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Israel becomes sushi mecca
Sarit Saradas-Trutino
Published: 28.01.08, 18:35
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1. sushi
Bonnie ,   New York, USA   (01.28.08)
Israel is not the only country that has sushi restaurants. We have a few sushi places in New York City. If they didn't exist, it really would be time to make Aliyah!
2. mercury is a big threat too.
3. In my time Sushi was herring and Chivas
Al   (01.28.08)
Today...all you modern peope want to eat other peoples dreck...Go eat that tinif. Give me herring any day!
4. sushi and grave threat
Bernie Schecter ,   J-M   (01.28.08)
Maybe you should read NYT (NY Times) about grave threat of Mercury concentration in the "kosher Tuna"!!! Does the health ministry check for this or is it too expensive to analyze????
5. wrong foreign workers to expell try looking closer home
mish   (01.28.08)
6. Expelling workers--what a terrible idea
George W ,   washington dc   (01.28.08)
If there's one part of the economy where you want to keep foreign workers, it's the restaurant business. You can 100% guarantee that the Israeli chefs who take over will not be as good as the Asians who have been cooking those foods their whole life. What paranoid loon decided that this is really necesary?
7. #1 - the article says ta is 3rd behind tokyo and nyc....
8. Can't be true!
Eric ,   Montreal   (01.28.08)
I can not beleive that Tel Aviv has more Sushi restaurants than cities such as San Francisco, Vancouver and Sydney with major Japanese populations and with Japantowns of their own! And what about Osaka? You want me to beleive that Japan's second largest city with the world's ninth largest metropolitan population has fewer sushi restaurants than Tel Aviv? What a joke! Tel-Aviv which I visit regularly can be proud of a large number of excellent restaurants, but Miss Saradas-Trutino, please let's not lose sight of reality here.
9. Israel is NOT the only place in the world with kosher sushi
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.28.08)
What a joke. New York has a plethora of kosher sushi places (probably more than Tel Aviv).
10. No. 8
Robert ,   Vermont, USA   (01.28.08)
The key term is "per capita." Let's read carefully here.
11. largest PER CAPITA
yaakov ,   israel   (01.28.08)
eric she said that TLV is the 3rd per capita... I bet Osaka has almost 20million habitants compared to tel aviv half million (or less).
12. Interesting policy of expulsion
Natan   (01.28.08)
The Russian prostitues can stay, but the Japanese chefs must go....How pathetic...
13. Don't send the good worker out
lisa ,   raanana, Israel   (01.28.08)
We need these sushi places. All you sushi lovers lets help them keep these people here.
14. Disgusting food it is...
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (01.28.08)
and as the saying goes: one is what one eats. Beteavon!
15. #10 & #11
Eric ,   Mntreal   (01.28.08)
I had indeed understood that it was per capita. But even that doesn't hold water when you talk aout a city like Osaka. Looks like you have never been to Japan. In Osaka (just like in Tokyo) almost every downtown street have not one but many sushi restaurants. And they do not just line up a given street, they also go upwards on floors. One ten story building I was at in Osaka had a different Japanese restauranat on every floor. It is actually amazing, there are so many that one is confused where to go. I maintain that this article is an exaggeration.
16. Toronto has several kosher sushi places.
Sushi Eater ,   Toronto Canada   (01.28.08)
17. Kosher sushi easily available in France
baruch ,   paris, france   (01.29.08)
"Israel is apparently also the only place in the world to feature kosher sushi restaurants," you write ? Shtuyot be mitz teriyaki ! There are of course kosher sushi places in Paris and Marseille, possibly in other French cities with large Jewish populations.
18. Right, Israelis are just chomping at the bits for these jobs
Ran   (01.29.08)
so they can take home a couple of thousand shekels per month, these government bureaucrats are so moronic, there are no words.
19. You can get kosher sushi in Moscow
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.29.08)
It's just raw fish wrapped in stinky seaweed. Ugh!.
20. sushi is definitely overrated
Cameron ,   USA   (01.29.08)
Women in particular dig on it because it is light fare & doesn't show on the arse or hips, but having to drag off on a date to chew on fish and eel and then get stuck with a big fat bill never helped my mood or wallet on a Friday night.
21. since when is shrimp part of our diet?
hanina   (01.29.08)
anyone look at the front picture?
22. We have sushi in boca
Mordechai   (01.29.08)
We have kosher sushi at 1 restaurant and at the kosher butcher and at a non kosher store that carries kosher items including sushi. But of course Israeli restaurants should only hire Israeli Jews. It's not that hard to make. We even used to have a Rabbi who made sushi here.
23. sushi
ed ,   us   (01.29.08)
Mr. Grossman was right about Sushi from the beginning. It still is disgusting overpriced rice.
24. Authentic Jewish sushi: bagels and lox
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.29.08)
25. #12: Thanks for pointing that out; #4: Non-kosher kashrut
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (01.29.08)
Rabbis employed in the business of kashrut are either showing their lack of conventional education and/or inventing "jobs" to look busy while being paid taxmoney. Where kosher laws were originally intended to protect health, there are plenty of examples of contrived "interpretations" that do anything BUT.
26. Sushi
Millicent ,   Israel   (01.29.08)
My whole family loves sushi so much that we've learned to make it at home and it tastes better than any Sushi we have had here in the Haifa area. My huband buys the fresh Salmon,Tuna at the supermarket, I make the special sushi rice with the correct flavor and it is like a little bit of Heaven here on earth! It is cheaper to make it at home and safer as you chose only the freshest ingredients. The recipe for the sushi rice is easily found on line or if anyone asks I can write it in a talk back !
27. Kosher Sushi
Orie ,   Toronto, Ontario   (01.29.08)
It is very easy to find kosher sushi in Toronto, with a number of restaurants and sushi stands offering it.
28. Sushi? - exaggerated fuss!
Raoul ,   Netanya, Israel   (01.29.08)
Never took to sushi - won't eat just because it's fashionable, and now it appears, according to the NY Times, there is a mercury threat eating quantities.
29. If you call that sushi...
Shifra ,   Tokyo, Japan   (01.30.08)
I don't blame the people who have showed disdain toward sushi since the vast majority of "sushi" sold outside Japan is not sushi and is barely edible. The fact that any city in Japan has more per capita consumption of Sushi than tel aviv, and the fact that there is Kosher "sushi" in plenty of cities outside Israel (New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto, etc.) just comes to show how ridiculously misinformed and downright dumb this article is...
30. sushis
emily ,   france   (01.30.08)
yes again , the article says " 3rd after Tokyo and New-York "....we noticed Nyc is a larger city than Tel-aviv . :) and enjoy sushis ...
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