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Arun Gandhi resigns from NY peace center after making anti-Jewish remarks
Associated Press
Published: 27.01.08, 12:07
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1. Sigh, caught in his own leftie-babble
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.27.08)
The peace maker wannabes and politically correctoes of the world should take note. Don't overspeak about what you obviously know nothing about and try to make it fit your leftist bubble. Ghandi's bubble burst and he's got gum stuck all over his face. Let's take this pearl of a quote: "a nation that believes its survival can only be ensured by weapons and bombs." Carumba. Dumb dumb dumb. Does Gandhi even know what GDP stands for? Israel for years has known that it's not just weapons and bombs, but a super strong economy and infrastructure that ensure survival. Yea, our army is strong, but so is our economy. However, talking about things like the strength of Israel's democratic institutions simply does not fit into the leftie agenda, so they ignore it. Obviously, at their own peril in this case.
2. Holocaust fixation not the only problem of Jewish identity
psychologist   (01.27.08)
In general, the problem of Jewish identity is excessive preoccupation with the past, a preoccupation of such intensity that it complicates the Jews' efforts to find peace in the present. Mahatma Gandhi pointed out this problem of their excessive historical fixation already before the Holocaust.
3. Fools and those who follow.
Josh   (01.27.08)
Good he quit.. "global culture of violence" I have seen far less violence in Israel than I have seen in the US and I lived in the lowest crime city ranked in the entire US. Besides who bombed villages when looking for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist? Of course reporters cant show this truth only staged scenes from Gaza. Just because the Pallywood films are entertaining doesn't mean thier skits are real. Anything that is real that they show was earned by way of bombardment of our people and our cities.
4. Jewish Denial spoken by Gandhi is antisemitism
David Turner ,   Richmond, US   (01.27.08)
I was confused, even sympathetic that the grandson of Gandhi might have been misunderstood because of oversensitivity. that is, until I read the following quote: "The Holocaust was the result of the warped mind of an individual who was able to influence his followers into doing something dreadful. ... The world did feel sorry for the episode but when an individual or a nation refuses to forgive and move on, the regret turns into anger." In fact his comments reflect a complete ignorance of Jewish experience in the Christian Diaspora, a total lack of historical knowledge, prejudice in its purest form. One need not be a historian to know that the Holocaust was not a unique and mysterious event in history, “the result of the warped mind of an individual who was able to influence his followers into doing something dreadful.” For two thousand years the Jews have had to live under the Gospel condemnation of Jews as deicides, murderers of Jesus. Even a dedicated pacifist would recognize the eternal danger posed by one religion against its parent? Not that Gandhi blaming Hitler, rather than Christendom, for the Holocaust is not shared by a majority of Jews in Diaspora and Israel. For only in that self-deception can Jewish parents subject their children to the otherwise obvious conclusion that Jewry will ever live in threat within Christendom. That the choice of ease and convenience in the Diaspora carries with it a very heavy cost. From the mouth of Jews, Hitler–as-Cause is simply Denial; from that of a non-Jew it is antisemitism.
5. # 2 psychology for a dime
Ivri   (01.27.08)
Your comment reeks of ignorance , And I am sure you know,walking around showing your ignorance is not very good for you,so let me try and inject something into the hollow caverns of your brain,It may just stick...who knows. Our pre-occupation with our history,traditions and religion IS what carried us through the centuries,inspite of great efforts by fools LIKE YOU,to destroy us. So ,TO BE FAIR,you should return your diploma to the 7-11 where you bought it,and stop analyzing people .
6. dei Arun Gandhi ( madayah !!!! buddu !) your grand father...
