Israel to launch celebratory satellite into space
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.01.08, 11:36
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1. There are too many adverts on this page
Me ,   TA   (01.20.08)
2. reat idea
yosi   (01.20.08)
3. Happy to provide a lift
Damir ,   Russia   (01.20.08)
Kazakhstan means Baikonur and a Russian rocket carrier (the Proton, most likely). This is cheaper and more reliable way to launch a sputnik. The kosmodrom people are a superstitious bunch. They always write someone's sweetheart's name on the lauching rocket, can you believe it? The inscription reads 'By right of children of then, by right of the children of today', is it correct?
4. again zionists propogandas
Borat   (01.20.08)
As all ways, the jooo piggybacking on achievings of glorious kahzak space technologery!
5. nice gimik
zionist forever   (01.20.08)
Nice idea but a little bit of a gimik and I do wish they had chosen a 60th aniversry logo that didnt look like an advert for ELAL or something like that instead of somethng that stands out as something special. Its also a shame that Israel has opted to start using foreign rockets to launch its sattalites from now on rather than its home made Shavit launch vehicle.
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