Dimona bombing victim identified
Yonat Atlas
Published: 05.02.08, 00:27
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1. very sad day. makes me sick to the stomach
me ,   tel aviv   (02.04.08)
2. I'm crying
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.05.08)
My heart reaches out towards her and her family. Hero of Israel.
3. Lovely woman and her poor husband
rachel ,   chutz for now   (02.05.08)
Please may all the world FINALLY see what is REALLY happening? Israeli are not AGRESSORS. Israeli are victoms of collective punishment for too long. Pray for all those innocents and for the country and for chayalim.
AVINU ,   Galut   (02.05.08)
My heart goes to all my Brothers & Sisters in Dimona .
5. It's Lyubov. Means "love" in Russian.
Avraham ,   NYC   (02.05.08)
6. They were soldiers in the IDF, justifying attack!
Robert Malley ,   Washingtin DC   (02.05.08)
signed: Robert Malley Clinton Advisor on Middle East
7. attack
colin   (02.05.08)
The people cry for the loss of another innocent woman.The arabs say they rejoice by handing out sweets witch they get from the EU. The corrupt leadership in the knesset only think of staying in power to obtain more perks without thought for these woman killed by the rediculas decisions.The nation cries for the innocent.
8. Pathetic
Ash ,   USA   (02.05.08)
Your comments are funny! How about the babies and elderly who are daily dying due to the israeli seizure in Gaza. Its sad for this woman to die but the israeli government is to blame because by its actions is raising a generation full of hate toward anything Jewish.
9. I guess...
Micha   (02.05.08)
this 73 year old woman, god rest her soul, was a huge threat to arabs around the world. May the arab world quake in fear, wondering what the Jews will do to them in this next century. For all the hardship you gave us, we are going to give you 100x. This century will not be known for happiness in the arab world.
10. How that will be possible to change 1400 years culture of te
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (02.05.08)
Build the walls all around them and isolate them with the civilize world other wise we will see that kind of barbarians acts more and more Log on what Really Happened In The Middle East - Terrorism Awareness Project
11. Dimona Suicide Bombing
Kevin Bowen ,   Nampa, Idaho USA   (02.05.08)
I read the horrible news about the Dimona suicide Bombing. I am saddened by all loss of life. I am appalled at one of the Terrorists of Hamas making this statement Hamas spokesman "Ayman Taha praised the bombing as a "glorious act." Now if it were a Palestinian killed by an Isreali attack there would be outrage! I think that the Isreali Gov't should end Hamas in Palestine. You could even name the military operation "glorious act" in honor of Ayman Taha. Start with him!
12. Mourn for her
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.05.08)
Does anyone other than her family truly mourn for her? A life cut down, grandchildren who won't know their grandma, a husband who has lost his life companion. Her one life should be more precious to our government than world opinion, but they only care about their own lives, their own safety, and that's why it's so clear to all of us Israelis that Olmert and his gang will do nothing to avenge her death, or to stop the next attack from happening. My condolences to her family and to the entire house of Israel.
13. As a palestinian practicing morals of Islam, I condemn
Ikhwani ,   Gaza city   (02.05.08)
the suicide bombing... but I have to say, you cornered us and left us with no choice but to resort to these tactics... Of course, u all know we are no match to ur army.. we dont possess a single plane/tank... u control our electricity, water and diesel supply.. and can shut it whenever u like.. what do we possess other than our bodies...NONETHELESS, in Islam, the ends dont justify the means, and killing innocent civilians is strongly prohibited no matter what..I do believe in armed resistance against the occupation, but it should b a moral resistance, never targeting civilians.. only soldiers who humiliate us on checkpoints, who close our borders, and kill our ppl. I send my condolences to the family of the victim.. I know these words will not heal the wound, but please realize Islam is innocent of such henious actions
14. 13 "Islam is innocent"? how?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.05.08)
when these murderers commit these acts in islam's name, all with the help of gaza's most devout muslims, and your fellow muslim countrymen hand out sweets and flowers at the fulfilled islamic deed, who are you to say that islam is innocent? if so, answer this easy question: where are the religious leaders of islam ANYWHERE who agree with your pathetic claim? sorry, i'll believe my eyes and ears over some insignificant nobody who shows he clearly doesn't have a clue about this subject.
15. Victory.
Harold Lane ,   Tel Aviv   (02.05.08)
Victory is the key word not peace, because peace is not an option in this part of the world, and because there is only one solution to terror : a military solution. You do not talk to terrorists, you fight and defeat them. Victory is needed to prove to the Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular that against their ethos of death stands the ethos of life, protected by the arms of democracies that are resolved to punish them where it hurts most as explained at :
16. 13 - No choice?
You say you people have no choice but to blow up 73 year old women? Do you even listen or think about the ridiculous things you say? When you justify this kind of cowardly murder, do not expect your lives to be anything but completely miserable because that is what people who believe and do these things deserve.
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (02.05.08)
18. Terrible news
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (02.05.08)
19. To #13
Tsedek ,   Israel   (02.05.08)
Thank you. A voice of reason. We need more of those. Both from Palestinian as well as from Israeli side.
20. to #14
Tsedek ,   Israel   (02.05.08)
You can condemn people hijacking principles (under which religions) to further their malicious deeds, but you cannot condemn people and tell them they're a 'nobody' when they are from the same religion but just not answering your view on it.
21. # 13 What Are You Talking About
Thomas   (02.05.08)
Muslims have murdered tens of millions of innocent people throughout it's bloody history. How can you say it is against the Islamic faith? Osama bin Ladin, who is a Muslim hero, murdered and maimed hundreds of innocent Kenyans in order to kill a couple of American ambassdors, as if their lives were cheap and expendable. You can believe in the purity of Islam but don't expect the rest of us to be so naive.
22. Terror act
Alex ,   Germany   (02.05.08)
Hello! Beside these terror acs is Russian Military secret Service (GRU). They use new russian weapons, these weapons are telepathie and telekinese apparates! They make from muslims terrorists! Beside terror acts in Israel is GRU. I have proves for these activities of GRU in Israel. If you need more information, are interested in this information, you should contact me. my e-mail is: P.S.: The terror act bin Munich in 1972 was also manipulated by GRU.
23. #13 Ikhwani
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (02.05.08)
Thanks for this sane words. How can this insanity (a young person taking their own lives) be stopped?
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