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.27.08)
was a Pacifist BUT to the extend he advised the british army and Churchill to stop fighting the Nazi. Your grand father was not learned at all in many ways. You just received the same genes to say stupid things just like your grand. In our jewish tradition we have a Prophet- Isaiah. He brought us a message that - nation shall not lift up sword against nation". These verse is written and one could not avoid reading these verse on the Isaiah Wall stationed opposite the United Nations building in New York. Now, The diffrence between your grand father Gandhi the pasifist and OuR Prophet Isaiah is on one point - it is in the word - HOPE. You see madayah Arun Gandhi, Our Jewish View on HOPE is not a common hope as commonly assumed in the pacifist worldview sense ( like taught by you Grand Father. In the Jewish view the meaning of HOPE is that good will triumphed, as such we jews HOPE that there will not be fellows like Ahmedinejad, Khalid Mashaal, Haniyed or Gadafi in the WORLD . These Terrorist a re active participants and promoters and profilators of violence in the REAL SENSE. Arun Gandhi dei, listen! We jew are ethical monotheists, unlike your grand father gandhi , who was only a Ahimsa Boss without having any jewish knowledge on HOPE. OUR ISAIAH' s HOPE is UNIVERSAL PEACE. Your Gandism HOPE is a pacifist view of Gandhi only in Theory. Your Grand father forgot to tell you that there is time for war and there is time for PEACE.It all cleary written in you Ramayana and Mahabaratha too.But he forgot ! Lt me remind you now . But you Arun Gandhi just ended Peace by your anti-semitism remarks. There is brahmin say that goes... dont spill the milk, to pigs. You are a bengoli you wont understand Jewish meaning of HOPE. You didnot generate any healthy discussion but ended it with the stupidity. Now on , you will be the one that will suffer the pain, anger , confussion and embarrasment. Maybe you should study some brahminic tradition, the document 800-700 Brihad-Aranyaka and Chandogya Upanishads . also read 800-400 Aranyakas, Brahmanas and Upanishads. BTW do some parallel study with Isaiahs HOPE ! Probably you will split you hair over the Germans the holocaust. Stop your Gandhi Pasifist craps with you ! Not with the us, Jews, please !!!! Good Luck to you !
7. Kashmir, Ghandi's legacy to India
Emanuel ,   Karachi, Pakistan   (01.27.08)
Mr. Ghandi, the country your grandfather founded is doing a lot worse to Kashmiris. Please send message of peace to your country first. No nukes, no nukes .....! Amen
8. what an idiot - even his attempted apology is vile
american ,   miami   (01.27.08)
his apology is based on the supposition that not all jews agree with israel? he assumes as fact that israel is evil and exonerates jews who disagree with israel. count me as a proud supporter of israel and a vehement opponent of people like this lame beneficiary of nepotism.
9. Gandhi, Martin Luther King,
Petra ,   usa   (01.27.08)
followed a Jew named Jesus into civil disobdiance and passive resistence to make their point about equal rights. Strange his grandson is a poster boy for the muslims. Glad he's gone and glad his grandfather didn't live as long as this bozos ignorance. Their asassinations meant nothing to him.
10. Gandhi
Robert Weiss ,   NY   (01.27.08)
Shame on you Mr. Gandhi...I am a witness and survivor of the Holocoust and your words are an insult to my 60 close family members and other 6 milion jews who were murdered by the Nacis in Europe. Why don't you try to solve the inter Muslim violence first which took already hundres of thousands of lives in Algeia , Sudan, and elswhere. Why ? because you will endanger your live just critisizing one group or another ! Don't forget Mr. Gandi that the Muslim world grew up in violence and they grabbed lands, bit by bit by bit, by the sword and violence, without any jewish help ! I already heard from various activist like you, that the inter Muslim violence is also related to the jews ! Blame the jews for everything in the world ! Why Israel is first ? Because nobody will harm you phisically doing this!
