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Israel apologizes to The Beatles
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.01.08, 09:48
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31. What is it with you dummies...
Al   (01.28.08)
Iran has just received the last shipment of fulel for its reactors. Hamas is threatening to rush towards the fence at erez. Israeli society is falling apart at the seems. There is mass yerida which gov't does not want to tell you about. The Israeli economy is a downward spiral. (They wont tell you this so that you keep on spending). And finally officers not simple petz of the IDF are convicted of stealing money and goods from Jewish American Kids who simply want to be in Israel and try to find their Jewishness. After all this, you are worried about the Beatles? Get a grip! Mozart was played in the Warsaw Ghetto too. It didnt help them when the trains had to be filled.
32. Well...
David ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.08)
So long as we can point to this and say "see, we apologize when we're in the wrong," and then not apologize for being right on the substantive issues - I'm for it.
33. Israel refused Beatles
tma   (01.28.08)
but brought Shocking Blue. How did they justify that?
34. Memo to the Foreign Ministry.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.28.08)
You have real issues to deal with. WTF are you doing issuing apology letters to a band that has been extinct for the last 25 years?
35. #7 Great thinking....dumbass!
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (01.28.08)
What an opportunity to miss an opportunity! Its like the Palestinians with peace...
36. #8 Bruno
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (01.28.08)
Their is method in our madness. Roadblocks make it far more difficult for the people inside Hamas to come in and bomb buses in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and yes....Haifa, where you are from. Be thankful.
37. #31 Al
Adam Baker ,   Ramat Gan   (01.28.08)
There are enough articles about the threat of Iran /Hamas/corruption of youth/shoah if you want to read about them. Why should we live in fear, sadness and worry all the time by reading about f-ing Iran etc Yes it is important but if there is a light-hearted and finally... (unimportant news story) section then let people enjoy it without your doom and f-ing gloom...chill out for Lennon's sake!
RCA ,   USA   (01.28.08)
A little late, don't you think ? I guess the apology due is better late than never at all. It would have been a nicer gesture had you did this when the deceased members were still alive. Israel, you missed the boat on this one. You could have possibly experienced one of the most socially and collectively uplifting experiences of a lifetime, culturally, economically, and musically. The event could have possibly been such a public relations sucess that It may have shown an entirely different light on Israel at that time and opened up the following Israeli generations to a new and facinating cultural milleau. To this day, I still cherish my collection of Beatle Music and listen to them often.
39. #38 really?
jack bauer   (01.29.08)
you write....-"You could have possibly experienced one of the most socially and collectively uplifting experiences of a lifetime, culturally, economically, and musically"- ????? really? what part? the part where there is no God, no religion, some new age nonsense? Maybe you think the music was nice, and I myself have listened to them, but it was subversive at the time. And still is. Why follow the ideas of lennon and yoko down the road to oblivion..... Drugs, Sex, Rebelliousness, etc, may be appealing for young people, but I assure you that Hashem is not pleased when entire cultures are subverted by it.....especially his people
RCA ,   USA   (01.29.08)
they function best when open. It was due to the influences of the Beatles that I decided to learn music as a child, and play in bands to this day. In more ways than one, you have shut yourselves off from many positive influences. It can be so sorry to be sorry.
41. the ridiculous done by the foolish.
dante ,   uk   (01.29.08)
42. Sarid's father!!!
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (01.29.08)
Fancy that!!! At least this is one incident, that can't be blamed on the religious!!
43. more about Beatles and Israel
Gilan ,   Jerusalem   (01.29.08)
See more about the Beatles and Israel at my blog:
44. Having grown up in Liverpool.......
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (01.29.08)
....during the 60's myself I can confirm that the Beatles were really nothing more than a local band of "pushtakim" who made it big. Why on earth should the State of Israel apologize to them, half of whom are anyway dead, for the opinions of the government 43 years ago in a different era? It seems like Mr Prossor is on yet another cheap publicity stunt having installed himself in the nice cushy and lucrative job of ambassador to the UK. Liverpool has much more to commend it than that bunch of yobbos. And we shouldn't humiliate ourselves with such garbage grovelling activities. Where is our pride and self esteem?
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