Olmert: No fuel? Gazans can walk
Amnon Meranda
Published: 21.01.08, 15:11
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1. Olmert,For once in your life don't screw this opportunity up
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.21.08)
2. Gazans can walk
Best comment he ever made so far.
3. he sounds like a leader for once
izzy d   (01.21.08)
4. Olmert is saving Hamas ....Again!
Dr. Ahmad ,   Nablus Palestine   (01.21.08)
After what hamas did to Gaza, almost 75% of palestinian are against Hamas, a hot internal fights among so many fractions in Hamas !! but Israel is very happy about that situation is a wonderful opprtunity for Israel to continue killing the palestinans and putting them under seige ! NOW with these images in AL Jazeera , millions of Arabs are showing their solidarity with Gazans and Hamas...and Hamas is back ...very popular again. thanx Olmert.
5. Except they are driving
Danny   (01.21.08) Note the picture. We had this candle nonsense a while back when Hamas jumped the gun and didn't realise that Israel had just announced an INTENTION to cut back fuel. Goes to show there is no end to the guilability of some press.
6. No Gas in Gaza
Stanley Matthy Brots   (01.21.08)
This is totally unfair to the poor palestinians who now will be forced to carry their katusha rockets to the fireing sites. This MUST be in contevention of a law that states that any person/force may willingly fire a rocket(s) at Israel without being at all inpeded, hindered or obstructed.
7. Of course they need fuel.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.21.08)
How else will they use their cars to transport the Qassam rockets.
8. "As far as I am concerned...........
jason asman ,   boston U.S.A.   (01.21.08)
Not only should they walk but eat sand !!!!!
9. Ynet-shame of NATION:WHY Olmert must lost his sleep? 4 whom?
Mike ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.21.08)
10. No 4 Dr Ahmad
Moshe ,   raanana   (01.21.08)
Dr Ahmad at least we know where we stand with the likes of Hamas and Achmedinebob. Unfortunately some of us get fooled by the likes of Fatah who talk peace with us and wage war at the same time.
11. as far as I'm concerned........
ari ,   israel   (01.21.08)
they can all rot in hell!!
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.21.08)
If they laucnh rocket and destroy electrical powerlines supplying Gaza with electricity , could that be considered as a severe case of AVODA ARAVIT ?
13. such "good" friends ah?
GOD   (01.21.08)
Al Hayat: A European Country Informed Hamas of Leaders Targeted for Assassination
14. Unlike Fatah, we know where we stand with Hamas
so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
15. Agree with Izzy.
16. I have an idea !!!
Shira   (01.21.08)
There are numerous arab countries. If Israel does not want to give its ENEMIES humanitarian aid, why dont the arab countries, through Egypt, give the Palestinians humanitarian aid? Why does Israel have to give the Palestinians ANYTHING? The Palestinians are a HOSTILE ENTITY to Israel !!! I would paraphrase Olmert's declaration from "Let them walk" to "Let them rot" ! Who gives a f@ck?
17. Another bogus humanitarian crisis
DrRJP ,   Jax, Fla   (01.21.08)
Israel cut supplies to only one, industrial power plant in Gaza that plant doesn't supply electricity to hospitals, critical businesses or homes. Egypt also provides power to Gaza. This shortage of elelctricity is manufactured by Hamas. As usual, the biased MSM report only what Palestinian propagandists tell them to report, and never show the horror of daily rocket bombardment of Israel. Ninety rockets fired over the past two days, not five rockets as the media reported. Israel's government needs to flood the media with pictures and videos of the destruction caused by the rockets. Without this information, people are being duped into thinking that these rockets are just big firecrackers.
18. #4, lets see how popular they are in a few weeks
Danny   (01.21.08)
19. Tell these GAZA man ( standing like battered women )...
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.21.08)
to worry about food for their family first !
20. Let gazans rot in hell!
Avraham ,   Western Negev   (01.21.08)
Cut all their services, that is the only answer. They can get everything from their friend Mubarek.
21. Olmert-Gazans
khader herzallah ,   Dhahran-Saudi Arabia   (01.21.08)
Bravo Mr Ehud Butcher,you brag about keeping Gazans,their hospitals,their homes,their factories,their schools etc..just name it ,in dark and misery.It is shame for a PM to lie but he did,he tells the world that 75%of Sderot school children are not attending classes because of Qassams.You always report that Qassams fired at Sderot resulted in no damages and no injuries.You say that Gazans are living normal life while Sderot,s live in fear.The part of Gazans is also lies because they did not have normal life since 1967.Mr PM the Gazans are used to walk but you will be crippled by problems which will put you in comma like your predecessor.Allah is Great.
22. Ouch ! Mr. Olmert , nice..:-))))))))))))))))))
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.21.08)
Yes they can walk ! Infact carry their empty tanks going in circles and circles ...... going round and round.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (01.21.08)
24. we want to see YERETZ ISHMAEL
atilla karagözoğlu   (01.21.08)
25. The God is with Palestinians from now on !
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Yeretz Ishmael   (01.21.08)
carol ,   eilat   (01.21.08)
27. too arrogant Olmert
observer   (01.21.08)
as if the man is paying for the fuel, food and medical & humantrian supplies to Gazans. Yes, the international community can stop Olmert and Israel, then he can see that Gazans still have the ability to walk.
28. Why do we have to provide for them?
Moshe ,   Atlanta   (01.21.08)
Why don't their "Arab Brothers" do a humanitarian relief mission? They don't because they only know how to send bombs and missiles and bullets? Why must Israel and Jews provide for these people who give us nothing but grief?
29. Is is always Israel's fault for everything?
Moshe ,   Atlanta   (01.21.08)
You guys need to take responsibility for your own people and then you will do better. Jews have been downtrodden and oppressed for centuries, but we always try to make it and improve ourselves. That is what ius needed in the territories -- sellf determination and improvement. You could have a state today if you did that!
30. Can Olmert stand firm ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.21.08)
Or will he stand up to President bush when the Arabs pressure him to call Olmert and get him to stop ? In the past Israeli leaders have not been able to stand up to U.S. pressure. Will Olmert sell out the people of Israel to please President Bush . Of course he already has every time before this. I am hopeing for a change in this servitude and surrender to America's failed agenda from Israel. Eventually it will happen .The sooner the better ! I hope Israel remains firm and even increases the pressure against Hamas where there are more funerals ,especially foy Haneyih and other terrorist leaders. The crafty Phillistines are wise at manipulating the propaganda war in their favor always and Israel always capitulates under international pressure because her weak leaders have to backbone to stand firm. Why is Israel even worried about the humanatarian issue as this is the weak link in the chain that the enemy will use to break Israel's timid efforts at breaking the much stronger Hamas will. You need to get much tougher and more serious so that the Internatrional community keeps their mouths shut.
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