Gaza suffers as siege goes on
Ali Waked
Published: 19.01.08, 21:02
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31. you guys have to stop it.
if these talkbacks are any example of what most jews are like and feel, you will never have peace. you sound like war mongering murdering bigots. its digusting. USA should not support you.
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.20.08)
I can't wait to hear how Hamas spins this into a victory for the terrorists just like they kicked us out during Disengagement and Hezbollah kicked us out of Lebanon. We must learn the lesson from these two incidents and not stop until there is a TOTAL SURRENDER, Shalit is returned, PALs are assigned to lead the entry into ALL houses and buildings(undermine boobytraps) and all illegal weapons, missile manufacturing assets, and explosives are confiscated. We must finish this properly otherwise we have accomplised nothing.
33. Don't stop...
Micha   (01.20.08)
the rivers will run red very shortly into the mediterranean...and the IDF will retake the departure was a grave mistake. Then the wb will be firing grounds...if fatass there can't behave like humans, then kick them out..they can join their impoverished and imprisoned and encircled buddies in lebanon. They seem to enjoy it there.
34. Quit building tunnels and fire bombs
and maybe you'll have some frickin' concrete and gasoline left you imbeciles!
35. They need EU trucks to smuggle in Metal tubes&fertiliser
Alan ,   SA   (01.20.08)
36. Shrouds in short supply due to IDF busy week.Virgins aplenty
Alan ,   SA   (01.20.08)
37. You curse Israel, you get cursed back!
Zion   (01.20.08)
38. Shortage of burial shrouds
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.20.08)
Better stop the daily honor killings then.
39. Long live Hamass
Gazans will never give up hamass, they are the only hope of getting back our country at the moment. Together with Hizbollah, Iran, and Islamic Jihad, Palestine will return. Peace with Israelis proved futile. Something to know about Gazans, they would die from hunger, but not bow to Israeli/American slavery of the world. The Arab puppets installed everywhere in the Islamic/Arab world are Israeli/American slaves (examples? Abbass, Mubarak, Abd Allah, etc). Gazans prefer to live free, or die fighting for it! Israelis, you have two options: kill all palestinians in the world, or leave. it is your choice! nothing else works!
40. The inhabitants of Gaza.
harold Lane ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.08)
For the “innocent” civilians of the Gaza strip, life is getting worse every day, and the situation will certainly not improve in the foreseeable future. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and other terror organizations exist only through terror. They will go on bombing Israeli civilians and of course, Israel will react by bombing Gaza. For the inhabitants, future seems gloomy. In order to have a chance for a better future for themselves, but mainly, for their children, the Arabs living in Gaza should think about emigrating, discretely, to other Arab countries, (most of these countries are not very populated and can easily integrate them). What they might expect by remaining in Gaza you can read at :
41. Where in the Islamic Teaching ? Jahiliah !!
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.20.08)
Since when did cement a necessary component in Islamic Burials? Thi sis again a KURAFAT and KAFIR teachings. Their funeral is like us jews. Packing with white piece of cloth ! Idiot these Pals terrorist carried away by their Extremism Islamic Kafir trend !!! Come to me. I am a Jew , I will teach your Islamic Religion better ! What Jahiliah you muslim have become these days ? cheers ;-)
42. Cry me a River - And while you're at it, STOP the KASSAMS
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (01.20.08)
Mean ol' Israel picking on the poor, helpless Palestinians in Hamas controlled Gaza.. A novel idea for you morons: Stop shooting at us and you'll be able to live your lives!
43. why does not Barak honor the supreme court's verdict?
observer   (01.20.08)
Is it because he lost all his honor in Lebanon?
44. why does not Barak honor the supreme court's verdict?
observer   (01.20.08)
Is it because he lost all his honor in Lebanon?
45. Jewish survival is all that matters-the gazans must learn
debra ,   usa   (01.20.08)
46. Shortage of shrouds
GabysPoppy ,   NYC   (01.20.08)
Here's a novel concept to try. Stop shelling Sderot and you will have no need for shrouds. Seems simple enough to me.
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