11. The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree
Thomas   (01.27.08)
When the Chief Rabbi of Berlin appealed to Ghandi for help during the Holocaust, Ghandi's advice was for the Jews to just kill themselves. Even after the war was over, he was asked in an interview about those comments and he still supported them. Nathuram Godse, RIP
12. #2
first, let me reiterate that i highly doubt the integrity of your diploma and the way in which you obtained it and where. maybe istanbul? on another note, a comment such as yours reflects not only severe lack of knowledge and understanding of the jewish mind set, but an apparent anti jewish feelings. you are entitled to both. no one can deny you your feelings, nor the total ignorance of what you propose to "know" about. i am sure no one denied you your useless diploma because, as i see it, much good has not come of it as evidenced by your imbecilic and insensitive comment. lastly, it is mostly the fact that jews HAVE LEARNED FROM THE HOLOCAUST EXPERIENCE AND CHOSE TO MOVE ON, that they were collectively able to develope a haven for themselves which now stands as the most advanced democratic country in the middle east where this country's gifts to humanity in all major fields number in the thousands. people that have been continually traumatized and repressed and violated often loose their spirit and what is left is basically a human shell. not so with us jews. the biggest proof that we have surpassed these persecution feelings you claim we have is evidenced in our tremenduous success all over the world and in particularly in our country, israel. from one PSYCHIATRIST to another PSYCHOLOGIST dr. baum harvard medical health plan boston, mass. ps. i do strongly suggest that you may want to save this little psych diploma of yours once toilette paper runs out.
13. Shows once again power of the Israel Lobby to stifle debate
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (01.27.08)
If Israel is the subject of any discussion, then forget about America's much touted 'Freedom of Speech'; it doesn't exist. Say a word against the Zionists, and you are out. This has been demonstrated again and again. AIPAC and its associates have more in common with the KGB and the STASI than with traditional lobbying.
14. Good
Yishay ,   Canada   (01.27.08)
Happy he has resigned. It did not surprise me that he said that, his grandfather was also anti-Semitic.
15. Chanalau..are you on the psycologist sofa?
Ivri   (01.27.08)
you need help.
16. To #12-Dr. Baum
Dr. while I agree with what you have said about the Psychologist in # 2 I would like to add something. I think his opening line says it all. While I am no Dr. my perception tells me his degree is from the U.S. He is typical of the left wing aethist self hating Jew that feels it is easier to blame his own people than those who hate us. In his opening line he says Jews are fixated on the holocaust. Anybody with half a brain knows the past has a tendency to repeat itself, and not aknowledging it will mean our doom. As a Jew I did not know I had a identity crisis. I am a Jew and I know where I come from, Where I am , and where I'm going. The identity crisis is only in the mind of people like the psychologist in #2. His self loathing, appeasement attitude have given him the disease of apathy. In the end it will be his downfall. When the enemy takes him down to the pit, his last words will be "but I was for you" Am Yisrael Chi Dovid Ben Leizer Hakohain Lt. Col. Ret. Novi Michigan USA OMNI-BERATUS
17. SHALOM & GOODBYE! This world does not need
to hear your voice.
18. I agree with #2 psychologist
hans smith   (01.28.08)
I have no education in psychology, so I guess that means that I'm free from having to demonstrate some sort of superior reasoning before saying whatever I please. I'm also not Jewish, so that means I'm freer still from really having to care about it very much, anyway, if you ask around you'll learn that many people think like I do, or in other words agree with #2. Jews are hyper-fixated with the Holocaust: there are literally too many instances to count. Oops, I failed to consider that I'm not a shrink and therefore my view ain't worth jack. So sue me, then.
19. Should have chosen words more carefully.
RCA ,   USA   (01.28.08)
The momentum and direction of his words in making his point led many Jews to specific knee-jerk conclusions it seems. This is quite understandable. However, there is a seed of truth, in what he says. Delicacy would have been more appropriate.
20. Chanalau, that your here proves how silly U R
GZLives   (01.28.08)
Tova you're getting tiresome. Find some other Jewish site to haunt.
21. Gandhi only half-stupid
RedStarYeast ,   USA   (01.28.08)
Very stupid of Gandhi to include "Jews" as a collective in his sweeping condemnation of violence. As for Israel, sadly, he was right on the mark. But don't blame Gandhi entirely for this illogical conflation of "Jews" and "Israel." The state of Israel itself encourages this confusion by calling itself "the Jewish state." By means of this shell game, Israel feels that it may then accuse its critics of anti-Semitism. Sadly again, this accusation is raised so frequently, and so reflexively, that it is now virtually meaningless.
