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Israel apologizes to The Beatles
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.01.08, 09:48
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1. What a Fashlah!
Faith ,   Israel   (01.28.08)
Too bad...Israeli youth became corrupt anyway, and no thanks to the Beatles. And anyway- Isn't it a bit pathetic to bring this issue up now, after all these years? Is Israel going to get an official "pardon" from the two surviving Beatles, or will they forever hold a grudge against the state of Israel? The suspense is killing me.
2. is it something in the water?
Yoram   (01.28.08)
Jews invented everything from the sewing machine through the atom bomb, yet when they move to Israel, they turn into a collective with the IQ of used chewing gum. And that goes double for anyone in government. What a moronic story to even publish at this time.
3. Well, they would better have let them in back then...
Pop-Star   (01.28.08)
nowadays no one wants to come anymore....
4. ha! israeli your correpted themselves without the beatles
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.28.08)
so much for the protective nanny state.
5. Yaakov Schneider surely the biggest idiot in history
Simon ,   TA Israel   (01.28.08)
what an idiot, im sure he will go down in history as the Israeli official that denied a generation to see the Legendary Beatles. However we musnt forget that we still have the likes of the Shas party oday that would like to ban anything that they consider unsuitable for Israeli youth. THe fight for freedom and democracy must continue.
6. and to think
JL ,   israel   (01.28.08)
israel was already corrupt at the core when they so condencendingly stated the beatles would corrupt our youth....they did it themselves wiithout any outside help
7. Its good they were kept out.
Israel   (01.28.08)
They promoted deep pagan beliefs and practices. What, we don't have enough trouble with the catholic church and its poop, I mean pope, that we should have to have worried about four fame hungry brits and their bad example?
8. What nonsense! instead we should be apologising
Bruno ,   Haifa   (01.28.08)
to the population of Gaza for the ghetto-like policy of walls and barriers that we impose to the 20% of Israel's population that is Arab - for not letting justice be seen to be done to Palestinians for multiple roadblocks and making their lives needlessly unbearable
9. Number 1 and 2
Mark   (01.28.08)
You know when I read your feedbacks I laughed so hard because it's soo true. My mother told me that during this time when Israel banned the Beatles from coming it was a disappointment. Oh well, this is the corruption we have today. 1. Prostitution 2. Drugs 3. Homelessness 4. Crime 5. Pornography both imported and Israeli made something to be proud of But Faith, you take the cake. What a fashlah, we all came to Israel and have the collective IQ of chewing gum. Ha ha.. I am going to have to use this one!
10. Big mistake Israel
Y ,   N   (01.28.08)
11. The knesset and the hara-dim corrupt the youth!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.28.08)
Along with the leftists and their phony peace parties. There are plenty of performers that corrupt the youth.
12. Ah.....These Mollahs and corrupt politicians
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.28.08)
your performance might corrupt the minds of the Israeli youth. !!!! Just like if the Israeli youth needed the beatles to deviate from " a supposed moral line of conduct " . Israeli youth was never different from any other youth anywhere, both unruly and magnificent...( and kids were already littering the beaches ! ) What kind of government decides what to hear, what to see , and what to do ? The Beatles never made it to Israel...and look what became of "Israeli youth" today !! So who is the next to be blamed ? Parents , perhaps ?
13. Duh, is that chewing gum new or used? (end)
Alfred E. Newman ,   Madison Ave   (01.28.08)
14. Schneider's List
Ozreali ,   Australia   (01.28.08)
Is it genetics, or is it environment? You think keeping the Beatles out was bad?!? According to the article, he also fathered Yossi Sarid, Shulamit Aloni's former Loonie Leftist Lapdog, one time leader of Meretz, thankfully both retired to incipent senility, and fond memories of fighting against the Zionist "establishment", destroying the educational system, and singing folk songs around the campfire with Yasser. On the other hand, is it better to have politicians who are relatively honest, reasonably intelligent, but badly misguided; OR Fundamentally corrupt, irredeemably dumb, and egotistically delusional? Is it "All We Are Saying..." or "The Fool on the HIll"? All together : "Ehud wants to be a star..." (of Wingrad's "Paperback Writer)" or: "Tzipi's got a ticket to ride... " (to "Nowhere, Man")! The possibilities are endless! With some creativity, they could be laughed out of power...
15. Yea, little bit
Kev ,   London   (01.28.08)
Ha ha!! 'Shaped the minds'? Re-shaped them, contorted and ruined them beyond any semblence of what they once were!
16. Don't think it's over - banning still goes on...
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.28.08)
The key phrase here is: "...Education Ministry ... was required to approve the performance of foreign bands in Israel." The Bolsheviks are alive and well and still populating the civil service. This country still has people who think it's their G-d given right to make decisions for the citizen. You'll still find them in the education ministry as well as in the health, labor and other ministries.
17. Is there a lack of news?
lisa ,   isarel   (01.28.08)
I don't understand, with all the serious goings-in in Israel and with what it's going through, how on earth did the subject of the beatles even manage to over-shadow the more important issues?! Why is this news? I love the beatles and have always enjoyed listening to them, but how did something that happened 43 years ago surface again in 2008!!! Let by-gones be by-gones and lets get on with the real issues at hand!
18. What BS is this!?
Simcha ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.08)
They were right then and they're wrong now, but what else is new? The ruling regime is scraped right off the very bottom of the barrel. They don't even have Jewish souls. They're gentile wannabees and this is the proof, sucking up to the dregs of goyische society!
19. This is funny...
Israel   (01.28.08)
Who was the bright spark that thought this one up? And why now?This person clearly has too much down-time at work. Get them to do some voluntary work at the nearest old people's home.
20. Who were the other politicians? Was Peres one of them?
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.28.08)
I bet he would of allowed them in if they had brought groupies with them.
21. invitation
carol ,   eilat   (01.28.08)
22. The Beatles left their mark anyway
nycfan ,   New York NY   (01.28.08)
The government could physically keep the Beatles out of the country, but they " corrupted" the youth anyway. Anyone with EARS, that is.
23. Beatles? You didn't miss anything - Rubbish.
24. To Simcha the Simpleminded
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (01.28.08)
Stupid is as stupid does" "dregs of goyische society! "? The Beatles were working class lads from a Liverpool They were not porn stars or pimps. They were canny lads. If one follows your argument other goysha art should be banned such as all works by Dickens, James Joyce, etc. Do we want Israel to be a modern country or a ghetto. You can blinker your kids but keep your hands off ours.
25. I smell a cheap stunt....livni did lenon
yellow submarines ,   get spotted easy   (01.28.08)
26. to #7
Benny ,   Beer Sheva   (01.28.08)
Sorry for your ignorance....Britan is famous for its Anglican Church, and catholics actually had a very hard life in Britain for quite a long time. First educate yourself a little.
27. Greatest. Band. Ever.
Shuki   (01.28.08)
28. The Beatles- Big deal!!
The Savannah of Krat ,   The Frozen North   (01.28.08)
I always preferred the Stones
29. They should Never issue an apology.
Mark ,   USA   (01.28.08)
The Beatles promoted the liberal British culture of sex and drugs. This has destroyed our society. Look what happened to the USA in the 60's. Hippies,Drug Addicts,Draft Dodgers, and Laziness.
30. #7 Excellent Points! I agree
Mark ,   USA   (01.28.08)
Look at British society today. Militant Islam has taken over that society.
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