Report: Standard of living rises, poor remain impoverished
Yael Branovsky
Published: 14.02.08, 17:31
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1. Everyone loves to have the other guy pay his way..
Al   (02.14.08)
I got an idea...Its called work..Try it it may just make you feel good about yourself. If you are handicap, elderly or of schoolage you have an excuse otherwise get your ass to work! No ticky no washy! Duhhhhh
2. widening gap
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (02.14.08)
Quote article: "...20.5% of Israeli families live below the poverty line in 2008, a slight increase from last year’s 20%. Moreover, 24.7% of Israel’s residents and 35.9% of its children live in impoverished families." This is unacceptable in a civilized 1st world country. Social and education policy seems to take a backseat to economic policy and defense. There is no mainsteam party making changing this a priority. Israel can't go on like this and stay united. Problem is: do the 80% that don't live in poverty care?
3. and Israel gets foreign aid
ALL the time. so israel REALLY is poor.
4. Standard of living in Israel
millie ,   Israel   (02.14.08)
How's about raising minimum wage to a actual livable wage for starters. How's about equal pay for equal work?
5. 40% of the poor ARE employed to nr. 1
yudit ,   Jaffa Israel   (02.17.08)
40% of Israel's poor work, it's just that their wages are SO low, they are belowthe poverty line. Many of the others are elderly and or handicapped. Or not so young employed. Very few employers are willing to employ someone unemployed in his fifties. As a result unemployed older than 45 are exempt from the Wisconsin project, because there simply is NO work for many of them
6. when did israel become a 1st world country?
js ,   usa   (09.01.08)
every time ive been there its been a 3rd world police state made impotent by christian do-gooders in foreign countries against a muslim enemy hell bent on destruction and death. 1st world lol no where near!
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