than anyone else. Wait, even in 73, Israel was losing until the counterattack was figured out so the leadership has to give the IDF time. Because Olmert is a coward, he wants to end hostilities fast and doesn't give the IDF time. So the problem is the leadership and strategy. Its clear that the IDF needs land to land kassem type rockets to to respond in kind to hamas. Hezbollah is very good and needs to be buried in their bunkers and flushed out with sleeping gas bombs. Also terror rockets are needed to respond in kind. It is so obvious the IDF should read this article.
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