Police officer killed, 3 injured in terror attacks in J'lem area
Efrat Weiss
Published: 25.01.08, 00:40
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1. But Abbas has said al-Aksa Brigades no longer exists!
Cynic ,   USA   (01.24.08)
2. shot and killed. good.
3. Shot by 'instructors??'
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.24.08)
Maybe they meant rabbis!! They shot the bast@rds!! Good for them!! If they hadn't been armed, it would have been much worse!!
4. Appeasement Brings Jewish Death
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.24.08)
This type of terror attack will pale in comparison to what will happen IF the Olmert regime has its way. As it is the Pals have been emboldened by the appeasement signals they receive from Israel's derelict leaders. The ONLY thing the Arabs understand AND respect is strength and force of will. Nothing else phases them.
5. Olmert ,give terrorist's better weapons
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.24.08)
After this attack and the low numbers of Jews killed Olmert will demand that the Palestinians be given more and better weapons to help begin the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from Judea and Samaria. Hey ,what else do you expect from a Crapo ?
6. Refugee camp?? Trespassers encampment..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.24.08)
would better describe that dwelling place. There is a Jewish answer to that: level the camp - and all the squatters must be expelled immediately.... Kahane was right!
7. Palestinian murderes, shot dead like rabies infested dogs
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (01.24.08)
Really happy to read those two knifeterrorists were swiftly shot dead like rabies infested dogs.
8. Does this mean Peres will pardon another 300 TERRORISTS????
chuck ,   us   (01.24.08)
9. Inside the fence?
Jonas ,   Danmark   (01.24.08)
Is not the fence finish around Shofat refugee camp? Finish the fence!
10. why don't you guys treat Palestinians like human beings
hans smith   (01.24.08)
with the result being that they won't want to kill you? Makes perfect sense to me
11. this was fast
and who knows how far it will go now , now you collect what you growed up .... you didn't listen to the wise voices before your siege ... is it not time now to hurry up to make peace with them .... you didn't realise till now that those people will never stop fighting till they get their rights back ... their strong will to live and to make future for their children is much stronger than your war machins and your IDF .... they are like wounded lions now after killing many from them and after this Gaza's siege .... shake their hands once and promiss them that you will be fair with them maybe it works ..... learn once in your history .
12. have you ever heard of islam?
Pablo ,   NYC   (01.25.08)
13. Goodwill gestures, palestinian style.
eddie ,   London UK   (01.25.08)
Olmert releases prisoners, freezes all west bank construction. Fatah, make their goodwill gestures, by attacking civilians and high schools.
14. #10
chuck ,   us   (01.25.08)
you cant treat a mouth foaming spineless beast like a human, now can you? they are born to kill, you cant treat an old dog new tricks!!!
15. Stupid Stupid People!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.25.08)
Dozens of leftist activists protest Gaza siege Published: 01.24.08, 23:14 / Israel News Dozens of left-wing activists protested the Gaza siege near Tel Aviv's Carmel Market Thursday night. The demonstrators chanted anti-occupation slogans. Traffic jams began to form and police forces are deploying in the area. (Ynet)
16. #10 - What an idiot!! LOL LOL LOL
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.25.08)
And we'll all sing around the campfire!!
17. Hans, the minute they start acting like human beings
jared ,   Orlando US   (01.25.08)
ie dropping violence as their any and all means of addressing their grievances, release the hatred which consumes many of them more so than any love of their own, and stop walking into Yeshivas with the intention of killing whoever they see, they will be treated better. Besides, you might as well address your question to half the arab world as well. Israel treats them much more like humans than they generally do.
18. to #10 - the palstinians aren't human beings
jew ,   holyland   (01.25.08)
when they are, will treat them as human beings. for the time being... they are not.
19. Israel's response to terror
steve ,   london, england   (01.25.08)
Of course it is not always possible to avoid shooting these terrorists to death. And so say all of us ....... which nobody can deny ....... they is not jolly good fellows. They deserve to get what they practice: Death. But we must wage war against their ideology. I suggest this can partly be achieved if we put these sons and daughters of evil on trial for their crimes. PUBLICLY BROADCAST TRIALS. So the whole world can see Israeli justice in thought and word and deed. Then if they receive a death sentence it should come as no surprise that they are getting what they deserve. Moreover, this way of moral lesson sharing Israel can see the world will be strengthened in its support of Israel or shaken in its resolve to support these so called freedom fighters less and less in their ideology and modus operandi. 'Vengeance is mine', saith the Lord. Let 'em have it. STEVE
20. #18 Right
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.25.08)
21. Human Beings??
Kobe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.25.08)
1. If they were to try behaving like human beings then Israel will be happy to reciprocate. 2. The more Israel attempts to be nice and supportive, the worse they get. (Offer them a finger, they cut off your hand!!) 3. Would treatment of the Jews in Germany during the holocaust have improved if they would have treated the Nazi beasts like humans? It sounds like you have serious issues to work out before you dare to offer a country inundated with terrorists and suicide bombers such ridiculous and idiotic advice!!
22. Not with the Rabbis ! Pals listening ?
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.25.08)
23. Imprison a "peace now" member when terrorists kill a Jew.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (01.25.08)
24. #20 and 21
hans smith   (01.25.08)
Both of you make my point from the post before this one precisely, particularly the comment by #18. Go back and read it again, as slowly as is necessary (especially the bit about the Warsaw ghetto, #21) #21, it's kind of a stretch to compare the Germans who put Jews behind fences with Gazans imprisoned by Israeli and Egyptian fences, don't you agree? Are you sure I am the one with the issues? Why doesn't Israel make peace with the Palestinians and then it won't have to worry about these kinds of things? Israel could have enjoyed nearly 50 years of peace with them if it had made peace with them way back in 1948 but I guess Israel didn't want peace badly enough and now Israel has had nearly 50 years of war.
25. I feel i read to some vampiers here
Yes they are human biengs ... you think you are better .... people did all of this massacers aganst inocent people are humanbiengs ... Those are human biengs ???
26. To 10 you have no chance ..
Look how they answerd you ... you think people like those can understand your call ... and they call themselfs humanbiengs ... what a joke ... but any how go on and try maybe ... sure they are not all like those .
ARABS PROMISE PEACE ,   LOL...........DACON9   (01.25.08)
28. #10...treat them like human beings?
Israel ,   US   (01.25.08)
They can't treat each other like human beings! One muslim stabs another muslim in the back in order to get some power. They can't even live at peace with each other, let alone Jews.
29. To #10
mordechai ,   sydney Australia   (01.25.08)
When were you born? (that is a rehtorical question). The PA's have gotten at least 50% of their demands, including prisoners, and the Gaza Strip, there is no Jew in the Gaza Strip, what has Israel got from them? Has 5% of the Israeli demands been met. Enough is Enough, you dont see jubilation in the streets of Tel Aviv at the news of the death of a Palestinian. Time to be tough, no rewards for terrorism.
30. and the government
Volvi   (01.25.08)
and the government wants to confiscate all weapons from settlers, I wonder why? Hey Olmerd, the terrorists need a fresh supply of ammo and some more freed from prisons to fill theyre ranks, they just lost 2 havent you heard, better start releasing another 200 in theyre place you Kapo. And why was that checkpoint OPEN? maybe you will consider opening some more to please your pal bush. And are you going to congratulate Abbas on his minions mission?
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