Hamas seizes aid meant for Red Crescent
Associated Press
Published: 07.02.08, 23:14
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1. to all Red Crescent, UN aid agencies and such
israeli ,   israel   (02.08.08)
Darlings, you have maligned Israel so many times, you have accused our troops of the most inimaginable horrors, cried foul, mass murder, genocide, apartheid and all the rest of the foul mouth lexicon. Gaza residents wanted Hamas, they elected Hamas by a landslide victory. Conclusion: Sahtein! Enjoy! You break it, you pay for it! You buy it, you wear it. p.s. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. (Intifadah I, II, PLO, Hamas, etc. brought you nothing than misery. )
2. Where is the IRC, HRW or UN?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.08.08)
Heck if we delayed one of those trucks for 5 minutes they would be screaming from Gaza to NYC. When Hamas does much worst, deep, dark silence than anything we have even been accused of.
3. Add "Thieves" To The List of Names
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (02.08.08)
Everyone knows that Hamas are primitive barbarians amongst many other things - none of them complimentary. Add thieves to the list - to nobody's surprise. Pathetic!
4. aid
colin   (02.08.08)
Wonder how much dynimite was in the trucks???Another co story.Humanterian aid.Now The U N and EU has proof of no aid for the masses.It will be sold on the black market.-00ps Or sent in the kassams.
5. I tend to believe the democratically elected Hamas over RC
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, RU   (02.08.08)
Hamas won the democratic election in Palestine over Fatah where over 70% voted because they have a long history of helping the poor and helpless living under Israeli occupation while Fatah's corrupt leaders lined their own pockets, so I tend to Hamas is doing the same this time as well. The West refused to recognize the democratically elected representatives of the Palestinians for their own selfish and political reasons, but that does not mean that the Palestinians elected government does not exist, and if they determined that the Red Crescent was not doing their job, it is their duty to protect the interest of those who elected them to do so, which is sounds like they are doing here. Most certainly it is none of Israel's business.
6. Wow, Yasser and Suha would be so proud!
Barbara ,   USA   (02.08.08)
So much for electing Hamas due to disgust with the corruption and thievery of the PLO/PA honchos.
7. RE#2 - Where are they?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (02.08.08)
They're taking the same 'courageous' stance with Hamas that they've taken with other thugocracies ... say and do nothing. Hamas seems to be following the example set by other regimes around the world, and are hijacking humanitarian supplies. As far as I can recall, NOBODY in the world has done anything against those who steal humanitarian aid. Frankly, I think it's disgusting it happens and also that no nation seems to have the guts to try and stop it, wherever it takes place.
8. stop letting aid through, hamas can sell it's weapons
bernard ross ,   st. anns bay,jamaica   (02.08.08)
9. Hamas are trying to create images of starving Palestinians
Adam   (02.08.08)
as propaganda against Israel.
10. to #5 Ivan Petrov aka Lev Bronstein
Caroline ,   Israel   (02.08.08)
It's none of our business - that's true - and we are not going to blame Hamas at the UN for it. Everybody gets what's he deserves. Here in Israel we've got a government that we can't get rid of because of the extreme use of democratic laws; in Gaza they got a government that keeps them in poverty and subhuman conditions because of the religious extremism; and over there in Moscow you've got the corruption and dictatorship as it has always been there. I personally prefer the democratic rule even though sometimes I wonder if some stronger hand shouldn't help against other dictatorships preaching for our disappearance.
11. #10 Coroline
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, RU   (02.08.08)
I cannot believe your comments, you say you believe in democratic rule, yet you live in a regime that has attacked the democratic vote of those who your religious extremist government has sought to destroy? The only ones that keep the Palestinians is poverty is Israel, who has illegally occupied Palestinian lands since 1967, and who has illegally transferred your religious extremist settlers in an attempt to steal their land and resources for yourself. You either believe and support democracy and give it a chance to prosper, or you do not, and I might remind you that it was the religious Zionist extremists in your country who murdered your own PM to prevent him from bringing peace and prosperity, instead of the decades of war since he was assassinated. Russia is not perfect yet, but we have suffered under decades of communism that, I might add, our brethren helped install, but I assure you that in the end, Russia will again be a great and prosperous country, while your racist backward society has no hope unless you learn that peace is far better than decades of war. Jews are not immune to making mistakes, but I would hope that the so called Jews of Israel would start behaving like G-d's chosen instead of bringing shame to us all as you can have a bright future if you make the right choices, but occupation, oppression and arrogance will only lead to your own demise. I truly hope you choose to live in peace, but if not, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.
12. Gee , Zikron Yaakov
leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (02.08.08)
Answer : Where they've always been , hating Jews, hating Israel, and worshiping Islamofascism .
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