Minister: Opposition must apologize to PM in light of war report
Ynet reporters
Published: 30.01.08, 19:36
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1. Mr. Olmert, just resign and call it a day.....
David P. ,   Hartford USA   (01.30.08)
You had your chance and were proven to be not up to the task. Give someone else a chance. Someone else will work to protect Sderot. Someone else will get our kidnapped soldiers back without the wholesale release of every Jew-hating psychopath now in prison. Someone else will defend our right to live and pray in all Jerusalem.
2. Winograd - Apology to Olmert
jerold ,   US   (01.30.08)
lady Are you nutz ?! The report and comments by the Judge are very critical of Olmert and the government. The interim report was a catastrophe for him as well. Kadima OUT. The citizens must demand a new election and see that it happens FAST.
3. He's owed an apology for this ! - spin time!
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.30.08)
"The manner in which the original decision to go to war was made, without discussing the alternatives, and the manner in which Israel embarked on the war prior to determining which of the alternatives it had chosen, or an exit strategy - these were severe failures that impacted the entire war, which were contributed to by both the political and the military echelon," said Winograd. "The indecisiveness continued into the war itself," the retired justice continued. "There was no proper discussion or decision on the war's objectives for several weeks." "There was also a serious delay in preparing for a wide-scale ground operation, reducing Israel's options," he said. "The result was that Israel did not make do with maximizing immediate military achievements, but rather was dragged into a ground offensive only after a cease-fire [decision] made it impossible to effectively fulfill its potential. Both top military and political leaders are responsible for this."
4. Ruhama's pretty lies
eddie ,   London UK   (01.30.08)
Ruhama should focus on being a glamour model rather than a politician.
5. Ruhama of balila-la-la-land
Joe Citizen   (01.30.08)
Who is this shameless moron? These people have gotten too big for their knickers and don't understand just how much we want them the hell out, they're living in a fantasy world.
6. Olmert
marty ,   toronto canada   (01.30.08)
This momzer Olmert is going to hang on no matter how many people are calling for him to step down. It's up to the other parties in the govt to do the right thing and vote no confidence in the govt!
7. Dying ain't much of a livin'
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (01.30.08)
Dying for your country, contrary to the last words of Joseph Trumpledor, is NOTgood. It sucks! A lot! According to U.S. Army Gen.Geroge Patton, "make the other son of a bitch" die for HIS country. That's called winning. Close is OK in playing Horseshoes, and in handgrenades, and I suppose boardgames, but not in war. War is VERY serious business and should not be left to politicians; amatures, to play a sort of game of chess but where the pawns actually bleed and die. They (Olmert/Peretz/Halutz)went to war. A war that they did not win. Hezbollah won. There are no draws in war. Just winners and losers. Israel cannot lose a war. Even one, regardless of Olmert the Failed's tiring of winning. The fact that the Winograd Report highlights the foolish waste and lack of seriousness in the endeavor should be cause enough to place a pistol on Olmert the Failed's desk, no less politely asking him write the correct letter, notify his staff, file the appropriate insurance papers, collect his benefits and perqusites and just go home so that he may be forgotten. Is it not amazing that in this story, Peretz turns out to have the more honorable place at the table, having submitted his resignation and gone home with a remnant of dignity. Not so Olmert the Failed.
8. Ruhama's chutzpah
Shai ,   IL   (01.30.08)
Apologies? No way. Olmert set up this commission on his own. He refused to permit a completely independant review board. As far as I'm concerned, this Commission's decision not to issue personal recommendations has as its source the way this commission was selected. More, I think that it's strange that the government is not interested in the opinion of the citizens when it comes to making decisions, so why is it that suddenly this Commission won't do the public's "dirty work" and push Olmert and his government out of office? Why suddenly do they want the "public" to do it themselves? Why suddenly is it so important to hear _our_ voices? Let's call a spade a spade. This commission is a kisuy tachat (butt cover) for the current government, and the opposition owes no apologies to anyone, least of all Olmert and his government. We know no more now than we did then - we learned everything their reporting on now from the newspapers. Commissions are not supposed to be there to inventory what went wrong and right. They are there to make recommendations, set up ways to confirm the recommendations are followed, and to send those who can't govern professionally packing. They failed on each count.
