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Bush: US will 'confront' Iran if necessary
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Published: 29.01.08, 08:04
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1. Yes, Hail Hillary the all knowing..
Johnson ,   USA   (01.29.08)
Its all Bush's fault... Talk about more of the same, and failed policies... The Clinton adminstration was a joke, and failure in peacetime.. The world is at war peeps, and the return of the Clinton's is clearly not the answer.
2. a story
bobo ,   ........   (01.29.08)
three donkeys have one work to do .in the next day the first said .get up we have a lot work to do ,the second said prepare the biggest load to carry on my back .the third said sleep sleep it is still early to awake /i think he is the three in one
3. Bush keeps talking about "HOLYLAND"This is a Pal word
Alan ,   SA   (01.29.08)
I dont like this "Holyland" Jazz....If he means Israel and Palestine -he must use the appropriate terminology. Pals have a US company called Holyland something... for collecting money for Pals . Also there is a brand of Pitta bread called Holyland Pitta baked by Arab Bakery
4. He also said he wants a Pal State by the end of 2008.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (01.29.08)
This headline distracts from the statement that most certaintly bothered most Jews who heard the address. Iran was barely threatened. This article misses the focus completely.
5. Israel re-writes US Agenda, Again
new_york_loner ,   Rochester, NY   (01.29.08)
Bush's "tough talk" during his recent visit to Israel was aimed at ending Israel's intransigence at the peace table. All that toughness has since been softened and toned down. The goal has been reduced, from reaching an actual settlement of the conflict by year's end, to a much more modest quest. The language has been changed, the goal has been changed from establishing a Palestinian state by year's end, to defining the "contours" of a proposed, future Palestinian state by year's end. In other words, the viscious status quo will remain in place.. The Israel Lobby has re-written the American president's agenda, once again. I resent this self-serving, foreign intrusion into US policy formation; the national interests of the USA and those of the Jewish State are not congruent; we need a president who realizes that and acts accordingly. Obama may just be the guy for the job.
6. It's all about Israel
GRT ,   USA   (01.29.08)
Do Israelis ever even consider the USA or is it just what our president and our soldiers can do for you?
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