Olmert, Abbas to ask Egypt to seal Gaza border
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.01.08, 17:36
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1. Will humanitarian aid also include rockets?
Sidney ,   USA   (01.27.08)
Olmert does not give a damn about Sderot.
2. I wonder if olmert is really french?
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (01.27.08)
Always eager to surrender
3. olmert is a criminally insane traitorous gangster
chaim ,   brooklyn n.y   (01.27.08)
this piece of human garbage,should be put on trial for high treason,and if found guilty,shoud be hung by his miserable neck
4. why do they have a never
jerome ,   basalt, co   (01.27.08)
ending supply of rockets and all the materials to attack Israel but they run out of bread? let them all eat qassams for lunch!
5. More surrender
Frank ,   Canada   (01.27.08)
Once again, Olmert is surrending to Arab terror and will create more terror in return.
6. Olmert as Becket
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (01.27.08)
Once again Olmert shows that he reserves his sparse portion of spine and overload of venom for presentation towards pre-pubescent religious school girls, grieving wives and parents and wounded veterans of his incompetence. He has more on and offs than a working lady on North Tel Aviv beach. If there was ever any possible benefit from the most recent Gaza fiasco, it has now been doused with a generous dose of the most watered gravy in Olmert's kitchen. Remind me again,..? Why is he still committing political malpractice and drawing a salray from the medina??
7. Will someone kick this BOZO out of Office?
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (01.27.08)
Will someone kick this clown out? New Elections are Needed now. No Confidence motion NOW.
8. Olmert minus three.............days
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.08)
He still cares for Abbas, neglecting Sderot and Ashkelon and......Israel. Please, Winograd, something.
9. Olmert the idiot
Frank ,   Canada   (01.27.08)
Olmert is so dumb that he is totally unable of acting. The right move is to send IDF in the Philadelphia corridor and to rebuild a more secure fence. Egypt has not the will to close the border.
10. #3 - Chaim not possible even if true
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.08)
Chaim, it is not possible to hang anyone in this country for any crime except for not paying Route 6 (read their contract). So even if he was guilty of all you accuse him of, he can not be executed.
11. He did not surrender to anyone less than the High Court
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.08)
This is a high court and international community. Now Egypt can worry about them.
12. I don't understand
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Samaria   (01.27.08)
I don't understand why we don't close the border when all Gazan arabs are voluntarily gone. What's the point in keeping them in there?
13. Olmert sacrifices our interests for Abbas.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.27.08)
Olmert should run for office in the PA since he obviously cares more for their interests than ours. Instead of taking advantage of the changed circumstances & dumping the Gaza problem on Egypt, again Olmert tries to prop-up the irrelevent Abbas.
14. ___ LET GAZA TO BE EGYPTIAN PROBLEM __________ !!!!
Avinu ,   US   (01.27.08)
Let Egypt to solve that problem with them.
15. Olmert, Israel, IDF, etc.
Ed ,   USA   (01.27.08)
Every time I think Israel has reached the ultimate in stupidity they do something like this....and not only convince me that the Israelis are stupider than I imagined....but that clearly there is no limit to Israeli stupidity.
16. Israel made hamas more popular than ever
Ali   (01.27.08)
he is becoming useless. Israel made hamas so popular undermining abbass. They want to weaken abbass and his legitemacy to carry out with negotiations. I don't think Israel will ever want peace. Mr. Abbass, don't waste your time.
17. The Borders
Yakov   (01.29.08)
At this point, Israel should maintain the same tight borders along Gaza. Perhaps it may want to put in the concrete wall that already separates Israel from the West Bank. Even with the fences along Gaza, it still doesn't look like enough to really keep out undesirables from coming into the country. IEgypt will have to learn the hard way why Israel doesn't let these people into the country. Israel doesn't have to get into that. It will be up to the Egyptians to get out of the mess they're putting themselves into. And you know something-a lot of these undesirables are people that not even Mubarrak would want in his neck of the woods. Of course, he'll probably realize that only when it's too late.
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