Iran: Mugniyah killing result of Israeli 'state terrorism'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.02.08, 20:58
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1. Beautiful work!!
Jeff ,   Canada   (02.13.08)
On behalf of all normal HUMAN beings, I thank the team that carried out this operation with such perfection and professionalism. This creature got what he deserved after cutting short so many lives in his path of destruction. Now, please focus your aim on Haniyeh, Mashaal, Nasrallah and Ahmadinijad. The sooner they can join this filthy dog in hell the better!
2. Thank you Iran, for giving Israel the honor
M.M.   (02.13.08)
of being behind the "most wanted" murder. It’s very appreciated after Israel's failed war with Hizaballah. Thanks.
3. Maybe this was Moses' Birthday wish.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (02.13.08)
Happy Birthday Moshe Rabbeinu. Today must be a very interesting day up there. The holiest soul in history will most likely testify, on his birthday, against one of the most wicked souls in history. I wouldn't want to be Mugniyah.
4. Israel didn´t kill him
this was an Arab competition job
stude ham   (02.13.08)
Like they're not murdering off their population and threatening nuclear holocaust... What a bunch of soon to be overthrown criminals.
6. it is NOT terrorism, when you kill a terrorist
jared ,   orlando us   (02.13.08)
a false iranian premise and demonstrative of flawed logic and the typical idiocy of the iranian govt no accepted definition of "terrorism" by any rational human being would qualify this act as terror
7. Ahmadinajad is far more dangerous
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.13.08)
It is questionable whether Israel was involved here. There are other possibilities including a Syrian action. There are so many people who wanted this guy dead. And no doubt he had rivals within his own world and organization. However Ahmadinajad is pushing Iran ahead towards having nuclear weapons. His hatred for us is among the most obsessive and fanatic there is. Is there a long hand that can reach him? Is there a way to stop the Iranian nuclear program? Talking to Merkel won't do it.
8. Maybe it was a "work accident" a.k.a. spontaneous combustion
good riddance ,   usa   (02.13.08)
9. Gee...I wonder
Who will be the hizzbabla "supreme commander" now? ; -)
10. He lived through terror, for terror.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.13.08)
Pick up the morning paper any day or log on to your computer and you'll be treated to reports of savagery by followers of Islam. No one could blame you if you drew the inference that Islam worldwide is a malevolent force. Imad Mugniyah the ruthless murderer is dead. The world is a better place without this man in it. He was a cold-blooded killer, a mass murderer and a terrorist responsible for countless innocent lives lost. He personified the ideology Islam as explained at :
11. Dinnerjacket
Chatich   (02.13.08)
You're next, monkey boy. Inshallah.
12. blasted
colin   (02.13.08)
Nice excuse Blame Israel Call it state terrorism. When this filtyy terrorist blew up planes and buildings Iran and Syria rejoiced. Now they feel what its like on the recieving end. Pity more were not eliminated.Hope whoever did the job is decorated and well rewarded How much was the United Nations offering as reward for his killing or capture (god Forbid)
13. Now get ready
Motti   (02.13.08)
Better get ready for the revenge killings. If Israel is being blamed, you can guess where the revenge is going to be aimed at. Hasn't anyone noticed yet that no matter how many of the enemy you knock down, there is always another ready to take over? And hasn't anyone noticed yet that often the replacement becomes and even more intransigent and formidable opponent than his predecessor? Congratulations on setting everyone up for another spin at the cycle.
14. Nasrallah lost to Mugniyah
cg   (02.13.08)
Nasrallah lost control of Hizbullah forces to Mugniyah. Nasrallah will eulogize the dead man at his funeral in Beirut on Thursday... and have his honor restored. Blame the Israelis, but Nasrallah is much more likely Mugniyah's final dispatcher.
15. america approved
bri ,   phil usa   (02.13.08)
the american state department approves assassination as policy??
16. One less to go...
Lednah ,   Europe   (02.13.08)
17. Great, saved US $25 million in tax money!
Tom ,   LA   (02.13.08)
18. The world may not be safer...
Natan ,   USA   (02.13.08)
But at least it is a little cleaner....We need to get rid of some more garbage!!!
19. #11: Are you stupid or just dumb?
Pratic ,   Europe   (02.13.08)
Hisbulah and their torrorists friends are making efforts to hut Israel for many decades. Without success. So they may wish to retaliate but it will not happen.
20. How is blowing up an Argentinian Jewish center....
A ,   Jerusalem   (02.13.08)
...."mankind's fight against Zionism" ? Those people were innocent civilians murdered because they were Jewish or associated with Jews. The Iranian gov't needs a douchebag censor, because they keep looking like one.
21. Golden Page
jacob ,   munich,Germany   (02.13.08)
I wish Mr. Husseini more Golden Pages like this one
22. #15, not assasination
Natan ,   USA   (02.13.08)
23. #4 Speaks the Language of Truth Mugy's peeps behind this one
david ,   usa   (02.13.08)
24. the bottom line is.....
khalid abu ahabal ,   apartheidistan   (02.13.08)
he may have just forgotten to change his oil in his car, bad things can happen if you do not regularly change your oil.
25. OBL & Mughniyeh:mercenary marketing director for various gov
Getzel ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.13.08)
My view is that OBL and Mughniyeh et al should be refered to as "mercenary marketing director for various government owned weapons manufacturers parading as a religious persons";( my description fits better than theirs & who would believe them if we did not promote them as religious?) no English definition of "religious person" includes flying planes into buildings. War ends We win: when we pass a law that makes the minimum price of gasoline at the pumps: $1.75/gallon; billion dollar/million barrel per day ethanol stills will not be built without protection from OPEC monopoly pricing rusting out our new stills. This war is only a phony weapons deal. Bush/Rice (Google: supertanker Rice for picture of her supertanker) support creating a terror state on the West Bank and Gaza and are trying to get a terror state in Pakistan and elsewhere. December 2008 is their next scheduled big one ( consistent with reestablishing the draft)
26. #19, Pratic: I think you're confused...
Chatich   (02.13.08)
My post #11 was directed at the monkey man (see photo at top of article).
27. Motti's (#13) vacuous remark
Jake   (02.13.08)
Israel is being blamed. So what? Just the other day, Nasrallah referred to Siniora as an "Israeli agent". Israel has already officially denied killing Mughniya, which is significant considering they did NOT deny bombing that facility in northern Syria. Yet you are jumping on the Hizbullah/Iran bandwagon and blaming Israel for the "inevitable revenge". Did you even notice that even Syria has not officially accused Israel? Read #14. It says it all. Nasrallah lost control of Hizbullah to Mughniyah. By wiping out Mughniya, Nasrallah kills 2 birds with one stone: retain control over Hizbullah and channel their wrath toward Israel. But if Israel was responsible, my compliments, and keep it up. Just because my nails grow back every time I cut them does not mean I should stop cutting them!
28. When you have to face the music....... You realize lot more!
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.13.08)
Tehran praises assassinated Hizbullah leader as 'golden page in the history of mankind's fight against Zionists. "Why do you put 'entire man-kind' against Zionism? That is where you originated from!" ‘Syria: Assassination a cowardly act of terror. "Now you realize it! What do you think Hizbullah was doing during last war? They were 'cowards' all through out. Don't you agree?"
29. #20
Jane   (02.13.08)
It's all about Jews. It's really not about Israel, nor do I believe it ever was.
30. Syria and Iran are upset...
Natan ,   USA   (02.13.08)
They hate competition!!!
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