Reserve soldiers say Olmert 'lacks moral authority', must resign
Rony Lifshitz
Published: 31.01.08, 00:52
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1. Why Olmert must go
Frank ,   Canada   (01.31.08)
Olmert must go because Israel is a country at war, so a loser weakens the country. Moreover, after his personal failure, Olmert is likely to be reluctant to take military whenever it will be required and this can damage permanently Israel safety. But above all, a leader of a country at war must have the necessary legitimacy and confidence to run the country and the military. For all these reasons, he must go.
2. Olmert go home!
Avraham ,   Western Negev   (01.31.08)
You are a failure & a disgrace to Israel.
3. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (01.31.08)
4. After next 48 hours they will feel themself as donkey's...
Mike ,   London   (01.31.08)
5. ohlmert
sad ,   israel   (01.31.08)
6. very simple and clear
nor ,   jerusalem   (01.31.08)
the militants and terror groups do the kill to force their openion on the others if it is fair or not .it is the same system of the idf go to war to kill to force the others to change their openion // and in all it is terror or defending the selfe or it is a war or it is for the democracy or any name but sure all is failed as if the rights of all the people is the same if they have the weopons only // no negotiation // like fath and hamass but here fath depends on the force of idf //very sad but true
7. politicians have "moral" authority?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.31.08)
that's a new one. could we have maybe the names of some israeli politicians who have this moral authority?
8. Olmert / Miluinikim
Jacques Heller ,   Modiin, Israel   (01.31.08)
The report is a clear call for immediate elections. This is the only democratic way to decide about our future leaders, after so many vital failures and poor judgment. We are faced with immediate and medium term challenges and decisions that cannot be in the hands of people who have proved to lack the right decision making capabilities in crucial times. If Ehud Barak and Eli Ishai do not push now for new elections, they will prove to be cynical politicians without moral stature. This is not what we need now. The fate of our future is in their hands. If they fail, they will pay in the next elections. The public will remember.
9. following orders from an immoral government
chaim grosz ,   miami beach usa   (01.31.08)
I pose this question, can a citizen army ignore Orders emanating from a morally bankrupt political entity that does not have the trust of 90+ percent of the citizens, the only reason these ineffective persons are still in power is through taking advantage of an inherent corrupt system. What is apparent that at this critical time Israel is without a credible government
10. #7
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.31.08)
I think by "moral authority" they mean that a man who sent hundreds to their death for no apparent reason and for no result while his own children live safely in Paris should quit.
11. Lacks Moral Authority
Asher ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.08)
What Lacking, What Morals. That doesn't stop the PEOPLE, That Didn't stop the People & Will not Stop the People, to continue voting into POWER these Criminals. SO STOP WHINING. DEMAND ELECTIONS & VOTE FOR REAL LEADERS.
12. Reserve Soldiers Must NEVER Give Up Their Siege
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.31.08)
The most damning aspect of the report-despite ALL the spin to the contrary-is that the Olmert regime is unfit to send Jewish sons and daughters into battle. The fact that the regime has NO strategic goals, and that it ties the hands of the military leaders in all its encounters with the enemy, is enough of a reason for soldiers to be afraid of their leaders total lack of judgment. Nowhere is it written that a people have to be the sacrificial lambs of their leaders ineptitude. IF Israel is to survive its citizens must have full faith in its leaders, both political and military. Further, since the leaders are so afraid of the increased level of draft dodging, they would do well to conclude that the problem will grow exponentially if Olmert is NOT removed, in addition to several high placed military commanders.
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