Nasrallah: We have Israelis' body parts
Roee Nahmias and AFP
Published: 19.01.08, 20:02
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1. Nasrallah
David   (01.19.08)
I admire this enemy ! and I feel shame for our weak government and can not beleive that our IDF has left our soldiers dead behind them!
2. Monster
Just unbelievable
3. Primitive savages ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.19.08)
What kind of mentality does this show to brag about having body parts? This is like primitive savages from some jungle, head-hunters & cannibals, not civilized people. As to this lunatic's other comment, that another war would change the face of the region, he is right. The change is that Lebanon would no longer exist as a country. OK - now that the speech is over, you can crawl back in your hole.
4. The macabre words of this loonie
Petra ,   usa   (01.19.08)
parts, body parts and is he bragging or taking inventory? What a lunatic. He and Osama are cave rats and then, become heroes to the insane. How many people have to die to satisfy this blood lust of the 'rabs? It's like a sick hit and run criminal on the loose. Someone kill him, please before Lebanon is a parking lot.
5. Sheikh Nasrallah is back
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (01.19.08)
it's time for you to flee away hence he said that he will change the face of the region it means he can & will
6. Disgusting Ghilan!!!!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.19.08)
7. join islam now
nasrallah   (01.19.08)
come and join islam now, where freedom of speech is expressed with explosives, beheadings and beating of wife and children. come join us and prais allah for that he loves the shahids who target innocent people. express your anger to win a free vacation to paradise with 72 virgins free of choice, refreshment bar included (additional costs may incur.). for more information call 1-900-HZBLAH, press 1 for terror supplies, 2 for suicide-bomber waiting list. or visit our website:
8. A spiritual message ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.19.08)
From the Religion of Peace. Are these the words of a religious leader? Is this what their religion stands for? It must be, given the number of supporters this monster has. This is the moral level of the Nazis who made lampshades from human skin & mattresses stuffed with human hair & soap with human fat. No normal civilized person could feel anything but revulsion at such a statement.
9. These are monsters
Hilda ,   US   (01.19.08)
Israel returns dead bodies of enemies when they find them. These members of of that "religion of peace" barters the bones and advertises its ghoulish finds., Have we considered that these bodies may be those of the kidnapped?
10. Nusrallah the monkey!
dustyles ,   Israel   (01.19.08)
Whatch out you chara, we will find your hole & oy vey
11. Nasrallah: We...To #8.
David ,   Brazil   (01.19.08)
You are wrong. The 'normal,civilized world' couldn't care an old agura about what is said, or worse; what is done to Jews anywhere, anyplace, particularly in Israel. There are two kinds of thinking related to us: The muslim and arab nazis who live and die to erase us, and the others, which do not give a **** about our fate, as long as we are deleted. Fortunately, we shall outlive all of them for ever.
12. We are to be blamed not them
David   (01.19.08)
This has nothing to do with them being savages or barbarians ! there is one fact that they still have parts of our soldiers! and because they know that we do not leave our soldier behind they are using this to get some benefits regarding thier POWS ! would they looked angels to us if they just barried the parts and never mensioned them ? we are the one who to be blamed? I wonder what did we tell the family who got thier son without a head !
13. "religion", "fighting for freedom", "land"
YA ,   UK   (01.19.08)
- what a garbage. Thi is tribal death cult full stop, greedy for power, intimidation, and suppression of others. All features it borrows from modernity are fascist style ideology and tactics. But sometimes as, this time, one can see what is behind. The cannibal's mug.
14. Calm down, don't buy into this islamo-fascist propoganda!
Roni   (01.19.08)
15. Whatever is wrong with us...WE DONT DO THAT - Just SICK.
What a disgusting little maggot.
