Dichter: We must stop attacks from Gaza at all cost
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.01.08, 13:19
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1. Boim is wrong - Gazans are very willing "hostages"
Scott   (01.20.08)
What he said is BS. Stop making excuses for these animals. They love this stuff. They are getting 'off' on all this - and no way will they stop unless you make them stop. As Dichter says " make them stop irrespective of the cost to the Pals". Just do it!
2. Possible solution
Evacuate Sderot and surrounding communities. Precision bombing of all Hamas-related targets (buildings, terrorists, bomb factories etc.). Take out every Hamas leader no matter what his position or where he is hiding - even if it is behind the skirts of his wife or under his childrens' beds. Send in Fatah to finish the work and let them take control of Strip. Cost of entire exercise to be carried by Palestinians.
3. Dichter is right!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.20.08)
He said: "These attacks need not be minimized or managed, but stopped completely irrespective of the cost to the Palestinians.” He is 100% right!
4. Does dichter think that Olmert cares about the Jews of Sdero
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.08)
5. Talkback
Nora   (01.20.08)
Dichter talks back, Barak talks back, Olmert talks back, Ki Moon talks back. Only Hamas shoots back. Enough is enough is enough. Otherwise Sderot first, Ashkelon later will become ghost towns. Remember Kiriat Shmona becoming a ghost town during the Second Lebanon war? Was Olmert the one that took responsibility for that?No. Will he take also responsibility for the evacuation of Sderot? Of course not. This PM is made of rhino skin. He said that he knows that he is not popular and that he has no intention at all to resign. Is democracy compatible with such PM behavior?
6. Definition of a fool
Einstein   (01.20.08)
Fool: one who wants to do more of the same and expects different results. Increase of IDF activity has led to increase of rocket fire from Gaza. The fool's conclusion: increase IDF activity even further and rocket fire will stop. No wonder this conflict has been dragging on for decades.
7. Dichter for next PM and Minister of Defense
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.20.08)
Dump Olmert and Barak now!!!!
8. #6 definition of ignoramus
YA ,   UK   (01.20.08)
Have you heard about such thing as "ultimate stress limit"? Oh sorry you are expert in relativity..
9. If Dichter were a mensch
Sidney ,   USA   (01.20.08)
He would resign. This horrible government survives because its members put their careers and perks ahead of public service.
10. Boim: a fantastic statement
Steve ,   US   (01.20.08)
Housing Minister Ze'ev Boim: "(Gaza's) residents are hostages of a deranged regime..." My goodness. This is Kadima folks. Barak: "This (Dichter's warnings are) panic-driven talk." Isn't this the man, who as prime minster, fled southern Lebanon, 2002, leaving our Christian SLA allies to the tender mercies of the Muslim jihadists? Isn't Barak in some way responsible for the second Lebanon war, July 2006?
11. #7 Dichter is as incompetrent as Olmert! All talk, no action
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.20.08)
12. #8 ultimate stress limit
Einstein   (01.20.08)
Yes, I heard about it. People were dying from it in concentration camps.
13. Barak just put another nail in his political coffin
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.20.08)
and if he remains in the government after Winograd they he will be a has been like Olmert. Israel doesn't need to justify cutting off fuel and it should have been done immediately the kassams starting falling. The delay is what is causing the present criticism! The world would have understood if fuel supplies stopped when the first kassams fell now the world asks "why now". When the demonstrations against Olmert start in 10 days time - let's ALL be there!! Mike
14. Solution: "Land for Terror"
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.20.08)
For every qassam launched at Israel, Israel will move the northern border with Gaza south by 10 meters. After the next 100 qassams (aka in a couple of weeks or less), Gaza will be 44km long instead of 45. Taking their land will definitely get their attention and show that there is a very heavy price for firing anti-personnel rockets at Israeli civilians.
15. #14 simple solution
Joseph ,   Israel   (01.20.08)
Allow Jewish building in existing communities of Judea and Samaria as well as the communities that Olmert calls illegal. Allow any Jew who wants to live in Hebron do so. Give Jews freedom of worship in Judea, Samaria and in Jerusalem including the Temple Mount. Within a day, no more rockets.
16. Attacks on Sderot / Emigration to Israel
Seymour Paine ,   New York, NY   (01.20.08)
As an American Jew, I know I have the right to emigrate to Israel and claim Israeli citizenship, but why should I? Why should I move to a country which won't defend itself? Moving to Israel may have many benefits, maybe even offsetting the increase in danger. But why should I throw my lot in with a country which doesn't seem (at the government level) to care about its citizens' welfare? I agree with Minister Dichter. Defense of Israel should not be coupled with Palestinian welfare. That should not be Israel's concern. How things have gotten to a point where a population of people literally bites the hand that feeds them, and that hand keeps offering more food, is way beyond me. The Gazans have made their choice, let them live (or die) with it. Israel should cut off all power and all imports and exports including medical supplies to Gaza, until they unconditionally surrender.
17. Barak should move to Sderot #8 is an idiot
Rueven ,   USA   (01.20.08)
Right on Dichter. Build a 10 story building in the middle of Sderot and place Barak and his family there. See how long Ehud changes his mind. He was a disaster as PM and he continuing his legacy as DM. Sydney, you have it backwards, you nut.
