IAF chief: Qassam fire necessitates wide scale Gaza operation
Ahiya Raved
Published: 10.02.08, 22:06
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1. Yesterday Stones, Today Kassams.Tomorrow What?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (02.10.08)
I mean, how many times before have we heard this nonsense from official Israel? We all know there is a problemo from the Strip, and areas beyond the green line..and further out. Now we learn from Hamas that the Palis may try mass breaches of Israel, even from Jordan. (Israel will have to beef up it's patrols accordingly, thus further draining it's resources-the Arab goal). This is the death of 1,000 cuts..and the Palis are doing it effectively (witness Sderot's frustrations and anger and soon Ashkelon). Israel cannot win this war fighting on the other's fight, it must go on the offensive..take the war (not just targeting) to the enemy, big time, merciless, with a goal. Until it decides to hurt Hamas, etc., this will continue and get worse. Today Ashkelon, tomorrow what? Will it take a 911 type incident to motivate Israel's gov't to act seriously? I won't hold my breath based on the past 17 years of the Intifada..started with stones, then Kassams, then Katys and Grads..then.....
2. Yesterday stones Tomorrow precision guided missiles
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (02.11.08)
They claimed to have had permission to wage that obscene war on the people of Lebanon and the IOF dropped some 3million cluster bombs on defenseless people, presumably to turn the people against Hizbullah. Instead even with the US/UK refusing to call a cease fire to give them more time to 'win' and even with the sophisticated US weaponry all they managed besides murdering little babies was to get bitch slapped by Hizbullah and its ragtag army. Obey the UN directives and Talk Peace!
4. Kadima's lies
Zeke Zukov ,   Moscow Idaho   (02.11.08)
What you have in Olmert, Kadima, and his coalition are a pack of selfish, corrupt, incompetent idiots. It doesn't matter how much the people of Sderot are suffering, Olmert doesn't care. Yesterday, an 8 year old lost his leg in a rocket attack and still no meaningful action. While this outrage is going on, the leftist creeps in Tel Aviv sip their latte and say tsk tsk to the suffering residents of Sderot. Israel, what is wrong with you?
5. Attacks against innocents
Dan ,   Florida, USA   (02.11.08)
The first order of a legitimate Government is to protect its citizens. Olmer is weak and impotent and has failed in his prime duty. For the good of the country and all of our citizens, Olmert should resign and allow a true leader to emerge. In the interim, private citizens of Sderot should fashion rockets and fire them back at Gaza. Citizens must take action when Government fails to act.
6. Gee...ya think? Should have had a Gaza op 1000 missiles ago
Boblybo Gilobob ,   usa   (02.11.08)
7. Maybe Israel should act like Arab country?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (02.11.08)
Let's see what an Arab country would do with terrorists? 1. Jordan - Black September, killed thousands, including civilians. The even went door-to-door. 2. Lebanon - Refugee camp terrorists - emptied the camp, kill hundreds. 3. Syria - Muslim Brotherhood, Hama, killed between 20 and 30 thousand, mostly civilians. 4. Kuwait - after Palestinians sided with Saddam Hussein - kicked out 400,000 in a single week. Why not learn from the enemy?
8. Israel Gaza
Jason ,   Zichron Yacov Israel   (02.11.08)
Israel - wake up and smell the coffee- tomorrow the USA might be out of Iraq. That means a land border from Iran to Lebanon to Jordan and Palestinians territories. Egypt Gaza. 1967 all over again and worse. Land for peace is dead. There is only victory left- and it better be fast.
9. Do not fight with one hand chained behind your back.
Malka Ziv ,   Hofit - Israel   (02.11.08)
The failure of Israel and the United States, as well as Europe, to see that the world is in a state of war is characterised by the seasonal birth of "peace initiatives." That Israel has convinced itself that "peace is an option," even "the only option," in spite of the fact that its enemies are actively engaged in preparing its destruction, is one of the astonishing phenomena of our times. The Arabs read the signs coming from Israel correctly, and act accordingly. On the one hand, they are arming themselves to the teeth and preparing for war and, on the other hand, they talk "peace" and occasionally release "peace plans," which aim at turning Israel into an indefensible narrow strip of land that can be conquered in a single attack as explained at :
10. Is killing 7-10 Palestinian a day not wide enough for you?
K ,   Florida   (02.11.08)
11. wide scale Gaza operation
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.11.08)
Good that you woke up! Now have your breakfast and wear your uniform, see that iron crease is not spoilt. After all, you have to report to the top brasses. About the operation? Don't worry we shall adjust whenever you have time!
12. Mil ops not painful enough, do this instead
JPS ,   Efrat   (02.11.08)
Hamas WANTS martyrs. So don't give them to them. What do they want? Land. All of it. So hit them where it will hurt them in the eyes of their people: for every qassam attack, the border moves south 10 meters. Any less means nothing, any more won't let them see the cost. So 20 Qassams means the border with Sderot moves 200 meters south, all the way to the sea. 100 qassams? They lose the top km of the gaza strip. Don't bulldoze, don't blow up. Door to door, let them pack their bags and make them move south. It's definitely more humanitarian than what is permitted under international law, which is an artillery response. The border will move back when a peace treaty is signed with Hamas - to which many would say fine, since Hamas is on record as saying they do not want peace with Israel.
13. Shkedi What are u waiting for?
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (02.11.08)
As an Israeli Citizen, whom you are protecting. You have my permission. Go in full force, to Gazza, Jenin, Rammalah, Hebron, and all the other places the rats are hiding.
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