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Pink to perform in Tel Aviv
Or Barnea
Published: 21.01.08, 09:11
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1. Wow an avodah Zorah shows up in Town
Al   (01.21.08)
Am I supposed to throw myself on the ground? YNET Grow up and be a proud Jewish Website instead of being a bloody shmatta yellow broadsheet.
2. Al
Gary   (01.21.08)
It is called music and entertainment- a part of life. This is not a Haredi publication. It is part of the arts and culture section and is no more Avodah Zara than listening to say Beethoven or Mozart- or would that also offend you because it is secular music?
3. Pink Sucks
Music ,   USA   (01.21.08)
Why should anyone care? Only Israelis with bad taste.
4. she and chris cornell both have jewish
elan ,   netanya   (01.21.08)
mothers. just spreading the news. look it up at wikipedia
5. I don't care. Don't like her anyway!
6. re: she and chris cornell both have jewish
yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (01.21.08)
I don't believe you until I see it on google. Wikipedia is unreliable. But google knows everything.
7. She should tour the homeland too. Why only 1 day?
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.21.08)
Thats diappointing. Israel is our homeland and an awesome place to be for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 whole lifetime. If its her first visit why isnt she staying longer? I would!
8. Why can't we have a National Football League
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.21.08)
here? Something humans can come to watch. Or a pro baseball game?
9.  # 8
Gary   (01.21.08)
Because not everyone likes football, Jason
10. As a Canadian I would love that pro Hockey
Jimmy   (01.21.08)
become a real sport in Israel. Great team sport and those players are incredible athletes. Enough of trying to mimic the worst that America/Canada has to offer. Pink and her sort make Brittany Spears look normal.
11. Yes indeed, Pink is Jewish! She should visit more often!!
John ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (01.21.08)
12. to #8 Not everyone likes soccer,Gary
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.22.08)
How about giving us a game a year in American pro football and another one or two in Major League Baseball?
13. i agree with jason not everyone likes soccer
mish ,   tlv   (01.22.08)
its because they dont have kids leagues or have it available as a sport in schools here... hell have you even been able to buy a descent football here? they should start with having some of the games on tv. the reason it isnt popular here is because people just dont understand the game and think its only about bashing the other team in. thats just a bonus. :)
14. basketball legends return to holyland
mike carter ,   las vegas USA   (01.23.08)
tel aviv get ready to welcome back the legends of the original 1st league from the 80s stars like earl williams ,lavon mercer , mike carter , korky nelson and more. this will happen during the final 4 , may27th. more info to follow. shalom
15. PINK
Ramon Avraham ,   Yegneh, Espana   (01.23.08)
on the inside
16. This is worse than the situation in Gaza.
A ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.08)
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