18. Shutting down of Gaza
Jerry Johnstone ,   Houston, TX   (01.20.08)
I agree completely with any and all means needed to stop the Qassam attacks. It is a choice they have to fire these rockets, and have for too long. I believe the IDF has been doing a great job at hitting these terrorist. If it takes shutting the borders and power, maybe it will wake up those in Gaza who oppose these attacks. They have made the choice to allow these attacks, and now they can pay the price. As for UN General Ki-Moon, let him catch a few of these rockets, until then, he needs to stay out of Israel's business.
19. Lets give them all our secrets as well.
Ephraim ,   Diaspora   (01.20.08)
Thanks Y-Net and all you talkbackers for telling the enemy that their tactics against Sderot are working. Articles like this one only encourage the enemy. Whose side are you on Y-Net. You may call this good journalism but the enemy calls it good intelligence.
20. #s 6 & 12
Aussie Larikin ,   Wagga   (01.20.08)
how dare you take the name of one so great, you filthy cockroach!
21. I'm so proud of Ehud. What a statesman.
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (01.20.08)
Out-effen-rageous! And funny too. These Political Mimes congratulate each other for "boosting" morale of Sderot? How "outre", is THAT? 'hud Kassams, continue to fall and the(the Cabinet)is at the ball, dancing the night away, sipping Champagne and wondering how well they are doing in Gaza, while the IDF runs in futile, (baggiing a Tanzim Head here, a Hamasnik there), in circles trying to do a job it is not allowed to do. In the background the UN and the Euroweenies decry a "humanitarian disaster"; as the US says "OK, do it, but dont use bullets or things that go bang",and the Israel Left stamps their tootsies and call for giving more land to the raging death cultists as a solution to the problem. I believe that each & everyone of these sub-moronic goofballs, are secretly hoping that the U.S. & Saudi bankrolls a big pay day wherein they get a one way ticket and a numbered account to/in the Isle of Wight or Lichtenstein or San Remo, and they can forget all of this Jew stuff; leaving the "evil settlers" four square blocks of Kfar Saba, and their best wishes for a Shvua Tov. Oh. And,...congratulations to you too.
22. Olmert : -)
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.20.08)
Do you have a Pal secret girl friend, or what ? You seem to side the Pals some how : -) Dear Olmert, the humanitarian crisis is created by the Pals, We Jews have all the while been soving their self- created humanitarian crisis.Look we solve their problems to the point our bed sheets at the hospital disappear from the hospital beds. I am telling you der Olmert , dont water down Sederot !Dichter is correct ! Listen ! The morale of Sederot is down ! Where is Gazi ?
23. Olmert & Barak following orders.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.20.08)
Bush & the American state dept. only authorized a limited operation in Gaza. So, Olmert & Barak maintain that position. Reality, our security, Sderot, options, are all besides the point. The point is that we no longer have an independant foreign or security policy. This is clearly an unacceptable state of affairs for a sovereign country. Dichter is probably correct when he says Sderot will collapse. Barak & Olmert don't care about Sderot. That we are being forced out of a city in our own country is a national shame. And the responsiblity for that shame is on Olmert, Barak, Livni, & the rest of this crap gov't. - and I'm including Shas, undoubtably the most shameless member of the coalition.
24. Bring this damm government down already!
Avraham ,   Western Negev   (01.20.08)
Before we all get killed.
25. Barak should learn humility
Ajax ,   Israel   (01.20.08)
"We will resolve the Qassam situation just as we have dealt with suicide bombings in the past" Does Barak include himself in the "we"? Because, as far as I remember, Sharon has dealt with suicide bombings precisely because Barak was incapable of stopping them.
26. prevoius comment of Israeli leadership
chaim grosz ,   miami beach usa   (01.20.08)
it must have been to hurtful to publish, the truth hurts, but thats OK what I write is for my own edification as I know that someone other then me has read it that is enough for my sense of propriety
27. marcel
stop rockets   (01.20.08)
Dichter supported unilateral withdrawal from gaza and has kept the coward olmert in office. Now he complains about the lack of defense of gaza rockets. What a hyppocrite. You cannot totally stop rocket fire but you can reduce it by firing terror rockets directly at gazans.
28. Liberalism : Opiate of the masses
moriah ,   sacramento,USA   (01.20.08)
Where on earth my beloved brothers and sisters, do the heads of government allow rockets to rain down on the borders unanswered? Yes, they take out a terrorist here and bomb an empty building there. But really, would the US, Europe, Russia, Iran, China - you name the country, would it be tolerated? In any other country this is considered an act of war but I guess since peace broke out after the expulsion no-one has really noticed anything wrong in Leftist Utopia And what would happen to the head honcho who states the govt. is not responsible for protecting the citizens while having a bomb shelter built under your house with your tax dollars? Something is seriously wrong. But whatever you do, don't panic ;-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me. ~Pastor Martin Niemöller
29. a gov't that can not defend its people is a fraud
arthur ,   jersey city usa   (01.20.08)
olmert has failed to protect the people of sderot and conceded that Israel can no longer defend even its pre 67 borders. Imagine what will happen when Israel retreats to 48-67. This also shows beyond question the stupidity of withdrawal and retreat. Any idiot can see it
30. Dichter shows leadership
Brod ,   USA   (01.20.08)
Dichter seems to be the only one that shows leadership in the Leftist government. He sees the big picture while the others do not seem to know how to solve the puzzle. It is time for them to listen to his admonition before it is too late.
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