Left-wing activists protest Gaza blockade at Erez border crossing
Yonat Atlas
Published: 26.01.08, 17:16
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1. The Israeli Govt dont own anything to the PALS !!!!!!!!!!
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.26.08)
2. I believe the word is Treason!
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (01.26.08)
Snort. Chortle. Chuckle. BwaaHahahahahahahahah! Adon Avenry. You ARE the crime. A supporter. An enabler. A co-conspirator in a war against your own people and land. In a just world, maybe an un-just one, like the bolshevik dream state you wish for, you would have recieved a bullet in the back of the neck, a la a "Dzershinsky Street special". Or maybe thirty years in the wastes of Siberia, tucked snugly into one of the Gulag's five star hotels. Support for the Hamasnikim indeed. Be glad you are allowed to take a breath outside of the steelbar hotel in Tel Mond.
3. Missed opportunity
Dave ,   Canada   (01.26.08)
Israel should have let the busses cross over into Gaza and not let them get back. a golden opportunity squandered to get rid of some rubbish
4. Uri Averny supports Palestinian terrorism
Ken Jurist   (01.26.08)
But what i find most ironic. Uri Averny wants to bring Israeli soldiers for War Crimes who target Palestinian terrorists who deliberately kill Israeli civilians On the other hand, Uri wrote an article called revenge of a child This was about the terrorist incident where a Palestinian gunman machine gunned an Israeli mother and her 2 sons at Kibbutz Metzner in 2002. The Israeli mother tried to shield her sons, but it was to no avail, the Palestinian terrorists massacred all 3 of them. Uri Averny writes in this article, we should understand why Palestinians kill Israeli woman and children. He basically says, we should make excuses when Arabs kill woman and children. At no point, does Uri mention the incitement in the Palestinian media to slaughter Jews. At no point, does Uri mention how the Palestinian media makes the Jews out to be subhumans. One can imagine, if an Israeli soldier went into a Palestinian home and slaughtered a Palestinian mother and her 2 sons. Uri Averny would be calling for war crimes. He would march at the home of the massacre. Somehow when Arabs massacre Israeli woman and children. We should understand it. If Jews listen to Averny, they'll be living under Sharia law.
5. Banish these foolish leftist traitors to Gazza
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.26.08)
6. Leftist activists - pro-palestinians
common sense ,   tel aviv   (01.26.08)
Why don't you go to Sderot and show some kind of sympathy and support to your own suffering people? Years of Quasams won't move you , right ?
7. Israeli Compassion?
new_york_loner ,   Rochester, NY   (01.26.08)
Most of the world has given up on the idea that the victims of Nazi brutality might express sympathy for others oppressed by state-sponsored bigotry. But this modest display of Israeli human compassion illustrates that the soul of Israel is not yet dead, as was previously thought.. Perhaps there is hope after all.
8. What "siege"? - We disengaged, no?
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Samaria   (01.26.08)
Or did left for disengagement mean only the deportation of Jews?
9. Fake Savers of Ugly Zionism!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.26.08)
Leftist "support" to gazzans or their showy opposition a game to divernt Gazzan Palestinians from Religious Hamas to Non-Religious Left Palestinian organizations. Abbas also "PRESS" Olmert, that is he is another SAVOR, so palestinian should either select SAVOR Abbas, slave of Zionism, on left palestinion organizations "brothers" of zionism. They are both servants of zionism Jewish left never became real left in its world history, Even during Russian revolution Letf wing Jews tried to separeta them from other in BUND which was divisive organization of social democrat movements critized by Lenin. BUND, jewish left was in fact then ZIONIST. All are different faces of zionism. It will not work !
I. Barr ,   USA   (01.26.08)
Uri Avnery! Our heart is with Sderot. If you would have done a little demonstration, supply food and encouragement to SDEROT, if you would have asked even once Hamas to change their Covenant that calls for the destruction of Israel than I would have understood your position. You and your friends are calling for destruction of Israel. You are well financed by the enemies of Israel. You are the enemy within.
11. GAZA- It's not your problem anymore.
steve Real ,   USA   (01.26.08)
I'd keep the border shut. What did the Gazan's ever do for you? jack-shite that's what. If anything ? I would think the Israelis would be happy to finally get Gaza off their hands. We all know who fed, clothed and fueled Gaza for the first 40 years, so let Egypt and their Muslim brothers take care of Gaza for the next forty years. It's not your problem anymore so get used it.
12. If the IDF is not an army of complete cowards
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.26.08)
they will burn all the "supplies" that these Arabs and traitors brought over and will baton them senseless and arrest them for incitement.
13. what shall i do with hearts or un paper
mother ,   gaza   (01.26.08)
i need food ,i need gaz and light ineed medicin to my sick daughter /believe or not believe but sure this is what i need
14. you wont be in any party!
leave the country you traitors!
15. I invite them to spend a week in Sderot with their children.
Ibrahim ,   Jerusalem   (01.26.08)
I first invite you to spend one Day in Gaza also, and see how is your heroic army killing civilians and “militants” every day for the last 7 years, and punish one and half million by not allowing food, electricity. So you expect the people there to raise the white flag after you took their land in you massacres in 1948. Go back to Poland, and stop the military occupation and siege and you will not see any rockets there..
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (01.26.08)
17. #13 - Did you vote for Hamas???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.26.08)
They were supposed to provide for your needs!! Instead, they threw people off of roofs and shot people in the streets!! We left Gaza hoping that you would have a better life!! At least, this is what Sharon hoped for. What we got, though, were thousands of rockets fire at us!! You want us to have compassion for you? What about our children???You have nobody to blame but yourselves. I am sorry about your daughter; but now you can send someone to Egypt to get what you need!
