Hundreds of thousands cross into Egypt from Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 23.01.08, 14:22
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1. After that-Israel don't wanna FREE electricity 4 Israelis???
Sami ,   Ashdod   (01.23.08)
2. This's how they'll return to their homes in Hiafa,Jerusalem.
Zak ,   USA   (01.23.08)
Occupations, oppressions, and sieges don't last forever, they collapse much faster than people would like to believe. Jewish occupation in Palestine is running its course and will quickly come to a screeching halt, letting justice take its course.
3. LOL! let them all out!
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.23.08)
4. Vote 1 - Hamas!
5. eize yofi!
jane ,   israel   (01.23.08)
let them all go to egypt!
6. 2 weeks ago they were smuggling,
mea too   (01.23.08)
why can they not smuggle medcine and fuela nd every other thing they need? BECAUSE THEY LIE!
7. @Zak, with your comment you are denying...
S   (01.23.08)
the ever existence of among other things the Kingdom of Israel. When did Palestine exist? IT was a name given to the area by the Romans. It was a name given to the area by the Brits. It has even nothing to do with the Philistine - which was the area in and about Gaza. It was a mock name given by the Romans to the Jews. That's all.
8. Why?
Hunter ,   Israel   (01.23.08)
Why is Egypt worried? These are there Palestinian brothers. Why do we always here about the Israeli security barrier, and never about the wall between egypt and Gaza?
Moshe Livnat ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.23.08)
Home to Egypt, home to Algeria, home to where they came from. They looked at Israel, wanted it but now they know that we are strong enough not to give it to them. They are better off at home where they belong. ISRAEL IS A JEWISH STATE FOR JEWS. It is a shame that their leaders messed with their minds. Now they know the truth!
10. Their wall must be more humane than Israel's...
evan ,   milwaukee, wi   (01.23.08)
11. #2 - Zak, we came home; We are home...
Aaaron ,   Hevron, Eretz Israel   (01.23.08)
Your brothers will flee the Land soon - you can consider this event as a rehearsal... It's time for the trespassers to go....
12. Why would anyone expect Israel to supply Azza
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.23.08)
with the basic necessities? Egypt should use this "window" (a breach in the wall) of opportunity and help their brothers... Better - take them all to where they came from...
13. What crap! They are not fleeing any siege!
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.23.08)
The facts are that Palestinians are fleeing a war zone imposed on them by the Hamas government that siezed power in a military coup. Come on, YNET, you sound like you simply take press releases from the Pal spin meisters and turn it into news articles.
14. And when they are in Egypt, let them stay there!
Miriam ,   Israel   (01.23.08)
We have to put a freeze on everything. Forget the world. They are not getting the kassams, we are!
15. What the article doesn't say...
Barron ,   Israel   (01.23.08)
The Palithugs put women at the front of the horde, so the Egyptards would be more reluctant to shoot. Where's HRW when you need them?
16. Egypt should not be trusted.
Harold Lane ,   Tel Aviv   (01.23.08)
Egypt is not fulfilling its post-Disengagement obligations to monitor the Rafiah crossing into Gaza. On January 2nd we noticed already that Egypt cannot be trusted as described at :
17. concrete fences
So we see what would happen when they want to cross the concrete fence built in Yehuda and Shomron and Y-m.
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.23.08)
Then seal the border and rebuild the Jewish communities. Then there will be peace in Gaza.
19. smuggle meds not weapons...end
20. More Palestinians leave in one evening than Israelis from
Andi ,   Israel   (01.23.08)
Sderot in 7 years. Thats's how successful Hamas has been!! Another own goal for the Palestinians who as we know "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity". With a leadership like Hamas what chance does the average Palestinian have?
21. another photo op brought to you by the propaganda masters
jack bauer   (01.23.08)
can you hear the whines of the crybabies with the green diapers on their heads?
22. occupation will end, free palestine
anton ,   canada   (01.23.08)
Sooner or later all walls will be destroyed
23. Israel can take the border to collect taxes on the smuggled
observer   (01.23.08)
food and medicine. It wouldn't have to repay the the tax money to PA, because Israel earned it in a legitimate war.
24. This is what I envisioned!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.23.08)
25. What? An Egyptian siege of the border?!?!?
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.23.08)
Aw gosh, Ynet, don't let people know that there's another siege going on! People like to think that it's just those big bad Israelis who are keeping the Gazans in the dark (ok, in Gaza City at least, for a day at least). And don't let people know that the Pallies are so at odds with their Arab buddies (let alone killing each other) that not even their Arab neighbors want to help them. Ok folks, keep the mantra going: "Israeli siege...Israeli siege...Israeli siege...Israeli siege...Israeli siege...Israeli siege...Israeli siege...Israeli siege..." And try not to look at any pictures or stories from the Gaza-Egypt border, will ya? It's simply not good for the Pal sob story...
26. much graver situation Israel created than Aqaba 1967
observer   (01.23.08)
Whether the EU supervisors of Rafah crossing left because Israel made the hell out of their life or they were withdrawn on the request of Israel, we have a much much graver situation in Gaza than what Israel claimed in 1967. was all Israel's sea, land and air routes sealed at that time (67)? and for a period of how many years? it was only few days! Has Egypt played positive role as Israel had ? on the contrary Egypt, unfortunately, played the negative role of attacking peaceful citizens demonstration with dogs, water hoses and clubs! with the maximum "permissible" number of security men! We have a situation of one Palestinian with, one EU absentee, One Israel against, and one Egypt supposed to be neutral; logically the balance has to be in favor of the Palestinians who were strangulated to near death by the positive and negative attitude of the other three factions.
27. Israel's fooling UN to manipulate 75,000 lives under 6Y.O.
observer   (01.23.08)
months-long Israeli blockade of the impoverished territory was tightened on Thursday, partially lifted on Tuesday, only when the UNSC has been called for emergency session. Go Gazans Go!, do not let yourselves be driven quietly to the slaughter. Neither the UN, Egypt are willing to stop the slaughter without hearing your voice loudly and clearly.
28. keep them in sinai
Tony ,   Rehovot, Israel   (01.23.08)
machine gun the border so they can't come back.
29. #27 correction: it's "750,000 lives under 6Y.O"
observer   (01.23.08)
30. sounds like it's egypt's problem now
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.23.08)
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