2nd letter received from Gilad Shalit
Roni Sofer
Published: 04.02.08, 09:08
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1. i have an idea.....
shori   (02.04.08)
until we get Gilad Shalit there is no any visits of palestinians in our prison. the palestinians must to understand that the currency there is 2 sides. and after that we will see......the response from them!
2. Olmert is sentencing innocent Israels to death.
Sidney ,   USA   (02.04.08)
Every member of his government and Knesset who does not oppose this plan even if it means bringing down the government is also guilty of murder. Past experience shows that killers kill again. If only those who will die could mount a public campaign to save their lives like the campaign of Schalit's father to kill them. It is disgusting!
3. What a "fraerim" you Israeli-next they send 2 U his sock's??
Mike ,   London   (02.04.08)
4. Release more murderers ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.04.08)
So Olmert can claim credit for Shalit's release. There is no limit to the depths our politicians will sink for political advantage.
5. Still Praying
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (02.04.08)
When Gilad was kidnapped, the Lord told me I was to pray for him. I have prayed every day that this man will be released. I stand with him, and ask the Lord to protect, encourage and deliver him from his enemies.
6. #1 I have better idea
Ali ,   Gaza   (02.04.08)
you release all prisoner you have and Hamas release Shalit and stopthis Dilema.
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