Ahmadinejad: Iran will not back down in nuclear row
Published: 11.02.08, 12:16
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1. Comparing......
Hiram ,   Paris   (02.11.08)
Interesting to compare Mahmoud's propaganda and manipulation of the opinion with that of late Joseph Goebbels and his infamous master Adolph Hitler : Although farsi is different from german , once translated into english , the sentences have the same , very same flavor : it stinks ...but true enough , a dictator - especially if supported by Islamists- has a limited access to celebrity, except in crime, hatred and terror , there elements which characterized nazi germany. Never think that history changes. History NEVER Changes because men do not change. Mahmoud the Nazi is no different from Saddam HUssein, who was no different from old Adolph ! Same causes will always produce same effects ! But there are a few recipes to get rid of dictators ; it is up to " civilized governments" to decide how long they will tolerate outlaws like the nazi Mahmoud, the Fascist El assad, the idiot Nasrallah, and the scumbag Hanniyeh !
2. iran
Millicent ,   Israel   (02.11.08)
Stop Iran now before they acquire the bomb and use it to blackmail the world ! Once they have the bomb they will use the threat of it to coerce the world to follow their orders, and they will threaten Israel first, then the Europeans and Americans, and even the Russians! it is time for the Nations to unite and stand up to Iran and its terrorist leadership! They must be stopped dead in their tacks whether it be by severe sanctions,blockade by the Navy, or by threat of War! Do not allow them to get the Bomb because they will either use it or just have the threat of using it to blackmail the rest of the world as well as the moderate arab/muslim governments in the middle east that want to live here in peace with Israel
3. old Monkey face at it again i see
Simon ,   TA Israel   (02.11.08)
Just more ranting and raving from the # 1 lunatic himself , hasnt he got any one to hang today? No one caught sipping wine or not wearing her veil? Its about time the west nuked this nutter off the face of the earth A true example of a religious nut case althouth compared to our very own Ovadia Yosef i find him somewhat amusing.
4. SIMAON IN HIS SLUMBER............#3
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.11.08)
You seem to be in your slumber and to tell you the are better of that way.Whether you find it amusing or not,the West and your clowns in washington can do NOTHING!!!
5. #2
Invicta ,   Europa   (02.11.08)
How will Iran 'blackmail' the world? If and it's a big 'if' Iran develops a bomb and then the ballistic ability to deliver it acurately, how does your scenario of Iran taking on first israel, then Europa, then the US and then Russia figure? Surely that would be beyond any country. Iran is not a threat and never has been. By agitating for war against the current regime all you are doing is intrenching its reactionary stance.
6. how many leaders hold mass rallies nowadays?
i remember one from the 1930s who used to do that.
7. That man is demented!
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (02.11.08)
If you read his entire speech - its utterly garbled and raving. To Iranians that man is demeaning Iran all by himself. But it would surprise me very much if that speech got clearance form Khatami. This speech might well be the last straw for Khatami. Ahmadinejad is not just a loose canon in Iran. Hes a potential walking disaster. AMG Ahmadinejad MUST GO!
8. #5, you are incorrect in every possible respect.
Kev ,   London   (02.11.08)
9. #8
Invicta ,   Europa   (02.11.08)
would you care to explain why I am incorrrect in 'every possible respect'? And could you also include examples of Iranian aggresion towards its neighbours (or anyone else for that matter) in your explanation.
10. #5 Inovicta
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.11.08)
Ahmadinejad: Iran will not back down in nuclear row - He will never back, but run (away from) Iran. #5 Inovicta: Check Ahmadinejad speeches some year and half a go. He was talking about "Muslim World" what does it mean? He has since changed his words to "occupied land" obviously Israel (by Arab Dictionary). We are not worried, what ever happens, we are now used to such emergencies. However, ones he has tested one small bomb, he will raise his head and his voice again, start talking about "Muslim world" ones again, Leading to WWIII. Can you trust him?
11. #10
Invicta ,   Europa   (02.11.08)
yes he talks - that is part of his weakness. But where is the evidence of aggression? Compare the death and damage Iran has inflicted on the ME and then look at the record of Iraq, Israel , the UK and the USA. there is no comparison.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.11.08)
Talk-backs in this coloumn are based mostly on biased and hate with no concrete suggestions.Ahmed Nejad needs not be more clearer than what he has said.Iran will NOT back even an iota.It has proved to the world so far and will continue to make strides to the extent it deems neccessary.Why this hue and cry about every incident in Iran.
13. #11, you are right there is no comparison
Danny   (02.11.08)
Iran has carried out terrorist attacks against Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, murdered thousands of it's own people, threatened UAE and Bahrain - which it considers to be part of Iran. It extended the Iran-Iraq war for another 7 years - to no gain because it's army is useless. It carried out a unrestrained attack on traffic in the Gulf. The Iran-Iraq war alone is more dead than have been killed in all the Arab-Israeli conflict in it's entire history - and more than the US has "inflicted" by a factor of around 10 in Iraq, assuming you blame the US for all the inter-muslim violence. But somehow I am guessing you don't mean this....
14. Crush Iran
ARK ,   USA   (02.12.08)
I am waiting for our milatary to move to Irans border. Everyone talks about stabalizing the region but how can it be stable when extremists rule the land. ***On another note Islam is a hypicritical joke. Child rapists and cowards who hide behind a religion.
15. #9
jerome ,   basalt, co   (02.12.08)
you are ignorant with a strong opinion and that's how you are wrong in every resept! end of story
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