Hebron: IDF soldiers expose themselves to Palestinians
Ali Waked
Published: 03.02.08, 22:20
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31. Thank God I really needed comic relief
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (02.03.08)
"MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) said the footage was "Abu Ghraib prison (in Iraq), IDF-style… the soldiers of any occupation are immoral by definition, but the IDF soldiers who exposed themselves have long been stripped of their humane values. "It's not surprising that this vile act happened in the (West Bank city of) Hebron. The Israeli society should be shamed by this footage, especially the families who raised such monsters," added Tibi. " If you don't think this is the funniest thing you've ever read, go to hell.
32. Hmmm. Mooning...Let's see what countries did 100 times worse
Michael ,   Petach Tikva   (02.03.08)
America-Abu Gharib America-incedent that happened on August 4, 2007, where 4 US soldiers were found "guilty of rape and murder in the slayings of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and her family" Canada-brutal murder (and torture) of 3 Somalis durin 1992-1993 "peacekeeping" I'm glad this is all they can find Israel guilty of. Shows that Israel has the most moral army in the world. The worst things they do are still not good, but they are no worse than childish behavior.
33. as far as i'm concerened
oded   (02.03.08)
they were looking in the mirror..........
34. Peace activists
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (02.03.08)
Oh the Brutality Rofl if that would be worse thing Arabs ever did to Jews.These so called activists are a Joke.
35. Victory
campbell ,   London   (02.03.08)
This is another victory to the occupiers of Jerusalem
David   (02.03.08)
HAYEM ,   JERAUSALEM   (02.03.08)
38. Another Class Act by the IOF
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.03.08)
Wouldn't it have been funny if somewhere among those lowly Palestinian shepards there really had been one of those Palestinian terrorists Israelis are so apt to whine about? A Palestinian with a sniper rifle? I bet that cowardly IOF soldier would be speaking with a high effeminate voice right now!
39. Inappropriate and unprofessional
Jakov   (02.03.08)
IDF should look into and investigate it. It looks really bad for the image of the country and its services for people to be doing this. I don't really find it funny at all. Juvenile is actually quite a correct term to describe the behavior. And it's really inappropriate anywhere anytime, by anyone.
40. I Am Totally Devestated! How Can Arabs Ever Recover
From Such An Insult? ,   Maritta USA   (02.03.08)
41. Bottoms in the wind
Saber Ayoub ,   Yafa   (02.03.08)
A bare bottom should be the logo of this satanic Army.
42. Lucky soldiers because their rear ends have not been sniped
Arabic observer   (02.03.08)
Lucky soldiers because their rear ends have not been sniped but it is one of Israeli good side that shows the bad side and deal with it or at least critisize while in the arab world the army is a holy system based on no self critism or you are dead because of critisizing someone higher than you.
43. nice technique IDF
YA ,   UK   (02.03.08)
but might be dangerous for your health. Might get cold. How about posters? Start with models competition Best Buns IDF (female) Best Buns IDF (male) And continue with copyright competition: "Freedom for Palestine my arse" "IDF - never got kicked" "Revealing Zahal's intimate secrets" "Freshly wiped by Geneva convention" and so on.
44. #20, totally agree
Yoel ,   raanana   (02.03.08)
First, I think this article is irrelevant, since it has nothing to do on Top News... In France, we call this "rubrique des chien écrasés"; litterally articles concerning dogs crashed by cars. it seems there are no important news in Israel... but I really have a bad impression Ynet does everything to bring Leftists on Top News. I personnally think our soldiers are also Youngsters, and some of them like joking. They didn't harm anyone, and I can't imagine it was a shock to palestinians. And if it was, I would never mind, since it's not shocking for them killing a Jew.
45. Maybe they belong to the gays parade
46. disproportionate force
jw ,   SE USA   (02.03.08)
They turned stupid into ridiculous. Comparing this to abu garib is more ridiculous than some abu garib stories themselves(women wearing lingerie as "torture"?). How do I know they weren't mooning the Christian "peace worker" escorting possible Muslims while looking for "Jew crimes"? They're "monsters"? I'd rather see a rear end than have rocks thrown at me. They're really grasping for sympathy today. This part of the world is just too much. Let's see them try to film in Burma, Arabia, Sudan or Somalia and complain.
47. exposing themselves
arab nation   (02.03.08)
the soldiers in israel army are inhuman and they insult all of islam this is a insult they do everyday also at the roadblocks and to our women
48. preposterous media
Dave ,   Herzliya   (02.03.08)
These soldiers were idiots and need to be punished. But how does Ynet say "exposed their rear ends to Palestinians in an attempt to make them evacuate nearby grazing fields" Someone is desperate for a lead story...
49. Butts or Kassams?
Scott ,   NY, USA   (02.03.08)
50. intended target
JW ,   USA   (02.03.08)
Reading this story, and looking at the photos, I see a solider making the American "peace" sign with his hands. As I don't recall the day that it was decided that someones behind was a weapon that results in mass evacuations, as claimed, I can only conclude that this was intended at the oddly strange "peace activists". Unless they were INVISIBLE and it was a HIDDEN camera! The aim is very clear from the angles. I also find it very hard to believe that Palestinian settlers need protection from peaceniks holding camcorders.
51. Are we that naive???
Natan   (02.03.08)
Who are you kidding?? Are we to believe that they exposed their butts so the Arabs will evacuate??? This is such bullshit. First, did you see any Arab sheppards in the video???I did not.. Is it possible that the soldiers exposd their butts to the TV crew???
52. palestinian police officers were OBLIGED
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (02.03.08)
Am not surprised of an act like this from israeli soldiers occupying my land but what makes me shocked are the talkbacks defending those str* stupid is everyone trying to defend them..palestinian police officers were OBLIGED to get out of jericho'sheadquarters in their underwears & now those who OBLIGED them to do so are showing their rear ends :-) maybe those 2 soldiers can grab their rear ends pix & put them on their facebook :-) how disgusting!!
53. Mooning
Edithann ,   USA   (02.03.08)
Is this what that 'Light Unto Nations' was supposed to be? You not only steal their lands and wall them into cantons..but you all think it's fun to moon them too?.. Is that the legacy of 3000 years?
54. Ynet, I hope you're kidding!
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.03.08)
Seriously, do you have any idea how silly this story is and how farfetched it sounds? While looking at the video, all I see are two soldiers doing their toilet business and a pervert with a camera that has nothing better to do with his worthless life. "Exposed their rear ends to Palestinians in an attempt to make them evacuate nearby grazing fields," that just sounds ridiculous. Fortunately, the majority of your readership know what is going on, which can't say much about your staff that has a combined IQ of a raisin.
55. Not the first time
Voyer   (02.03.08)
The last 2 soldiers who did that got captured by Hezbollah.
56. Showing where the brain sits
Ehud   (02.03.08)
Entirely fits the current state of IDF, seeking new low grounds.
57. To 47 arab nation Well let's see here.
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (02.03.08)
arabs saw people's heads off with dull knives and video tape it for the pride of Islam to view, they stone people to death and use gang rape to punish transgressors of the Muslim ethos. And you have the unmitigated GALL to slam a few Israeli soldiers for mooning you. Typical arab bullshit! Hypocrites one and all of you
58. #54 YNet staff have the IQ of a raisin... LOL
Nannette ,   London   (02.03.08)
Etoile, that's so true! YNet do everything to demean and debase Jews and everything possible to prop up and distribute terrorist propaganda. They completely underestimate the rest of the world who see the whole truth that's not shown by the antiJewish, anti-Israel Israeli media.
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (02.03.08)
me ,   here   (02.03.08)
It's the only way they can earn respect.
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