Hizbullah: Winograd report confirms IDF was defeated in Lebanon
AFP and Ynet
Published: 30.01.08, 22:12
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1. Hundreds of dead Hizbullah fighters. South Beirut destroyed
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.30.08)
That, my friends, is Hizbullah's victory!
2. Rot
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.30.08)
NO ONE FIGURED IT ,   ..............DACON9   (01.30.08)
4. this man is talking to himself.
mira ,   israel   (01.30.08)
5. to #3 - Names with numbers in them are worse than Nasrallah
A ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.08)
6. for the record, "failed" does not mean "lost"
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.30.08)
i'm sure even lying nasrallah can't deny his hizbullah boys were kicked all across south lebanon without much resistance.
7. Where is Hezbollah's "Winograd"?
Wendy in Chicago   (01.30.08)
No, the IDF won, but just didn't accomplish total defeat of Hezbollah. However, it did accomplish the feat of making the Arabs not take Israel's response for granted. And all of Israel won in an open inquiry of self-critique - concepts completely foreign to the Arabs.
8. don't people get it?
if you need reports, and poles and opinions and all that other crap to "prove" a victory, then it just means that no body won. do you think that post WWII Japan and USA had a pole or a report? no, because the outcome was frigging clear at these wars. when the outcome is ambivalent like here, then the tax payer's money is put to waste on crap like reports.
9. why bother with this again?
just play repeats from the day the half report came out and say it's new footage. i mean we all know what hizbala's gonna say anyway, so why waste time saying it over and over?
10. It is a failure because..NEXT TIME THE COST WILL BIGGER.
11. The same judges imposed restraint
Michel ,   IL   (01.30.08)
Here you have a bunch of leftist judges compiling a damaging report, on the other hand the same judges restrain the Army in their daily operations. The report failed to mention that the Hizbullah animals hide in residential areas and fired rockets indiscriminately against civilian residential hubs. The report failed to mention that if the Israeli ignored the international law as arabs do, Beirut would have turn into ashes, without risking the life of one single soldier. The report also failed to mention that the world is still a racist anti jewish society. They will take no action on hizbullah firing indiscriminately, but they will stick cameras and observers from human rights groups to the ass of every Israeli soldier. Israel should feel free to act by any means. Who cares if the world end up paying $100 per gallon of petrol. My Winigrad report is that everybody kisses arabs' ass for crude oil.
12. Hez can crow all they like: 3rd war will be their last.
Scott   (01.31.08)
When the next time comes around , I certainly doubt there will be as many failures - on both sides. Ultimately, however, it just means Israel will need to apply massive force with far greater devastation and destruction. Hez and co. are a cancer and they will be destroyed one way or another at absolutely huge cost to all concerned. Cornering Israel into a big war is not a smart thing to do...but their enemies aren't known for that kind of intelligence.
13. Message to Nasrallah
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.31.08)
What you are not able to see is that Israel won as far as giving you a lesson you will NEVER forget, so that you will NEVER again dare making a false move against Israel .! Where Israel lost is with respect to her OWN high military standards which Israelis are accustomed to see. But this kind of self criticism is something you could not even understand.
14. #1 1200 civilian but not even 70 fighters.,,
Mamud ,   lebanon   (01.31.08)
Your PM after he smelled the defeat in the war he became a wounded bull who wanted to make as much damage as he can. in sep 11 america lost more than 3000 civilian because they were an easy target , same happened to Lebanon, usually your army shows the pictures of the killed fighter, where is pics of hundreded of fighters. That was some narcotics given to you by the army and the gov to give you some hope in hopeless war.
15. #14 Mamud
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (01.31.08)
While it was not a victory for Israel I'm not sure it qualifies as a victory for Hezballah either. Nasrallah himself admitted the mistake after seeing Israel's reaction. Southern Lebanon took some pretty big hits, and now get's to have guests (UN forces) living amongst them. I'd say this report is not good news for Hizballah, as no Israeli politician will tolerate another failure.
16. Israel has won EVERY war
Myackie ,   austin, TX   (01.31.08)
when your enemy's objective is to completely destory you...and you're still here...then YOU have won. Arabs have tried and tried to destory Israel and Israel still exists...thus, Israel has WON and will win every war. and #14 everyone who was killed in Lebanon...deserved it. You cowards permitted Hizbollah to operate DESERVED worse!
17. Even the Philistines celebrated victory at Beth Sha'an
Jake   (01.31.08)
Saul and his men were facing miltary defeat at the hands of the Philistines at Gilboa, and fell on their swords. The men of Israel on the other side of the valley panicked and abandoned whole cities. The Philistines celebrated their 'divine victory', desecrating the body of Saul and fastening it to the wall at Beth Shan. Afterwards, David received his 'Winograd report', and lamented on Israel's defeat: "Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon, lest the daugher of the Philistines rejoice." The ill fortune continued under Saul's successor Ish-Bosheth until the 'transfer of the kingdom from the house of Saul, and to set up the throne of David over Israel and over Judah, from Dan even to Beer-sheba'. And when the Philistines heard that David was anointed king of Israel, they went to confront him at the Valley of Rephaim. And the rest, as they say, is history.
18. With all due respect, Mamud, #14
Jake   (01.31.08)
You are treading on rather thin ice when you mention September 11, or about the targetting of civilians. Remember the 260 US marines sleeping in their barracks in Beirut? Remember the JCC and Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires? Remember Khobar Towers? Your poster boy Imad Mughniyah and Hizbullah were the 'A team' of terrorism when al Qaeda was still learning how to shoot at bottles with air pistols.
