Mazuz will not indict police officers involved in October 2000 riots
Aviram Zino
Published: 27.01.08, 17:59
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1. Indicting any police officers would have been
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.27.08)
a perversion of justice.
2. guilty only if one ignores facts & evidence
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.27.08)
sure 13 arabs were regrettably killed, but when one participates in a violent rioting mob during the time when the second intifada is in full swing, even the smallest bit of common sense by the rioters would have averted this debacle. why put the police in a position where they have to make life and death decisions in the heat of high emotions. the police have the right to maintain order and, more importantly, to protect their own lives against lawless anarchists. one has to wonder if the rioters' parents didn't teach their children better than that. seems not.
3. the real reason
joseph ,   israel   (01.27.08)
The problem is that if the police were found guilty of crimes, then Shlomo Ben-Ami and Ehud Barak would also be guilty. As these two are on the same political side as Menny Mazuz, there was no choice but to find the police innocent
4. What about the Israeli Jew that was murdered?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.27.08)
Driving his car on Highway 2# on the way to Haifa an Israeli Jew was killed when Arabs threw rocks from a bridge overhead into his windshield. If the police did not act quick and decively many more Israelis would have been killed by the out of control Arab mobs.
5. Frst stape toward Israel became a NORMAL country...
Mike ,   London   (01.27.08)
6. you arabs riot one more time
you go out of this country for ever!
7. congratulation
the syrian   (01.27.08)
What a justice?!!! Bravo...
8. Either Israel is a County of Anarchy or Law and Order
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (01.27.08)
Either Israel wants to be county of law and order, or anarchy? Israel today made a good choice. If those police were ever in danger of bodily harm, or had the responsibility of protecting others, facing the rioters, any use of force is justified. This should be the criteria, throughout Israel, whether stopping Jewish insurgents and law breakers, or Muslim. Israel's backing down repeatedly since the Intifada 2 started, is the reason for all these riots. Until Israel gets it, we can expect more. Throwing stones from highway overpasses, is attempted murder., as is throwing bricks, stones, pipes or Molotov Coctails, anywhere. Israel will not survive if it doesn't understand the basics of Arabia and Egypt, people are executed for less. I'm sure Abbas will find fault with the results..and instigate another riot.
9. Double standard stinks
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.27.08)
Sorry, but as an Israeli citizen this decision stinks. 13 citizens were shot and killed by police who are were shown by the Or Commission to have been out of control. You simply can't have the police investigating themselves. It doesn't work when Arab citizens are killed, and it doesn't work either when right-wing protestors are beaten so badly they have to be hospitalized. Once again, the powers that be stretch the interpretation of the law to fit their own personal agendas rather than making the law apply universally. Arab readers should now that there is no excuse or reason to go out and riot and try to kill people. Yes, rocks and molotov cocktails are meant to kill. However, this Jew, at least, is not happy with this decision to close the case. I do not believe that justice has been served.
10. We are finally behaving like a normal country should!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.27.08)
They are lucky there were only thirteen killed!! Our police put themselves in danger! Jews were attacked on the roads!!
11. Mazuz decision
Usiskin ,   London UK   (01.27.08)
I`ve read all the previous available documents -including the PID recommendations that Or rejected. I am struck by a number of matters - the fact that not one single Israeli official, whether elected politician or law enforcement officer, has ever been legally penalised for what took place in the so called "October 2000 incidents"; the refusal of most of the families of the victims to consent at the time to exhumations and autopsies which would have assisted in presenting evidence of how the dead actually died; the language of some of the then Palestinian Arab leadership. In all I am left with an abiding sense of injustice and an indelible stain on our state as one of democracy and unimpeachable law for the victims and their families. How do we go forward with this all left unresolved?
12. #11, Great comment!!!
Young Jurist ,   Israel   (01.27.08)
As a matter of fact, many Arab leaders ignited the riots, it's was not a normally or peacfully demostrations. The rioters had checked our strength while their brothers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were declaring an "Intifada" (war). I'm not pleased with these kind of implications, maybe our general attorney should reexamine the findings before the dossier will be closed. The Arab leaders must be put on a trial neither, you can't eat the whole cake, and let it full. Everybody shall be equal in front the law. Unfortunately, this isn't the situation in my country yet.
13. All I know...
David L.   (01.27.08)
Is that it would be unthinkable in any democratic occidental country to have a violent riot ending by the death of 13 rioters. Not only the police would never use live ammunition, but if they would - even with no death - they would face harsh disciplinary measures. If there would be only 1 death, the chief of police would probably resign, and the policement responsible for the death be indicted. At 5 deaths, the security minister and possibly prime minister would probably resign. So imagine 13 deaths. The Israeli justice system is a farce.
14. What if...
A Seed ,   United States   (01.27.08)
I know one of the people that were killed. And the investigation shows that he wasn't taking part in the demonstrations. And everyone that knew him, knows that he worked for peace in all the means that he had. For the sake of peace, justice should be done for his family and friends, as well as the Arab community in Israel.
15. #13 selective memory?
Tahl ,   Israel   (01.28.08)
How convenient of you to forget the riots in LA after Rodney King's killer was acquitted. How many rampaging blacks where killed in these riots? Hint: 4 times as much as the October riots. Has ANYONE in the LAPD resigned over that? But why get so far into the past. How about last year's Muslim riots all over France? How many dozens (if not more) were killed? How many policemen, police chiefs, and security ministers resigned?.... ZERO! So by your logic, this means the US and France are not "democratic occidental countries", right? How I love all these double-standard-Israel-critics whose own memory fails them so miserably, with regards to their own countries' dubious records.
16. excellent comments, Tahl
Jared ,   Orlando US   (02.01.08)
I could not have put it better myself. You read my mind.
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