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Israel becomes sushi mecca
Sarit Saradas-Trutino
Published: 28.01.08, 18:35
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31. stupid sushis
emily ,   france   (01.30.08)
the article says 3rd after tokyo and New-york , and its not about the quality of the food or its interest ...its only sushis after all.
32. Yes, but what of the recent strike?
Arieh Lebowitz ,   New York, USA   (02.12.08)
Yes, but "Israel's Asian restaurants went on a one-day spring roll strike on Tuesday in protest over government plans to rid kitchens of foreign chefs," 2008-02-12 [Reuters] SOURCE:
33. Sushi
millie ,   Israel   (02.12.08)
So make your own sushi it is easy and tastes great! We make the sushi rice ourselves,buy the fish and roll it ourselves it is actually fairly easy and fun,we even have parties to show friends how to do it! If anyone wants the recipe for the rice just ask in a talkback I'll be glad to share my recipe with you!
34. few sushi resturants made me headache
chup ,   Haifa,Israel   (05.20.08)
hi its haifa so few resturants of sushi and difficult to get desire sushi oouf i am tired of it now i think the only possibility to get sushi is prepared by myself. If someone knows about how to prepare then i will not have to round these resturants and headache myself. i want to get rid from
35. nothing wrong with making room fro israeli sushi chefs
dave ,   israel   (03.01.09)
as an israeli citizen its good that the country is sending the asians home to make room for sushi chefs like me to work and earn a decent living. I understand that the owners prefer to employ the asian's as they 'look' the part to make sushi. But it tastes the same if an israeli, american or a china man makes the sushi
36. Sushi in Vancouver
Nimrod Levy ,   North Vancouver, CA   (05.27.14)
Would like to pick a bone with the second statement. Vancouver, Canada has 227 Sushi restaurants and 650,000 people - giving it a higher sushi restaurant per capita than Tel Aviv. Even if considering Metropolitan Vancouver (2.3 million people; >600 Sushi places) vs. Metropolitan (Tel Aviv 1.3 million people; 100 sushi places?). Vancouver comes on top - by a lot. For the record, Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities in the world.
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