18. #13 Mother from Gaza
donsaliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (01.26.08)
You paint a sad picture of your life,but I have two questions,if in deed you are from Gaza. 1) If no light,where did you get the power to turn on your computer and write your response? 2)Why is it that so much money from foreign countries have been given to Gaza,and yet you have no food and why can't Hammas bring in food and medical supplies from the same place they bring in weapons to be used against Israel?
19. What shall you do,...? Hmmm. I know.
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (01.26.08)
Dear Momma Gaza, I really, REALLY feel for you. My compassion is leaking all over the floor. Try this. Go into the street with a pot and metal spoon. Apply yourself loudly. Make that wonderful ululating sound. Scream and shout to the heavens that Hamas and the other terrorists are not speaking for you with their murderous acts. After a number of years you and your contemporaries among the Moms of Gaza may reach the attention of the U.S. or U.N., or somebody. Withold sex from your hubby, until he withdraws a "friendly sea" for the terrorists among you to swim in. And talk about peace to your kids. Not martyrdom and killing your neighbors. Try that for a decade and get back to me. We'll talk.
20. halloo, Mr. Avnery.....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.26.08)
who is "we" and what "crime"????? always wanted to ask you.... how was it sleeping on the floor next to the room of the generalissimo arafat in ramallah?
21. #13, mother from gaza
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.26.08)
Aparently you do have the electricity, computer, and internet access... hmmm and even if you are for real, what do you want from us? Grow your own food, build your own power plants, purify your own water. And most of all, elect a government that will stop shooting rockets at our beautiful country. This country owes you nothing.
22. ugly leftist????
gerhard ,   münchen   (01.26.08)
Why do some writers here mean helping people in their misery is again a bad and erroneous thing of the ugly leftist such as Uri Avnery? Most of these people in "Hamastan" are suffering badly - that's obviously the reason for this outbreak. Should they die from hunger and missing all the normal, quite normal things for every day life? However, it cannot be accepted - by no means - that Hamas launches rockets. Israel ha to protect itself against this terror. There is intelligence of the heart needed, combined with common sense, to resolve the situation and to provide what these people need. As it appears from here any involvement of the Hamas-Terrorists need to be avoided. Not an easy task. If not now when should this happen?
23. 7# New Yorker
Leah   (01.26.08)
You are a racist, there are no other way to describe your remarks Israelis have demonstrated more compassion towards their enemies then any other people in the world. What other country in the world would continuely supply electricity, food,water,medicine to their sworn enemies who try to murder their civlians every single day? What other country would allow folks like Uri Averny and countless other so called *peace* activists to constantly blame and villify their own country and people and praise and show total empathy for their enemies? What other country at war provides free medical care to injured civilians from the other side? Israel and Israelis may be lacking in many things but compassion is definetely not one my friend.
24. Avnery , a man of integrity
Palestinian Heart ,   Nablus   (01.26.08)
Thank you , Avnery , Shir Shodzik and all participants..these are noble gestures that many Palestinians do appreciate ..we are always touched by your high sense of integrity , Avnery !
25. Is Avneir aiding and abetting war criminals?
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.26.08)
Avneri is a known commie who spouts baloney at every opportunity. If he doesn't want to be a part of a crime, then why has he never protested against Palestinian terrorism? The facts speak for themselves about the Palestinians: "The attacks against civilians by Palestinian armed groups are widespread, systematic and in pursuit of an explicit policy to attack civilians. They therefore constitute crimes against humanity under international law. They may also constitute war crimes" But is Avneri going to do anything about Palestinian war crimes? Don't hold your breath. Avneri is nothing more than a reactionist whacko who has helped dragged the left so far down that nobody cares about them any more.
26. Fools and Traitors of the highest, highest degree!
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (01.26.08)
27. Bring Kassam material too- they are running out! (End)
Dave Neil ,   Jerualem Israel   (01.26.08)
28. Uri Avnery needs the hard foot of reality bounced off his...
Cameron ,   USA   (01.26.08)
29. Protest Gaza Blockade
khader herzallah ,   Dhahran-Saudi Arabia   (01.26.08)
I salute the teen Shir Shodzic for her courage to participate in joining a group protesting Gaza blockade,she followd her natural instincts which is humanity.It is not absurd to take part in the protest.She is the same age of my grand daughter whom I love dearly because of her natural behavior with love and no hatred to anyone.Shir realized that the anxiety her town is living in is due to the daily agression of the IDF towards innocent people in Gaza. Qassams will definately stop the same moment the IDF stops. No solution except co-existence.The teens realized that before the adults.Its shamful. I also salute Avnery because he is the same peace loving man for the last few generations and never stopped condemning the agressors.
30. The inhabitants of Gaza.
Harold Lane ,   Tel Aviv   (01.26.08)
For the “innocent” civilians of the Gaza strip, life is getting worse every day, and the situation will certainly not improve in the foreseeable future. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and other terror organizations exist only through terror. They will go on bombing Israeli civilians and of course, Israel will react by bombing Gaza. For the inhabitants, future seems gloomy. In order to have a chance for a better future for themselves, but mainly, for their children, the Arabs living in Gaza will have to choose between politics and well-being : they should think about emigrating, discretely, to other Arab countries, (most of these countries are not very populated and can easily integrate them). What they might expect by remaining in Gaza you can read at :
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