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Knesset recognizes Ethiopian Sigd as official holiday
Amnon Meranda
Published: 30.01.08, 17:46
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31. Jason weiss , afula
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.02.08)
As far i have read , wikipedia , thanksgiving day was celebrated in first place because this day those settlers landed there . Thus not Jewish related The Canadian day , has a far relation to souccoth . Yes , but then why only have thanksgiving day , there are plenty other christian feasts i think that are related to Jewish feasts or people , take only 25 th december . Regarding those Ethiopian Jews , are you smarter as Chief Rabbi Amar , who told the knesseth to bring all the Fala Shmura in ? Do you know better who is Jewish or who is'nt ? I can say to someone that he is not Jewish , all his writings are a proof , but not to a whole community as the Ethiopians are , because some of them are'nt maybe
32. I get so excited to see you #11 and #5 get slammed!
Ashenafi ,   Pittsburgh   (02.03.08)
Yeah, Knesset recognizes Ethiopian Sigd as official holiday - as it is said DONE! there! now you can go home and cry about it. I want to see your racist emotions and blut outcries fried like a fish! Next, what israel needs to do is drive out racist "jew" creatures like you and dump you some where in Tasmania. In few years, we will see our old and beautiful language, Amharic becoming a national language like hebrew.
33. Russians or Ethiopians
Russian Jew ,   Jerusalem   (02.03.08)
Some people want the Ethiopians to be sent back. Others say Ethipians are good, it's Russians who should go back. I am Russian Jew. I think Ethiopians are very good people and their girls are absolutely beautiful. I don't care if they are Jews or not. Hopefully soon I will be out of this country. You will continue your ugly debates without me.
34. reply to #18
pushkina ,   US   (02.04.08)
#18 Segd is different from Sukkot becuase what the Segd celebrates is the ingathering of all jewish peoples into the Land. it is celebrated as a strict fast day, 40 days after Kippur; it is a day spent not only in fasting but in supplicaiton to heaven to speedily bring all jewish souls back to the land to facilitate the messianic times. then after the sundown, celebrated with a priestly sacrfice with the community sharing the meat from the sacrificial meal. if you recall, there were three temples where sacrifices were prerfprmed before the romans destroyed jerusalem; i believe egypt (alexandria) and ethiopia. beta israel continued sacrifice until their most recent enounter with western jews in the 19th century. funny, that when prof. faitlovich went to ethiopia to 'observe' the 'black jews' found by the anglican missionaries, the beta israel refused to accept him as a jew becuase (as they put it) "there aren't anymore white jews left: they have all been murdered or disappeared (after the sabtai zvi problems)" imagine anyone being able to look at an ashkenazi jew and not be abl to see the 'jewish neshoma' in him...because of a skin color.....
35. What?????
Ephraim ,   Diaspora   (02.04.08)
Some of these talkbacks are really strange. Can any of you good Y'hudi out there tell me what G-d meant when He told Avraham, "I will make you the Father of MANY nations. (goyim)? It is time to throw away the cookie cutter.
36. #11
ben ,   london   (02.04.08)
you are very uneducated and mislead. refrain from spreading your lies please. the ethiopian jewish community is a warm and traditional one, who upheld their jewish identity through thick and thin. they are still an observant community. we can all learn alot from this beautiful people, i hope they go forward and realise their dreams in the land they desired.
37. People missing the point
Mike ,   SomeWhere OverHere   (02.04.08)
The main thing whether you are Ethiopian or not, whether you think "Sigd" is a legitimate Jewish holiday or not-is that it's a day off from work and school!
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