Magnitude 4.0 earthquake shakes Israel
Jonathan Weber
Published: 12.02.08, 07:40
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1. What message does this quake have???
Asher ,   NY USA   (02.12.08)
2. Message?
Ozonator ,   Baton Rouge, La., US   (02.12.08)
The Ozonator was correct for an earthquake prediction for greater Syria.
3. G-d save us
Shmuel   (02.12.08)
4. Asher #1
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.12.08)
When you think of weather and geological events as having "a message," then it is obvious you are stuck in the Dark Ages. Come forward a few centuries. The only "message" is the African and Asian plates are pushing against each other and need energy release. Israel lies on ant active fault line, there are going to be quakes here every so often...
5. Asher, an earthquake is just an earthquake, just earth
moving & settling ,   a bit more!   (02.12.08)
6. Asher: incorrect analysis, in my opinion.
Kev ,   London   (02.12.08)
There is too much evidence to the contrary to support that minimalistic view. Time will tell.
7. No. 1 Asher
NYC Girl   (02.12.08)
If what you're implying is that the earthquake is some sort of message from God, have you ever asked yourself why, during the Holocaust, God didn't just cause the earth to open up and swallow Germany?
8. Natural Occuance Or . . .
emanon ,   USA   (02.12.08)
Underground testing?
9. Israel not at risk
Elisheva ,   Cleveland, Ohio USA   (02.13.08)
But boy, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria are! The quakes are moving up the Dead Sea / Rift Valley system. One can follow them going up. When there is a fracture, and the earth "gives" we call it a quake. This is secondary to the Arabian Plate swinging, counter clockwise, away from the African Plate. Sort of like a zipper unzipping. Today's quakes - a series of 13 last counted - show the big mess of fracture lines north of Israel. The Rift system splits into at least two branches. Take a look at the data, Jerusalem is not going anywhere. GII has a lot of studies on its site. And beautiful maps.
10. To claim a risk requires a prediction
Ozonator ,   Baton Rouge, La., US   (02.13.08)
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