9. Beilin and Gal-On are ones to talk
Jake   (01.30.08)
They should resign from politics altogether, being the failures that they are.
10. Gideon reader I would add: Olmert whistled Dixie
Jake   (01.30.08)
when he should have pulled them pistols. Olmert 's line was , "We are tired of winning." Peretz' line was, "I will make Nasrallah never forget my face". Yeah, whatever. When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
11. The only apology should be that ...
Bruno ,   Haifa   (01.30.08)
we're sorry we didn't throw you out after the interim report! If for no other reason, Olmert should resign because of the smirk on his face while being given the report. It's sheer chutzpah for him to stay in office for even one minute longer.
12. apology
Marcel   (01.30.08)
Hell can freeze over before I would apologize to this grovelling coward. sleezebang and appeaser.Israel is tired of winning and so Olmert lost the lebanon war and will continue to lose wars. Ramon amd Hasson can all go to hell, the liers that they are.
13. An appology
Jack ,   USA   (01.30.08)
Every day there is another rocket attack Olmert should beg for forgiveness, it is a fundamental responsibility of a govt. to protect there populations, To even suggest Olmert is not guilty og this is folly. He should have invaded Gaza, he should have sent more troops sonner in Lebanon, and when these terror leaders make threats he should take them out. Simple as that Olmert and his defeatest cronys must go now. New elections to be called. This Media spin is an embarassment, you should be ashamed of your party, you leaders do not lead they capitulate.
14. One more thing
Jack ,   USA   (01.30.08)
When you give weapons to the enemy, and they use against your populations its as though you pulled the trigger yourself, Appologize to the Israeli people for even talking about giving into to the terrrorists. Shame on Kadima,Shame on Olmert, Livini and yes on barak, he should have left and Shame on Shas for remaining.
15. Yes, there is fault with the opposition but ...
David ,   Karmiel   (01.30.08)
Olmert MUST go. If not for his ineptness during the war it is definitely his neglect of the country during the school and university strikes! PM Olmert, there are all sorts of excuses for one's failings but lack of common sense is inexcusable! You have allowed the Treasury to run this country and we did not vote them into power! Mr. Olmert. be a mensch and resign before you do the country, your party and us the people who voted for Kadmiah any more harm!
16. It gets worse as people have time to read it!
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.30.08)
'Army's values compromised' Winograd Commission probe into 2006 Second Lebanon War determines IDF went into battle against Hizbullah unprepared, put soldiers' safety over operational needs. 'There is room for personal accountability,' report says The devil is in the detail!! Mike
17. Fix what?
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.30.08)
18. An Apology????
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (01.30.08)
The only Apology that should be given is from Olmert- to the Jewish People, worldwide for his corruption, mismanagement, lies, incompetence, the harm and death he has brought on the people of Israel. He owes an apology for disgracing the office of Prime Minister, and to the families of the soldiers who died, and to the people of Sderot.
19. Opposition will apologise,as soon as
Disgusted Citizen ,   Somewhere out there   (01.31.08)
The opposition should oppologise,as soon as she pulls her nose out of Olmert's butt.
20. The Lady is an.....................
Yossi Saar ,   Haifa Israel   (01.31.08)
Good leaders know when it's time to go. And not hang around like a bad smell. Olmert and his buddies should pack up and go.We have had a gutfull of their lies,spin,incompetence,and their shady deals.Go Olmert Go.
21. I apologise
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.31.08)
I apologize for Olmerts failures. I apologize to the world for letting this disgusting selfish criminal, named Olmert, ruin this beautiful country, cause death to our people and give way sacred land. It will be rectified but it looks like we will have to drag him out kicking and screaming!
colin   (01.31.08)
Yes the opposition must apologise to the nation why it the opposition did not get rid of the corrupt incompatant government before the lose of soldiers lives.
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