Number of settlers rises by 5% in 2007
Tani Goldstein
Published: 20.01.08, 22:26
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1. Hero = Israeli settler
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (01.20.08)
2. Great News. Build, Build, & Build!
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.20.08)
Best news I heard all day, perhaps all year. By the way, the real 'settlers' are those from Tel Aviv and the coastal cities.
3. These are our true leaders....
LEE ,   NY, USA   (01.20.08)
And the ultra-orthodox seem to be the answer to our demographic fears... way to go guys! Ken Yirbu!!!
4. its a shame because USA is going to remove you.
AMERICAN   (01.20.08)
5. settlers rock
yossy hershkop ,   crown heights   (01.20.08)
i love the settlers they are amazing people
6. Wonderful news, growth in Judea and Samara great news
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.20.08)
It is wonderful seeing Jews in our homeland fullfilling mitzvot there. Its sad that the Hebron community shrunk. There cannot be peace until Arabs accept jews living in the Jewish homeland. No longer can we be kept out by invaders. Live at peace with us or leave. At this rate the Jewish population of Judea and Samaria will outnumber the Arabs in the next 50 years. Time is on our side. Also the arab population of Judea and Samaria is more accurately closer to 1.5 mllion than 2.5 million. Please print the facts, not the propaganda.
7. Why don't you go settle the Negev and the Galilee
Aharon   (01.20.08)
Areas dominated by Arabs in Israel proper, instead of trying to illegally settle the West Bank which the Americans are going to force us to give back.
8. Soon - Millions!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.20.08)
9. Surprising decline in Hebron?
Jew ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.08)
Again, aypical sentence for Y-Net. May be you just forgot that two Jewish family were forcefully evicted from the Hebron market in 2007. Decline only by force!
10. this is BAD - Jews should ONLY live in designated areas
Russian Czar ,   Petersburg   (01.21.08)
let's see if this post passes the YNET censors.
11. to #7, It's too far from tel aviv & Jerusalem
Alexander ,   Paris   (01.21.08)
To go to work in these 2 towns on a daily basis. Settlements are mostly suburbs of the two main israeli cities. Very simple. Isn't it?
12. to #7 and #11
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (01.21.08)
To #7, Because the negev is not actualy eretz yisrael, because judea and samaria represents our bibical and holy places as well as historical foundations. The US cant force us to do nada. #11, see my reply to #7.. Can I hae a slurpee 7 - 11 ;)
13. #10 Czar, Judea and Samaria ARE designated for Jews
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.21.08)
They are NOT for Arabs. Arabs have Arabia and millions of other locations. Judea and Samaria are holy Jewish lands. Arabs need to respect Jewish land or leave.
14. Settler....a person who settles in a new country or area
Boblybo Gilobob ,   Settlement of Americ   (01.21.08)
Using the word "Settler" and "west bank" is such an old lie it is getting tiresome. Americans are settlers. Jews returning to Judea and Samaria are returnee's. It is a great thing and it should be a 50% increase not 5%.
15. To #10 - Like the Warsaw Getto?
David ,   Israel   (01.21.08)
16. Settlements
Israelite ,   Israel   (01.21.08)
The smaller settlements are all almost totally full and would grow much more quickly if only the government would allow them to build more housing. Many couples who are getting married can find no available apartment.
17. Maale Amos
Tuvia Schertzman,MD ,   Betar Ilit   (01.21.08)
Maale Amos is perhaps the only settlement that refuses to accept new people who are not parasites. The place at one point was the fastest growing yishuv in Yesha. It has been destroyed by anti -zionist thugs. It is in Eastern Gush Etzion
18. #16-come to eli-we will find place!
svetkush ,   eli   (01.21.08)
government shvomerment-we r growing and really r full to 0 housing-but....u know us settlers...we always find a solution to grow:):) come-settle among us! PS: eli is mixed so all ideological SECULAR ZIONISTS like me r more then welcome:)
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