Another Hamas victory
Ali Waked
Published: 23.01.08, 23:49
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1. its time to realize that terrorist and their supporters.....
jack bauer   (01.24.08)
will never be invited back into Israel with open arms..... for work or whatever. they have proven time after time where their loyalties lie..... and any reasonable person can see where that is with the cult of death
Lots of small victories, but they will overstep , mis-calculate at some stage. Their hate and total obsession with Jews and Israel will get the better of them.
Baruch Morie ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.24.08)
Hey since when does the Jewish State allow a public newspaper to print the enemy's views? It is not a seige on Gaza it is REFUSAL TO SUPPLY THE ENEMY'S WAR MACHINE! Get rid of this enemy writer - his language is contra to everything that the Jewish State stands for. A journalist should report the facts not sleep with the enemy.
4. arab israel
warren bacon ,   atlantic beach, fl   (01.24.08)
hamas gets any better at the political side of things they will have one of their own running for the office of the israeli government. i knew in the end the jews would be shown to be gutless but this is ridiculous. pay close attention illegals in briatin and america and you too will inherit these countries.
5. Another Hamas Win - as written by Ynet
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (01.24.08)
oops, I mean al jazeera. Let's look at the hamas victories: hundreds of terrorists killed; no jobs in the strip; limited fuel and electricity; begging in the streets by the masses; no religious tolerance (even for other Muslims); Christians murdered en masse; And most important, they've succeeded in uniting most Israelis, other than the extreme left and their arab terror brothers! Hell of a victory - as only another Arab terrorist supporter like Waked would see!
6. Hamas victory
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.24.08)
Hamas has won a victory on the Egyptian border, and dealt a telling blow to the Sadat sellout of 1977. I am looking forward to the day when Hamas and its allies will free all of Palestine from the River to the Sea! May that day come soon!
7. No victory, just spin...
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (01.24.08)
Hamas 'won' this like Hezbollah 'won' the 2006 war. Some victory...
8. Hamas victory like Hezbollah victory
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.24.08)
WIth every victory, we see Israel remain on it's feet while the Arabs are dancing on the blood of their brethren and screaming "victory victory". For Hamas and Hezbollah, total victory would be the destruction of Israel, even if it resulted in the deaths of most Palestinians or Lebanese and their reduction to living in stone-age conditions. No wonder that only the Iranians and Al-Qaeda are supporting them.
9. LEARN, Israeli, LEARN - how make business in REAL world...
Mike ,   London   (01.24.08)
10. Wrong
Israeli citizen ,   Israel   (01.24.08)
What the world sees from this is that Gaza has another neighbor and it's called Egypt. The Gazans can get all they need from Egypt, and don't need any contact with Israel at all.
11. Honest writers
Liam ,   Leeds, UK   (01.24.08)
Waked is clearly writing it how it is without constraints. This does seem to be the situation in Gaza with regards to Hamas. Israel, you should talk to Hamas because believe me if Hamas is broken (which I sincerely doubt it will be), Al-Qaeda will appear. And that would be a real disaster, for Palestinians and Israelis.
12. not a victory not hamass
hanan ,   jerusalem   (01.24.08)
it is only the people want to eat and want to live when iam hungry .i see only the hand that give me the bread . when iam under the knife i see only the hand that carry the knife .. but if iam at rest and somebody give me a price .i will aske from whom and why he give it to me and what the price he want ... gazans under siege .realy they are hungry and under the knife .. see only israil is the BIG ENEMY
13. Another Human victory; Gazans are human, take it or leave it
observer   (01.24.08)
14. That must be
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (01.24.08)
the third "win" by Hamas in three years. GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP!
15. Absolutist ideologies
Nice Bloke ,   Rochdale, Lancashire   (01.24.08)
Just like communism, Islamism will, to borrow a phrase, end up on the scrap heap of history.
16. More like a Hamas pyrrhic victory
ed ,   New York, USA   (01.24.08)
Egypt has been playing the double game of allowing (Iranian) weapons & combatants to enter Gaza, hoping to further undermine israel. The best Israel can hope for is to turn the tables on Egypt by sealing the Gaza frontier making this circus Egypt and the Arab world's burden. Egypt's frontier and sovereignty have now been breached; let's see the mercy of the Mubarak dictatorship.
