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Denzel Washington to visit Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.02.08, 08:06
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1. Look for an influx
Simcha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.06.08)
Peres is so impressed by the Hollywood types. I'm sure he issued a personal invitation. Like everything else, the state and everything associated with it exists only to serve him and his interests---his private little kingdom. If we had a King of Israel right now, Peres would not rest day or night until he held that office.
2. #1
sabbageorge ,   Tel Aviv   (02.06.08)
Dear Simcha, Mr Peres is our President and you should respect him. He is doing a great job and is doing and excellent job with Public relations for the state of Israel. Leave the man alone and concentrate on something to help Israels image among outsiders instead of damage it. Do and think positive things for this country and STOP WITH THIS NEGATIVITY. If you dont have anything good to say then dont say it !!
3. best male actor ever!!
4. Malcom x is going to israel what a shame
ayman ,   jersey   (02.06.08)
5. Malcolm x comment
ernie ,   maimi, usa   (02.06.08)
What are you saying?
6. malcom x
shlomo ,   usa   (02.06.08)
Malcolm X stood up for the oppressed. Denzel should know better than to lend credibility to the illegal Israeli occupation by visiting the state when a boycott has been called by Palestinian artists.
7. Welcome Denzel!
Michael ,   USA   (02.06.08)
Glad to have you!
8. Denzel - the visit
Tyrone ,   Redding, CA   (02.07.08)
Will he also visit Gaza and the West Bank?
9. great actor with great heart and mind
alan ,   alaska   (02.07.08)
What an honor to have Denzel visit.
10. To #6 - so by "Shlomo" you mean "Turncoat" ?
A ,   Jerusalem   (02.07.08)
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