Hamas: Dimona attack a 'heroic act'
Ali Waked
Published: 04.02.08, 13:26
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1. suicide bombers- the ultimate cowards
eric shoenberg ,   NJ USA   (02.04.08)
amazing that a culture would search for self esteem in such a cowardly, pathetic, mentally weak way.
2. Heroic act at Dimona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (02.04.08)
Since when killing an innocent Israeli woman is a heroic act? Since ,some brainwashed idiot has to die for it. Israel should eliminate not the brainwashed but the brainwashers. Salafi Islam is the head of the snake. (Read, the development of Cihadist `s mind, by Tawfik Hamid).
3. Barak, keep promessing to quit.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (02.04.08)
The one thing that Israelis beleive is that terrorists will continiue to attack more and more towns in Israel . And that the Olmert government will retaliate (Sic) by releasing more and more terrorists with blood in their hands.
4. begin the transfers
jack bauer ,   its the only way   (02.04.08)
5. murder is an act of cowardice.
aa ,   jersualem   (02.04.08)
6. three Palestinian terrorist organizations
israeli ,   israel   (02.04.08)
bragging about killing an innocent woman in a shopping mall. This is the beautiful face of the 21st century "freedom fighter". My heart goes out to the victim's family. May you never know sorrow again. Speedy recovery to the injured.
7. stop putting peace process above protection
zionist forever   (02.04.08)
The Olmert regime has been putting a higher priority on the peace process and supporting the so called moderate Abbas than is put into defending Israelis. Why doesnt he take those hundreds of millions of palestian tax money and use it to strenghen Israel from palestian rocket attacks & suicide bombers. We need a compitent government and we need it now
8. "Heroes" murder woman and commit suicide like cowards!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.04.08)
... yes, they are cowards as they are afraid to face the consequences - being shot by the Army, Police or rotting in jail. Yes - I agree. These "heroes" are nothing more than common murderers who are drugged before commiting suicide. There is nothing glorious about murdering civilians and then trying to evade justice by committing suicide. Suicide bombing is the NOT ultimate act of cowardice. This "honor" belongs to those who actually send others to murder and be killed. THEY are the ultimate cowards!
9. to 1
The real cowerds those who hunger civilans and cut food , powe and water from them because they couldn't defeat some fighters they punished inocent people and this is nothing new like your IDF couldn't defeat Hizballah they killed thousend civilians .... now drink from the same cup you gave to the Palistinians .
10. Just heard the leader of the PRC caught an IDF rocket
Cameron ,   USA   (02.04.08)
If true, congratulations to the IDF for putting the bite on that evil toad.
11. Who cares?
Yessir Ibn Badkarma ,   Kanwait   (02.04.08)
If the Israeli government doesn't care about protecting its citizens, which has been proven time and time again, why should anyone care?
12. What did abu momzer condemn in Dimona?
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (02.04.08)
Abu Bluff speaks with a forked tongue as the Indians used to say, his arabic and english speeches never match they are always the opposite of one another. What he really condemned in Dimona was that we shot the other terrorist not that the first terrorist succeeded! Israeeli agression of the occubation!
13. Current proposals like the Road Map are totally unworkable a
Harold Lane ,   Tel Aviv   (02.04.08)
Considering the fact that the only possible relations between the Muslims and the non-Muslims are war or a limited ceasefire, it follows that the word "peace" should be deleted from Israel's lexicon as well as the notion of peace with the Arabs as a viable, political possibility. The maximum that Israel can aim for is a limited ceasefire or an armistice, taking into consideration that the Arab side will violate it at any time, as the Palestinians have been proving on a daily basis since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993. The solution to the Israelo-Arab problem should be find elsewhere as explained at :
14. # 9 - More fanatical and self-deluding Islam ramblings....
The Doc ,   haifa, Israel   (02.04.08)
..."some fighters" who are shooting rockets into civilians because they are afraid to confront the IDF at the border. Don't talk to us about "cowerds" - Islam invented cowardice and disinformation - Hudna being based on those principles - "if you are about to lose the war, make temporary peace with the enemy until you are strong enough to beat him". So no "heroics" and no "freedom fighters" - just a bunch of cowards shooting at civilians and hiding behind children and women becaue they don't have the balls to fight with the army face to face... and yes, Hezbollah really won that war (after "heroically" kidnapping two soldiers and breaching the international border) ! As a result, they lost Dahanie and 800 terrorists (despite the fact that they were using civilians as himan shields) while Nasrallah "heroically" hid like a sewer rat for two years! Are you sure that you want more of those "victories"?? But as usual you're deluding yourselves and in the process destroying yourself andf your future - that's fine with us!
15. Hamas: Attack a 'heroic act' (???????)
Arthur ,   Israel   (02.04.08)
Most cowardly one according to world standard, Only Muslims like you can do it; also have praises for it!!!! (Are you Muslims? You are spoiling ‘Koran’s' image!) Haniyeh; why don't you fight face to face? Alternatively, why don't you come yourself with the explosive belt?
16. Israel Needs To Be Committing "Heroic" Acts!
David ,   Marietta USA   (02.04.08)
And the more heroic, the better.
17. # 7 Is there a way to lose Olmert soon?
Petra ,   usa   (02.04.08)
if so, may I suggest Israel get with it?
18. this act defies heroism and highlights
jared ,   orlando us   (02.05.08)
the cowardice and hatred which permeate hamas thinking Heroes dont throw their lives away and take as many civilians with them as possible to achieve political or religious ends. Heroes would much rather live for the ends they seek.
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