'We're supplying electricity to Gaza under Qassam fire'
Tani Goldstein
Published: 21.01.08, 00:44
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1. So what are you waiting for? CUT ALL THE POWER from Israel
jack bauer   (01.21.08)
the power is used to build kassams the power is made in Israel Israel is not gaza, right? remember, the jews were all kicked out of gaza, and now many still live in trailers...... the people in gaza wanted to be free of Israel, so let the be they can ask egypt for electricity, or set up some solar panels It is way past time that Israel STOP SENDING ANY POWER AT ALL TO GAZA cut it already you cowards
2. Arab-manipulated media spin and lies
Jake   (01.21.08)
Of course Israel is still supplying fuel and electricity to Gaza, but Pallywood productions and the international Leftist media sultans of spin will tell any lie to make Israel look bad. Arrogance and hypocrisy rule the day.
3. you people are insane
herman ,   reg can   (01.21.08)
Who in the hell,, in there right mind would aid the enemy,, thats something canada would do..
4. whats Barak doinbg while Israel Electric sells electricty
zionist forever   (01.21.08)
Order Israel Electric to put out the power in Gaza as Barak promised to do months ago. The lights havnt gone out for even 1 minute when will Barak back up his words with actions?
5. Anyone Surprised?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.21.08)
Why should the truth matter. The Arabs get a pass simply because the rest of the world expects nothing of them. Sad, really.
6. When The IEC Head Spouts Insanity & Few Even Realize It
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.21.08)
Wow! The power brokers in Israel have NO shame, and NO sense of honor. Instead of stating emphatically that IEC refuses ! to supply electric to those seeking to murder their fellow Jews, Zarfati takes the opposite tack. He opines that IEC IS supplying all that the Gazan population needs. Hmm, what does THAT mean? IF I did not know that most power brokers in Israel were morally confused, somewhat corrupt individuals, I would find it impossible to believe such statements. Alas, Zarfati is offended ! that the Gazans are accusing the IEC of negligence. Well, I suspect that millions of Zarfati's 'tribe' are even more offended by his decision to still !supply them - regardless of any arm twisting from the OLmert regime. Remember, ALL people are responsible for their own actions. One cannot hide behind 'I was only following orders'!
7. Eventually, Israelis will find sense....somewhere.....maybe
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (01.21.08)
This Zarfathead guy is talking through the back of his neck. I believe him when he says that the Electric Company has NOT cut off power, since the Arabs are expert PR liars from birth, but if he is complaining about it so much, why, if he isn't a complete dumbbell, when his workers are complaining about supplying the Arabs, does he not seize the open opportunity and encourage them to declare a strike and in THAT way, cut off the power to Gaza. Strikes are legal, and even if not, they take much time to settle. I've written about this several times before and my letters have never been printed. maybe THIS time I won't be censored.
8. Gaza Power
Dan ,   Titusville Florida U   (01.21.08)
if Hamas says that thyere is no power in Gaza....then let there be NO POWER IN GAZA. Cut it all off. War is about death destruction disease and the dismantling of a society. It is filled with horrors meant to be so terrible that is what makes it something to be avoided. Let Hamas understand the realityies of war and allow these 7th Century Islamic Barbarians to experience all the suffering and horrors of real war.
9. Turn Off All the Electricity
Micha ,   Boston, MA USA   (01.21.08)
Why should we supply electricity to people still living in the Stone Age. When they stop firing rockets at Sderot. When they no longer rant about "body parts" and their desire to destroy us; we might welcome them into the Iron Age and give them some electricity. In the interim, we should let enough fuel into Gaza to run the generators at their hospitals. Not one liter more.
10. Ashkelon IEC workers should stage a sick-out!
Sick-out NOW! ,   USA   (01.21.08)
The government can't force these workers to report to work if they go on a massive strike. They should all stay home until the Israeli government stops the Qassams from falling on their heads! Let the filthy Qassam-launching Hamas give the Gazan people electricity!
11. Why are we supplying them with electrictiy?
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.21.08)
The supply of electricity should be directly linked to the Qassam fire against Sderot and surroundings. We should cut ALL power for several hours for every Qassam rocket or mortar fired at Sderot and surroundings. Our primary responsibility is to OUR PEOPLE before that of an enemy uncompromisingly committed to our destruction. THEY ARE NOT OUR PROBLEM! When they abandon terrorism there may be something to discuss but not until then.
12. MIKO, If it is true threaten to cut off all electricity if
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.21.08)
MIKO, If it is true, threaten to cut off all electricity if they don't admit to their lies. And if they don't cut it off.
13. This just proves how stupid Israeli leaders are
Elle   (01.21.08)
So they send Israelis under fire to provide power to hostile entities? Amazing Israel is still standing with leaders like this.
14. why dose Israel even answer do they think the world cares ab
Avi ,   New York, NY   (01.21.08)
about the truth?
15. Why are we Providing Power
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (01.21.08)
Why in God's name are we supplying power to Gaza at all especially while they are rocketing Israel. Why in Gods name.
