Sources: Kfar Etzion terrorists released by Israel last week
Ali Waked and Efrat Weiss
Published: 25.01.08, 11:53
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1. Olmert's partners for peace!
eddie ,   London UK   (01.25.08)
2. EXACTLY what I have been writing since Shalit was kidnapped.
Alan ,   SA   (01.25.08)
The Government wants to swap Thousands of Terros for Shalit.Only those RECENTLY RELEASED two could have killed all those Yeshiva Students! Jails are UNIVERSITIES OF TERROR. Forget about getting Shalit released by Terro swaps!There are MANY other ways of getting Shalit back .without getting Israelis killed.Just think . Its not like swapping ten thousand Egyptian POWs in 67&73 for 3 Israeli Soldiers . This is a whole new ballgame. Abdul from Aswan just wants to get back to his cottonfield...These Terros want to kill kill kill Jews ASAP and get to the 72 Virgins .
3. release more terrorists for peace
4. Strange: The "terrorists" were armed yet they didn't fire
a single shot   (01.25.08)
Those so-called terrorists were probably some Palestinian farmers who got lynched by the yeshiva boys.
5. terrorist
ami ,   israel   (01.25.08)
thank you this time they wont come back
6. Free More Terrorists.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.25.08)
Very smart policy. We are governed by fools.
8. Q: Now, who would predict such an event?
er der   (01.25.08)
A: Certainly not those lovely Peace Now people, nor LOLmert. They are a part of the 'make gestures, lick much butt' camp.
9. When
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (01.25.08)
are the Israelis going to decide to go out on streets and unanimously call for the government's resignation. How many more murdered jews will it take?
10. I am glad that some people understand this article ?!
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.25.08)
"terrorists who were killed after infiltrating yeshiva were recently freed" It means nothing to me and is just jibberish. Do posters read articles before posting their replies? Mike
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.25.08)
sacrifices to the god of UN
12. Addressing the wrong issue.....
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.25.08)
Stressing that terrorists were "just recently released" by Israel is nothing but a "political statement" which has very little to do with the fact that , indeed TERRORISTS ( not only those recently freed) in the larger sense of the term , are indeed threatening the country. Releasing or not releasing, there will always be arab volunteers to go and play Shahid for various reasons ( Ideological, money for the family, pure blinding hatred against the Jews who have achieved whatever the Arabs were never able to achieve a few kilometeres away ) This is a situation of do it and be damned or dont do it and be also damned. I do believe that the issue rests with preparedness fo the security forces more than anything else..Being ready for anything was what charecterized Tzahal 30 years ago.......
13. to #4
Eyal ,   Israel   (01.25.08)
All Arabs are terrorists. It is very simple.
14. A rewrite:
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.25.08)
"Palestinian sources tell Ynet THAT terrorists, who were killed after infiltrating a yeshiva, were recently freed." A speedy recovery to Shoshana. And a speedy fall to the government!
15. Olmert, Livini, Barak and Shas
Jack ,   USA   (01.25.08)
They are all at fault, this should be a huge media event, let it be known and let it be said, Olemert to give armored personel carriers as well as weapons, can they be traced to serial #'s that Israel gave. Step away from Gaza now and tell the UN, EU and all this is not Israels problem any longer. Call for new elections now and shame on Shas for staying in the govt.
16. Just one question
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.25.08)
Why weren't their weapons loaded in the first place? Two border patrol on guard duty with unloaded weapons is outrageous! This is the same mentality that got 243 US Marines killed in Lebanon. When I was in the service it was a crime to have an unloaded weapon. They are useless without bullets in them.
17. Better dead terrorist in grave than live one in prison
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (01.25.08)
18. Olmert should be prosecuted
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (01.25.08)
If I were one of those affected by his moronic policies, I'd have Olmert and his corrupt gang in court for crimes against the state. Enough of this clown already.
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (01.25.08)
I'm sickened at how irresponsible & negligent this current government is, during war they free terrorists to strengthen their enemy. There is NO excuse for these actions, resignation is the only option when your decisions cause such damage to your own nation.
20. for Israel, if they were terrorists, its a problem. But, if
observer   (01.25.08)
they were not, it's a much graver situation. In the first condition, it's the Israeli jail which boasts their motives to the extent that they left family and friends only after 2 weeks to expose themselves to deadly risk. In the second condition, if they were ordinary Palestinian fighters not terrorists, it means so much hostility was motivating them. The first situation can be solved, but the second is not.
21. In reply to 4
Roman ,   Lod   (01.25.08)
They showed their intentions plainly when they stabbed two people, or didn't you bother reading the full particulars of the event? But then, why would you bother? In *your* hate-filled dream-world, Jewish yeshiva students lynch poor Palestinians that they lure in. Tell me, do they also drink their blood, or do they save it up to make matzohs?
22. #14 - seems like people simply write and don't read! #10
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.25.08)
what is written is apparently of no real interest, and only what posters have to say matters :-( "Palestinian sources tell Ynet that terrorists who were killed after infiltrating yeshiva were recently freed after serving two years". The majority of posters don't read articles, but at most listen or watch the news or read a headline and then - they post. A famous US anchorman (Dan Rather I believe) once said "if you want to know what's happening then read about it - we don't have the time to show you' (shortened because of space limitations here). Perhaps it's good that people can let off steam?! But it doesn't add to serious debate. Mike
23. A murderer remains a murderer.
Harold Lane ,   Tel Aviv   (01.25.08)
The 2 murderers killed while trying to infiltrate a Yeshiva and commit a massacre were recently freed from an Israeli prison. They cannot be trusted ! A murderer remains a murderer even if he promises to abandon terrorism. “Sulh” and “Hudna” do not mean unconditional peace as explained at :
24. #14-U sure the intent isnt 2 characterize YNET as terrorists
25. Recently released terrorists
Brod ,   USA   (01.25.08)
Whoever approved the release of these terrorists should be held accountable for his poor judgment and should resign.
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (01.25.08)
open democratic societies, whose press can expose even the most minute details while expressing a range of opinions has vast consequences. when a nation places its global "image" above the security and safety of its own citizens, freedom is threatened and compromised. one wonders what is the agenda, to secure a positive image in the eyes of the enemy or defend the lives of its own people.
27. etzion attackers
dmd18 ,   Miami fl usa   (01.25.08)
"tried to load my weapon"--why wasn't it already loaded? Is this how our troops go into combat and on patrol--with empty guns? this is either criminal negligence--or utter incompetence!! dmd-miami fl
28. Those bombs in Algiers were ALSO by PARDONED TERRORIsts
Alan ,   SA   (01.25.08)
29. thank you,olmert, thank you shas
chaim ,   brooklyn n.y   (01.25.08)
thank you ,you criminal gangster olmert your bloody hands are dripping with jewish blood,thank you shas,for supporting this criminally insane,traitorous,incompotent delusional pathetic gangster government just hope to g-d,that the people of israel will come to their senses,and topple this criminal government,and put all of you on trial for high treason,and if you are found guilty they will hang all of you by your necks
30. preventable tragedy
alan ,   alaska   (01.25.08)
when or when will you stop caving to international demands to interfere in your internal decisions. when o when will you keep terrorists locked up for life they are murders not chips in a poker game
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