Top official: Police unprepared for mass disaster
Zvi Lavi
Published: 28.01.08, 18:49
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1. is there anything the police IS ready for?
idan ,   haifa,israel   (01.28.08)
2. to #1 Yes. They are prepared for coffee breaks.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.28.08)
There are no cops in Israel. There is no one who is willing to enforce the law. All our tax money should be used for welfare,elderly immigrants,politicians traveling overseas,paying for medical treatment of palis. Anything,but protecting the taxpayers of Israel.Let's take in another shitload of african refugees.
3. A DNA database, hmm...
Joe Average ,   Basel, Switzerland   (01.28.08)
The police easily could use such a database for other purposes such as crime prosecution or surveillance. This could have an impact on privacy (rights) of Israels citizens. There is much controversy about such systems in many countries, where authoities plan to introduce them...
4. Unprepared
Count Dracula ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.29.08)
This article strikes me as strange. A few days ago there was a shortage of doctors, and ads were being placed in USA papers for same. Now a shortage of pathologists. I read daily here how israel is the greatest scientific center in the world. Some posters use large lists of Nobel prize winners. Some state that we would be without computers and television, etc. But not being able to train your own doctors? With this enormous store of technical talent. Something seems rotten, not in Denmark, but in Israel.
5. Why are you scaring public?
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.29.08)
Israel has to be alert and ready at all times for man made disasters (since we are still surrounded by enemies), which is our life, so what is new about massive earthquake? For your fears? Or for fears of some handful people so called scientists? Are scientist sure of what is coming tomorrow? Why they talk about the things may happen in next centaury or so? Government wants to prepare; she should do it in silence; and be ready, and repent for spending if nothing happens!
6. Police unprepared for Mass disaster
Millicent ,   Israel   (01.29.08)
So don't you think that it is about time that both the police, fire dept, and Homefront Command get ready for a Mass disaster situation? They need to be able to coordiante rescues, and help for the masses in such an emergency! They need to have the ability to communicate with each other by walkie talkie(something that the NYFD did not have on 9/11), they need to practice resuces together, and of course the Homefront residents need to have the information on hand as to what to do in an emergency as well! Very soon we must prepare for a mass casuality incident, if the World doesn't stop Iran from obtaining Nuclear weapons! Because Iran will try to wipe Israel off the Map , and then it will turn its hatred towards the West! The Iranian government is a threat to every non Muslim Nation on Earth!
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