19. I don't know how this guy gets so much
robin ,   israel   (01.31.08)
free media time. It's like letting the Boston Strangler advertise on T.V. and terrorize his victims before he sets out. This guy won't even do the minimum towards the kidnapped soldiers, according to the Geneva convention, yet he enjoys a position of legitimate political power in Lebanon. His only strength lies in terror and hiding behind the scenes. He clearly has no legitimacy in even the most minimum forum, why give him space?
20. Amazing
Cameron ,   USA   (01.31.08)
Boasting & crowing from a roach who scuttled off as fast as he could to hide in the Persian embassy when the knives were drawn? Why do these mighty Islamic warriors & leaders always seem to have such a pathetic, sorry-ass quality to them?
21. Israel is chosen...but for what?
mike ,   so cal, USA   (01.31.08)
Only an ignorant person could believe that Israel isn't unique amongst all the nations on this planet and throughout the history of man. There are 192 nations, 57 of which are islamic. But there is only ONE Jewish nation. Reborn. They were chosen by God to reveal the laws of God, to provide a Savior for all mankind, and to be a sign unto all the nations of the world. Israel is unique in that it had a choice between blessings and curses. They chose disobedience and have suffered horribly through all the ages. But this doesn't change God's faithfulness to man. It only reinforces it. For God will again redeem His people Israel and save them from the world that rages in wrath. "I will come again!" Jesus. And it's sooner than you think. Be ready, watchful, and wise.
22. Nasrallah
Bob ,   Hurst   (01.31.08)
If this guy could suck as hard as he blows, Damascus Syira would be a seaport
23. you didnt win either, fat boy
eric shoenberg ,   NJ USA   (01.31.08)
covering the spread isnt a win. its called doing better than expected. if that feels like winning to you, how sad it is to have such low standards in life
24. israeli defeat
marcel   (01.31.08)
Hassan, you are correct about Olmert being incompetent and on the way out regardless of his asskisser Ramon painting the picture of Olmert making the right decisions yet leaving out the fact that winograd said nothing was achieved. So Olmert celebrates achieving nothing. Hassan,listen, I have good news for you. As soon as Olmert will be replaced, you and Kassem will be targeted 24/7 and you will get a chance to meet your 70 virgins. Israel did not win but neither did you. Next time, your fighters be put to sleep and then eliminated. Good luck and praise to you Hassan for special insight on Olmert who is a total buffoon.Inshallah!
25. Lebanon 2 Mirrored Gulf War 1 but Thank G-d Olmert will not
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.31.08)
Lebanon 2 Mirrored Gulf War 1 but Thank G-d Olmert will not start a dynasty. After Iraq invaded Kuwait and committed unspeakable attrocities, George Bush Sr. went to war and kicked Iraq out of Kuwait. The highway north was a shooting gallery as Americans destroyed thousands of vehicles and killed countless Iraqi soldiers. The the real core of Saddam's powerbase was the Republican Guard and after 100 hours George Bush Sr. hit the stop button on his remote and let the Republican Guard escape. Saddam's definition of success in the war was measured by who survives. George Bush was heavily defeated in the polls and booted out of office while Saddam survived - SADDAM WON. In the end George Bush Jr had to go back and finish the job that his father failed at so miserably. Olmert on the other hand undermined IDF and Israel's security during Lebanon 2. He pushed the Stop button on his remote after 34 days and did not achieve the goals of the war - the release of Goldvasser and Regev. Furthermore he agreed to UN troops which did little or nothing to stop the re-arming of Hezbollah in South Lebanon or anything else for that matter. Olmert lost and will also be destroyed in the next elections. Thank G-d we will never see Olmert or Olmert Jr. in Israeli politics ever again.
26. #14 70 fighters... in your dreams
Demetrius Kanelos ,   Athens, Greece   (01.31.08)
Hizballah like most Arab countries and organization is not grounded in reality. They clearly lost close to 1000 fighters and they clearly had HUGE loses. Both in beirut and all their bases in southern lebanon. By the way, your english sucks.
27. Silver lining
Adam ,   Herndon, VA - USA   (01.31.08)
An army that can criticize itself this honestly and painfully is an army that will continue to adapt and ultimately win. Israel is a role model for its courage and foresight in this regard.
28. "Blistering defaet" or democratic open society
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (01.31.08)
The muslim enemies are most likely not even understanding their opponents strength. They have chosen their enemy, Israel has not chosen to be the enemy of them. The strength of an open society publicising a report like this for the whole world to read just shows the enormous strength of the israeli, and in the end the jewish value system. Israel can afford to make this report publicly available. When your ethics are right, what harm does it do? None. The one who can face the hard facts publicly is excessively strong. Thankyou Israel for truely being a light upon the nations, showing the way for the rest of us. Noone is stronger than you - and is there anyone, any nation, any group or any anything more worthy of being the moral beacon for everyone.
29. Israel failed to destroy south Lebanon
with Arabs there ,   is always next time   (01.31.08)
30. 14, when has idf EVER shown pictures of killed fighters?
the only reason to show a picture of a dead fighter is if he's an important figure (like hussein's sons, etc) it would be pretty rediculess to go around with a camera for every fighter killed, don't you think? plus, Israel wasn't the one who came up with the "hundreds" figure, it was some international org, that's in charge of this sort of stuff. in short, you fail.
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