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Marranos come home
Gabi Newman
Published: 20.01.08, 09:59
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1. Dont they have enough tsures?
Rabbi Ibbar   (01.20.08)
2. Good news, indeed!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.20.08)
3. The Prophets foretold this.
Shalom   (01.20.08)
4. Maybe Ronaldo's Jewish!!
dave ,   manchester   (01.20.08)
5. Still one issue is missing
Khalid ,   The Netherlands   (01.20.08)
I still miss one important issue, and that is Mr. Birnbaum conversion fees.
6. Sardines anyone?
7. I wonder what the Rabbis will have to say?
Petra ,   usa   (01.20.08)
Will they be recognized now as Jews? Or for that matter does any rabbi have the right to refuse them?
8. Editor anyone?
i ,   jerusalem   (01.20.08)
The term Marrano is highly pejorative and insulting, and those with Jewish or any other sensitivity uses the terms conversos or anusim.
9. To Khalid the occupier
Baldino ,   Roma   (01.20.08)
There is no conversion fee per se...but there is an Idiot fee to be assesed on every Islamofascist like you usurping and occupying other's lands.
10. A hidden treasure
Sidney   (01.20.08)
It is absolutely amazing how many Americans I meet have some Jewish ancestry. What if the rabbis, who have made Judaism a fossil, actually made Judaism attractive in the modern world?
11. Good News
Jakov   (01.20.08)
Especially when even after 500 years, people are coming back to their real and ancient haritage. I wish these people well in their return and settling in to their new Jewish life cycle. I have great respect for them.
12. Roots?
EA ,   USA   (01.20.08)
Article Quote:' "they are typically applauded for their resolve and bravery" I think it's an applaud for deception.. I don't see it as a value...
13. Lets hope that 100,000 convert and make aliyah
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.20.08)
14. marranos
one of them ,   jerusalem   (01.20.08)
Please, the name marrano means pig, DO NOT USE IT, it is hard enough to have lived 500 years in limbo, now that some of us have again gained our place in the world, do not offend us. Anussim is the proper word. Thanks
15. Let's hope
Michael ,   Boston, MA USA   (01.20.08)
that if 100,00 heed the call and make aliyah (#13). the medeival rabbinate of Israel will not turn them away with their form of conversion. For shame on the language of Ambassador Ram, discounting the reality that some are Jews (even by orthodox standards). It is time the State of Israel embraced the Jewish People, rather than the Chief Rabbi's.
16. #4 Nice one Dave!
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (01.20.08)
As a former Manc and United fan, a nice thought but I dont care what religion he is, he's mint!
17. I can't wait for this to happen in Israel
yoni ,   jerusalem   (01.20.08)
When will we see the Jews here rediscover their roots? when will we wake up and realize its amazing to be a Jew? G-d loves us and is teaching us the best way of life. anyone??
18. Yoni
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.20.08)
Why rediscover our roots ? we know them , we don't need to follow the Torah to be Jewish , secular but 100 % Jewish . We seculars don't made Alyah because god gave us this country , no , but because HISTORICALLY this country is OURS , and by ours i mean religious and seculars alike . If for you following the Torah is the best way of life , fine for you , do it . There are TRUE JEWS who have other ideas . שלום
19. to #4 Is he the clown from McDonald's?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.20.08)
20. There Are Groups In The SouthWest United States!
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.20.08)
Do a google search:New York Times, Marranos, USA. A substantial community STILL exists in New Mexico and Arizona. It is unclear if these people are descendants of Jewish conquistadors, or of Marranos/Anussim who fled Spain/Portugal for the New World and kept their customs. In this world of instant communications where it is pretty hard never to have come into contact with a Jew or some form of Yiddishkeit, there are people who are just now realizing that their peculiar family customs, which have been kept for centuries, are there for a reason. (On a personal side, as a physician, I was very surprised to one day to find during a physical exam that my patient, a young physician from Venezuela was circumcised. I made a comment, but what astounded me was his answer: all the men in his family have traditionally been circumcised one week after they were born. There was no history of there ever having Jewish relatives anywhere on the family tree. This guy met his first Jew during his training session here in the US. After a little questioning, I was told that family tradition also has them covering mirrors in the house the moment they learn of the death of a relative. Both he and his wife were dumbfounded when my wife and I explained why over dinner)
21. David-Did Usee movie "Blazing Saddles".There was an American
Alan ,   SA   (01.21.08)
Tribe ,called the "MESHUGANEHS" who surrounded the good guys,whooping and throwing tomahawks .The cowboy group decided that the only way out of the siege was to go talk to them. However, as the Cowboy in Charge of the group said "How can you talk to a meshuganeh". This suggestion also applies to the Pals.
22. #14 Is correct - Anusim in Hebrew or Conversos in Spanish
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.21.08)
There is no good term that I know of in English so Conversos, I am told, is the most appropriate term. Under no circumstances should the term "marrano" be used. This is a totally unacceptable pejorative.
23. #14, 17, 18
Daniel ,   Lisbon, Portugal   (01.21.08)
Why rediscover our roots ? we know them. Don´t worry, we will continue as always. I know I`m not jewish according to Halacha, but I will educate my children by the Torah. I am sincere, my son, who is coming soon, will be too. In portugal it`s best to keep a very, very low profile.... "applauded for their resolve and bravery", I have yet to see this...
24. #23
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (01.21.08)
Good for you, keep it up. I wish you all the best.
25. The hidden star
Rickie ,   Porto Alegre - Brazi   (01.21.08)
There's a Brazilian movie called "A Estrela Oculta do Sertão" (it has english subtitles, too) wich is a documentary about how people on the countryside kept the jewish traditions during 500 years in Brazil, like keeping the cashrut, shabbat (no work, candles, kabbalat, etc.) wich is very nice. "A Estrele Oculta do Sertão", ISBN 85-90097-52-8
26. # 1
michoel ,   miami   (01.21.08)
is #1 really a rabbi? 36 times, the Torah tells us to welcome the gerim...
27. #23
michoel ,   miami   (01.21.08)
Imagine if someone claimed that he was born in America and had American ancestors,but he can't prove it. He lives in Mexico , now he comes to the US and says he doesn't need to be officially recognized as an American. Is that enough? Is he a true American? Of course not. Don't be in denial. Think about your kids a litle bit...
28. Daniel , # 23
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.21.08)
If you feel so Jewish , if you want to educate your son in a Jewish way , only one more step : convert , and if , possible come Home , To Israel
29. Anusim
Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (01.22.08)
Come back to Torah Judaism-we need each and every one of you! Bienvenidos!
30. Life
Daniel ,   Lisbon, Portugal   (01.23.08)
Thank you for your words. I really feel jewish, but I’m not, that’s true. It’s sad to me, but what can I do? There is no Shabbat in Portugal, I have to keep working after dark. Kosher food? Meat, cheese, wine, where? There isn’t a jewish school for my son. Publicity is half naked womens selling bras and the big festival it’s christmas. I’m a fish out of water, but I still can go trought. Of course I can’t keep the mitzvot, I’m not jewish, but I remember G*D every hour and give thanks. I hope to see Golan Heights some day! Love to read about Israel, secular or haredim.
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