16. Peres and IEC
John Simpson ,   USA   (01.21.08)
I could be wrong but did I read somewhere maybe in ynet one time that Peres had a economic interest in IEC? Again not sure could someone check this out?
17. cut the power
barney ,   memphis, tn   (01.21.08)
give validity to their claims of no power. cut it. what country provides power to an enemy that fires on them daily. give them their free "independent' state. they are like the rebellious teenager who wants his independence as long as you support him.
18. Liberalism at its best...
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (01.21.08)
Let's see the Israeli electric company supplies electricity to people shooting rockets at the power plant itself hmmm... where does that sound familiar... oh yeaaaah... when Jewish land was given over to the palis for absolutely nothing in return, they shot at the evacuating Israelis... liberalism, like I said at it's best. Thank Hashem, I visited Israel, and I know there are religious / conservative Israelis who want to do the right thing... like support the brave Israeli settler and REBUILD Gush Katif...
19. Who pays for the electricity we're sending?
Yonason Herschlag   (01.21.08)
20. cant believe this
we supply them food, water, electricity and they are chuzpanim enough to shoot kassam at us. look at where our government has gotten us. we feed and help the ones who want us DEAD. i am ashamed to be an israeli sometimes. i hope SHAS will QUIT this government now so ths jerkoff olmerde will be on the street. time for a change. time for a strong message to the arabs.
21. IEC workers are the problem
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.21.08)
We Israelis have two things in common: we don't like Hamas firing rockets at our civilians, and we don't like paying the electricity bills for IEC workers. Zarfati is a highly paid thug whose union continues to steal hundreds of millions of shekels every year from the pockets of Israelis.
22. to #4: They ain't selling, they giving the electricity
potash katiftof ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.21.08)
Israel isn't selling the electricity to gaza, they are giving it to them for free.
23. #19 you do, and its a crying shame
and all the ,   taxpayers   (01.21.08)
24. 'We're supplying electricity to Gaza under Qassam fire'
Kev ,   London   (01.21.08)
An incredible, incredible headline. Unbelievable, gross injustice.
25. evountullay you are occupiers
cre ,   Sana'a   (01.21.08)
You are occupying Palestinian lands!
26. We do have power
Abu Yusuf ,   Gaza   (01.22.08)
We do have power, the extremists are staging it for the media... I am posting this comment easily, my wife is doing laundry, everything is working. We've had enough of those extremists already, let's just have peace, jobs, families, enough of this nonsense we can all just live together borders are meaningless!
27. support part of author opinions,discrepance in other part
jaime Martin ,   palestine   (02.19.08)
I have read this article page and as a person concerned with human rights i want to tell two things, first congratulate the author for his professionality and respect to law, second to tell him that i dont agree at all in his view in two points, I explain below. I believe in the good will of the author. Since my opinion is not an individual one but it is shared by millions of peace people in the world who reject the opression, ethnic apartheid and military of the israeli system occupation of Palestine and collective punishment on the palestinians I keep the hope people as him can one day understand finally, thus allowing a hope for a full people (palestinian people) different from the destiny israel prepared for them, the same that the yankees prepared for the indians. 1) the phrase "The decision to disconnect the electricity to Gaza is a decision which can only be made by the Israeli government" gives by done that a government has the right to private of a needed resource to about 1500000 persons. From the human rights point of view the decision to disconnect electricity in winter to 1500000 persons is totally unacceptable in the consideration of making impossible or difficult the survival of a human group, and cos Gaza is a clearly different ethnic group than the israeli occupiers that is fully in the assumptions of the case recognized universally as ethnic genocide 2) the justification of the rockets sent from Gaza is hardly enough... it seems even ridiculous taking into account that Israel has destroyed with missiles and tanks all the 1967 palestinian territories causing a massive destruction and punishment to millions of persosn just with military purposes. The perpetual justification on the terrorism learned from Mr. Bush when it is so clear that that suppossed terrorism is many times weaker that the state terrorism practiced by the israeli state against all the palestinians has to be confronted not already with Mr. Bush but with ethe german Mr. Goebbels who invented this trick for the racists an fascists posterity: "In order to destroy your enemy start by accussing him of terrorist". Just read how many palestinians die every day to discover the hug and inmoral falacy behind. And look at the newspapers to find what the IDF was doing the days before the first rocked was shooted after long time. I can say you: bombs and tanks and missiles all around WB and Gaza. Frankly in order to make some worth of appreciation Israel must STOP killing palestinians and at the same time accussing then of terrorists. If the hundreds of thousands of palestinians died during history were terrorists it is needed to review the concept of terrorist. I have very very clear that it have been the israeli governments the true terrorists. Palestinian lands have been under siege for years and the politic of israel there is just to steal the land and the water, segregate them and destroy all their cohesion and after that to say that some terrorist is launchin bombs. Of course some one does it. How many israeli bombs have fell on palestinian lands?
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