16. To #8
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.19.08)
Those lampshades were a specialty of Ilse Koch, the Bitch of Buchenwald. Your tb brought back a horrible memory: When I was barely 5 years old, my mother extracted a solemn promise from me to not ever use, bathe or wash with soap that floats. Only until much later did I come to undersand that soap made of human fat supposedly doesn't sink. Well, there is a US brand of soap that floats, and the first time I saw my little son being bathed by his American grandmother with this soap in the tub I went berserk and jerked that poor child out of the water with such force, it's a wonder I didn't rip his arms out of their sockets. My subsequent explanation was received with incredulous looks, because such things as soap from human fat can't possibly have happened. Although I'm sure the US brand only contains approved ingredients, I wouldn't be caught with that soap, even if it promised to regress my entire body to age 20 and got rid of the last wrinkle. There are some things one never gets out of one's head, and that soap and tattoos are two of them.
17. idf soldiers BODY PARTS
avi ,   sydney.AUSTRALIA   (01.19.08)
I still want to know what we achieved in this war it looks as though nasrallah is just getting more popular by the day and for the idf to be humiliated like that im ashamed to be an israeli and I WISH WE HAD A LEADER LIKE NASRALLAH
18. Just SICK!!!
19. It shows they're barbaric and not civilized.
Robert Renders ,   Belgium   (01.19.08)
21. #5 Nas. destroy the region especially Lebanon
Lemi ,   Israel   (01.19.08)
22. Nasrallah you such a Islamic Kurafat !
ben ,   singapore   (01.19.08)
Give dead a decent burial, it not that you dont know your Quran ! If you Prophet were around he will kick your ass. Nasrallah you are such an islamic Kurafat. Bargaining with dead bodies .KURAFAT MUSLIM !
23. u jews
hussain ,   Hassa, Saudi arab   (01.19.08)
are soooooo un real. u call Hizbullah savage and barbarians !!!! can't u be human like, and say the truth about what your arm forces are doing to the civilians in Gaza. can't you read un-biased articles about what have you done in the history of you state! no wonder, you are Zionist! you have no respect to other human race but you as you see your self the "HUMAN"!!! remember, it is Nasrallah you are dealing with, not like those who recently received you friend PUSH of the US.
24. Avi, Sydney, NSW
Adrian ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (01.19.08)
It is like crying for the moon, dear Avi.
25. Honest & Great
Wiliam ,   UK   (01.19.08)
I love this great man and like that hassan Nassaralla is honest and never lie and always brave not weak like Isarel leaders Regards, W
26. the cult of death!
oded   (01.19.08)
why in't harballah a cadeaver is a mustery to me... with all of our special this and that, and high tech, this sub- human is still breathing and boasting..... where is the isreal of the 60s, 70, and even the 80s , where the arabs trembled just hearing our voices???
27. Nasrallah
Odile ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.08)
To David who admires Nasrallah ! And you beleive him ?!! Head, legs , hands what is that macabre exhibition ! And you beleive him !????
28. Avi, just stay in Australia
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (01.19.08)
Our leadership has proven to be the dregs of the dregs of the barrel, we all know that. But NEVER would I wish for a monstrous ghoul like that Nasrallah thing to be my leader. To think of anyone sinking to such depth makes me gag. And to think that anyone would wish for that kind of ghoul as a leader.. Well.. Enough said.
29. Olmert, Barak and all you Failures
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (01.19.08)
Do you hear this? How can you sleep? How DARE you show your faces in public? Resign and vanish from the public arena. Nothing can make up for what you did.
30. #17 - Don't wish for the Fuehrerprinzip
eh-oop ,   United Kingdom   (01.19.08)
Unless you believe that the retention of bodyparts truly projects your national standards, identity and destiny. Nasrallah's utterances are useful, though, in that they remind us of the character of the enemy we all have to deal with. What disturbs me too are the statistics cited at the end of the article. First, "more than" is slovenly statistical creep. 1200 deaths is the Lebanese government's upper figure of deaths, the highest from any source, and it's not a figure which differentiates between actual civilians and Hizbollah terrorists, of whom most estimates state that between 450 and 600 were killed in this war of Nasrallah's creation. The "Bargaining Chips" headline is also sick. In all, bad journalism.
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