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A ‘Touch Away’ from HBO?
Published: 29.01.08, 12:14
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1. I don't understand the quote about HBO
Logic ,   Israel   (01.29.08)
HBO is in the entertainment business. How could selling the show to them not be a commercialized product?
2. open the shirt it :)
...   (01.29.08)
Ynet ! # 1 is right. I also dont understand anything from this article. you know I am joking, right ? am I ? I think so. what you think, reader ? atilla karagözoğlu :) PS : magazine news are better than politics news.
3. Henry David good luck again ! you're great
Miri B   (01.29.08)
4. Noa Tishby
Jake   (01.29.08)
I don't like to sound crude, but WHAT A BABE! Sha-winggggg!
5. it's just a fancy version of romeo and Juliet
if anything they should be sued, not bought out.
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