17. Another Hamas victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!
esmeralda ,   alicante   (01.25.08)
with the benediction of israel - iran and syria why not? it will not work to destroy the PLO.Sharon and co had tried in the past and without success
18. It is not the success of Hamas but the failure of Olmert and
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.26.08)
It is not the success of Hamas but the failure of Olmert and Barak. Both of these people are totally oblivious to reality, the results of Lebanon 2, their LACK of popularity and support amongst the people of Israel, and most of all their detachment from reality. The current facts speak for themselves and the next elections will empower a new PM who is father to the right and will be COMPETENT. It is safe to say that neither Olmert nor Barak will have any political future in Israel. The closest Olmert will ever get to politics again is cleaning the toilets in the Kenneset and I would not trust him with the job.
19. You call THAT a victory?
Sammy ,   Newcastle UK   (01.26.08)
Gaza a failed State Hamas determined to propagate war and misery to subjugate ordinary Gazans Hamas have recieved hundreds of millions of dollars secretly in the last year alone...to line the pockets of Hamas whilst ordinary Gazans starve Hamas have created a culture of violence and brutality of their own accord and try to blame everyone else for the consequences Hamas have done NOTHING to further peace, social services, agriculture, health, education, trade and industry Hamas have hijacked Islamic Law with their own interprtation to suit their own ends Hamas NEVER speak the truth. Everything they say is in coded double speak. Nothing they say can be taken at face value - BEWARE Gazans Hamas are notorious for their nepotism. No one outside the Hamas circle will ever be able to make a contribution. Theres no way they even know how to work with others least of all Fatah and the PA No matter what Hamas say they will never recognise Israel. As Zahar once said recently at a private meeting he would rather all of Gazans would sacrifice themselves than ever recognise Israel. Thus condemning Gaza to generations of hopelesness to satisfy their lust for power, money and violence
20. #11. Liam
Sammy ,   Newcastle, UK   (01.26.08)
Hullo Liam Hamas officially declared this Thursday that they would NEVER EVER recognise the State of Israel and their declared intention was to destroy all of Israel. Until recently at least there was some PRETENCE of a possible negotiation. Most observers never believed this. At least now Hamas are saying what they mean. Meanwhile the brainwashing of the next generation of Palestinians continues unrelentingly in their schools. If you could only hear what they are taught - the racism, the fanaticism of these delicate minds it would make you shudder. ISome of their rhetoric is nothing short of filth. And if you think thats bad try listening to some of the so called lectures at Friday Prayers in mosques all over Gaza. And Hamas just LOVE IT! Because all this just serves to increase their total control of the masses. The way Gazans think, behave, work, pray, talk. Regretfully if there is ever going to be a solution to this intractable problem it has to be without Hamas With Hamas THERES NO HOPE
21. Be a Real Jew
Glen Steven ,   Baltimore, MD   (01.26.08)
What kind of Jews are you? Since when the goels justify the means? You all know Israeli Arabs are not allowed full privileges in Israel. Israel is by far more violent and kills more Palestinian women and children than Palestianians do. The ratio is 5 to 1! Israel killed Palestinians in the first Intifada before they had suicide bombers or guns; just stones. Israel openly refuses to allow refugees to return! Israel occupies lands and militarily rule people without regard to their freedom or rights. What kind of Jewish God you worship that allows you to encourage such actions?!! You are not better than terrorists that think goals justify means. Goals do not justify the means. And your arrogance of power will not last. History teaches us that. Then you will meet your God with blood and human suffering on your hands. Real Jews are not murderers, real Jews are peace loving. I love the promised land, but the God I know does not call for murder, deprivation, and occupation. We, out of all people, should know better! So, if you want go kill, occupy, control, "transfer" people, go do it, but not in my name and not in God's name.
22. to sammy
nora ,   gaza   (01.26.08)
may be with hamass no hope /// but sure with fath who recognize israil we are more poore and have diffecult life so we do not aware who is on a chair becouse we are the same but any one is better than israil becouse they will kill us all of us by shooting or seige
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