Russian army chief: We'll use nuclear weapons if threatened
Associated Press
Published: 19.01.08, 12:04
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61. 59 Nic: Jeremiah 51 is talking about Babylon that is
specifically the land of the Chaldeans which is IRAQ, not America. It could indicate the American troops there will be attacked with dirty nukes since the burden (judgment) of Babylon is to become uninhabitable forever and dirty nukes have radioactive isotopes that have a half life of 10,000 years. Look at the REASON for what happens to Babylon in Jeremiah chapter 51 to see who and what is judged: it is a judgment for destroying the first temple of Solomon. America was not around then. Iraq as Babylon was. Rivkah
62. russia
sheep ,   hellville us   (01.29.08)
russia dont let the big bad corupt U.S Bully you around we all know that Bush likes to lie so he can attack any country in the world so dont let this moron scare you its the next president you have 2 worry about like if the war monger Mccain he already said there will be more wars and more wars and if people vote for this warmonger mybe we will end up getting nuked the military complex is in charge of washington got to keep wars going 2 keep them in buisness..dont back down from there threats russia stand up for your land and dont give it up like bush is doing with the north american unoin this country polititions sold this country out and everyone that fought for the flag of the U.S did so in vain because this country is a communist country with a Dictator running the show already have FEMA camps with creamatoriums to despose of the masses when they start martial law.. Bush's "War Of Terror" not war on terror the real axis of evil runs the white jobs no money greedy corps paying off dems and rep no more Land of the free national id card\papers sound like nazi germany . DOWN WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER they are a bunch of devil worshipers that want to rule the world . bye bye sheep
63. russia the true enemy NOT
sheep ,   us   (02.01.08)
hey 54 russia supplys the weapons 2 terrorist countrys whatever if you have any cominsence its the U.S that just made a arms deal with the soudi's and then deliver the weapons that we sell to the so called insuregents that are killing are troops so you need 2 get your facts straight and not to mention the U.S selling nuke technoligy to other muslem countrys thats really safe....its all about greed
64. Russia to use Nukes if provoked
Oklahoma   (02.02.08)
All religious BS aside, It looks to me as if there is going to be an attempted/successful coup in Russia soon. The Russian military leaders sea Putin as weak and idealogical they do not think he can take care of Russia in a time of need. That he is letting the US get away with too much.
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