22. Ghandi promoted Jewish suicide!!
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (01.28.08)
23. There is free speech Chanalau, but no free lunch
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, NY   (01.28.08)
Yes Ghandi has a right to speak his mind. And by the same token, those that were offended by his provacative speech have a right of reply. If Ghandi wants to act like a hateful bigot, that's his perogative. But that doesn't mean that the rest of society has to stand for it. Not all talk is cheap, some is very costly, and Ghandi, like many others who spewed hate only to realize that people actually were listening, found out that there is a price for his remarks.
24. #16
i do believe your comment was spot on. it is nice to observe that some of us do know our roots and appreciate them above all. i don't always agree with some israeli policies, however, as a jew, whose only refuge is israel, i firmly stand by that country existence and viability at all costs. as a rule, most self hating individuals, especially those of the "jewish kind" such as finkelstein, oz, benny morris, chomsky, et al. have gotten to this self loathing "phenomena" simply because they have had an extremely unpleasant emotional disappointment in their lives to do with israel or a traumatic in their childhood, that, in fact, they have internalized a jew hatred and israel hatred that is quite inexplicable to any sane person. the joke is that if it comes to them being captured by any of nowadays terrorists, they will be the first ones whose throats would be slashed, pro or con israel they may be.
25. He does not know his grandfather very well. Perhaps he
Rivkah   (01.28.08)
should read a biography or watch a TV biography of the great Mohandas Ghandhi. The grandfather admired ONE JEW ABOVE ALL CHRISTIANS. That Jew was Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus). He copied the peaceful and non-violent approaches to government of Yeshua as best he could. He even said he would have become a Christian if he had met even one Christian who was like Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus).
26. Now this is a curious thing. Arun apparently does not know
Rivkah   (01.28.08)
his famous grandfather had a favorite person he followed the peaceful advice of: A JEW NAMED YESHUA. The grandfather so admired a Jew named Yeshua of Nazareth that he said he would have become a Christian himself if he had only met ONE Christian on earth who was like Yeshua (Jesus). He should have looked past the faults of the followers of Yeshua, but was unable to.
27. To Arun Gandhi. Distorting History.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.28.08)
You say :"The Holocaust ... (was triggered by) an individual who influenced his followers ...". Arun, you should NOT forget that the majority of the Germans were "his followers". BY using the word 'followers' you seems to imply that a small group of Germans were Nazis. Hitler by his hate-the-Jew talks influenced the majority of the Germans. And thus Arun, you ARE distorting history. SO Arun, next time, before speaking -- make a thorough study of History, first of all. You say :"We (i.e. you, people like you, and the rest of the world) have created a culture of violence ..". THERE is violence going on in Darfur (300,000 victims by now) ; Afghanistan War (from 2001 till now ca. 23,000 deaths) ; Congo War (from 1998 till date more than 5 million deaths) ; Algerian Civil War (of the 1990s with more than 200,000 deaths) ; Brasil (murder rate in 2005 was 55,000 persons killed) ; South Africa (murder rate in 2006 was 34,000 killed by gun-violence). WHO states that 1,6 million people die in violence ANNUALLY worldwide. AND you, Arun, you blame Israel for the majority of those deaths ???? Are you INSANE ??? Do you have stool inside your head -- I don't see much brain inside it !!! ALTHOUGH you state that humanity created violence -- you singled out Israel. That shows you are a DISHONEST and cripple-minded person -- as opposed to your illustrious and broad-minded forefather. CONCLUSION : Do NOT talk about things of which you have little knowledge !!!!
28. #12
psychologist   (01.28.08)
I don't deny the contribution of the Jewish people to mankind or the success of Israel, but point out a certain past-oriented rigidity that makes it difficult to find peaceful compromise in the present. The past, whether positive or negative, should serve us so we may build on it a better life. It should not become a prison that stifles our ability to deal with the present or a rock on which we duplicate the mistakes of our ancestors. By the way, I am not a real psychologist. You should take these talkback signatures less seriously.
29. I wonder which peudo religion this clown claims to follow?
jack bauer   (01.28.08)
30. well siad maansingh #27
jack bauer   (01.28.08)
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