Livni: We're not panicking over Hizbullah threats
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 14.02.08, 20:57
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1. may all hezbullah families get their wish for immolation
aaron ,   ra'anana   (02.14.08)
2. Abu Imad lost three sons How many have you lost Nasrallah ?
SAM   (02.14.08)
3. Bigmouth
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (02.14.08)
Imad Mugniyah was a rare bird. It`s end is the beginning of the end of Hizbullah.
4. Yaawn, what else is new?
female ,   TA   (02.14.08)
5. Beg to differ, Mate
Talula ,   Israel   (02.14.08)
He didn't get what he wished for. He was blown to smithereens by someone who wanted him dead. He didn't die during an act of heroism – he died like the filthy terrorist he was, the classic car bomb...... And justice for all.
6. he is going to meet a lot of virgin hummmmmmmm
dovedevan ,   paris   (02.14.08)
Gideon   (02.14.08)
8. Israeli's go and pack ... you are doomed
fadi ,   lebanon   (02.14.08)
9. U have just committed the 2nd stupid mistake after 2006 war
fadi ,   lebanon   (02.14.08)
10. nasrallah advised you in 2006 and u didnt listen ...
fadi ,   lebanon   (02.14.08)
in 2006 and before the israeli security cabinet meeting he asked Olmert the "stupid" to think carefully before taking any decision ... something that olmert didnt do Now again he warned you that if you want an open war he will give you an open war
11. tens of thousands!
Iyad ,   jerusalem   (02.14.08)
Nassrallah promised an open war. I think he means that Hizballah will consider every Israeli all over the world as a ligitmate target. God give us wisdom.
12. Ynet missing the main point
Abou ,   Canada   (02.14.08)
Ynet missing the main point of the speech. the speech was way different than what you mentionin this article. if that was purpose so you won't scare people I can understand
13. Maybe they killed him themselves in order to find an excuse
to blame Israel again and reignite a war.
14. Security demands to be always on alert.
Jean Van Daem   (02.14.08)
Hizbullah has terrorist infrastructure in many countries. In order to keep their deterrence, Hizbullah will try to attack Israeli targets in retaliation for the assassination, they might try one or more spectaculair murders. Security demands to be always on alert. The terrorists do not respect the rules of war. We should be prepared to fight them without any other consideration than beat them as explained at :
15. Mugniyah got what he wanted
Anthony ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (02.14.08)
If Mugniyah got what he wanted, martyrdom, since he was a boy, and if it is true that Israël gave it to him. Why need for revenge? or retaliation? A "thank you" would do!
16. Empeachments and Accusations
Franklin ,   Paris   (02.14.08)
Nassrallah play the empeachment on the inquiry following the murder of Harriri..... And run to accuse Israel without any inquiry.... And if Mughnieh was behind the murder of Harriri and others Lebanese figures...???
17. Lesson for peaceniks
Sidney ,   USA   (02.14.08)
These guys do not want peace. Appeasement only makes them stronger and Israel weaker. By blundering the Lebanon war, Olmert and the IDF made this pipsqueak appear to be a giant. If Israel had the patriotism and leadership of fifty years ago, there would be nothing to fear.
18. Nasrallah: You're next
aj ,   CA   (02.14.08)
19. @12, Abou
Suzanne   (02.14.08)
Please, enlighten us. What was the main point?
20. Hezbollah should remember that it has "assets" abroad too!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.14.08)
21. he lost 1 son
wael ,   kuwait   (02.14.08)
just for ur info he has lost 1 son agains israel
22. To our dear friend Fadi
Sharon ,   Canada   (02.14.08)
How do we you know it wasn't one of your "brethren/brothers" that killed him. Have you ever heard of internal power struggles? Just another way to blame Israel. The man had loads of enemies, so stop spewing your anti-Israel crap. Your buddy Nasrallah is a propogandist and he knows how to brain wash you all into thinking that he is some powerful leader. Hmmm, that is prob why he lives underground....betcha he's looking over his shoulders today!
23. Fadi...the lebanon lover
Franklin ,   Paris   (02.14.08)
I wonder.... Lebanon blood for free . Nasrallah, Assad & Ahmadinejad in their best deal !
24. Fadi , getting edgy, what's the matter, nervous?
Jake   (02.14.08)
First off, Israel rejected the accusations that it killed Mughniyah, but one thing is clear. He had a long list of enemies, and somebody wanted him dead. Somebody got to him, the best hidden fugitive in the Middle East. That means somebody can get to each and every one of his terrorist cohorts. Maybe Mughniyah was killed by an inside job, or by the CIA, but Nasrallah and all Hizbullah had better internalize the words of Ariel Sharon: He who murders a Jew or an Israeli citizen is a marked target. They can ignore this advice at their own peril.
25. @20, The Doc
israeli ,   israel   (02.14.08)
Hezbollah should remember their "assets" in Lebanon as well.
26. Nasrallah comeout from the hole and be a MARTYR
SAM   (02.14.08)
and have a fair share of your own virgins...
27. Don't blame Israel
Leah C ,   Maryland, USA   (02.14.08)
If Israel did this, they'd stand up and admit it! I still like the theory I read yesterday that this was a hit ordered by Nasrallah because Mughniyeh had become too powerful in Hezbollah. Nasrallah now just wants to deflect suspicion away from himself.
28. To Fadi the Shahid
Saul Hamelekh ,   Wallis & Futuna   (02.14.08)
To Fadi. I do NOT understand whats the fuss about. Mughniya wanted to be a shahid, since he was a boy. His wish has been fulfilled. It should be time to rejoice, to have fun, to enjoy as a great her is now in the care of 144 sweet virgin hands. I do not understand why this saber rattling voice in Beyrouth. We do not need to kill innocent israelis women and children!..., Nasrallah just need to get out of his hole and everyone would be much happier... Did u got it Fadi. BTW You to could get your wishes granted. No need for long talk... just a small action on you part and you will have your wish granted.... Another point , please refrain from chating in a Zionist paper.... You should read yours... at least you will give them some credibility and enhance your knowledge
29. @21 if that was his son, he was a bad parent!
30. Syria
Norbert ,   Romania   (02.14.08)
Nobody's talking about his safehaven-Syria. I remember USA said no country which harbour terrorists will be safe in the fight against terror. Did USA forgot what it said? Should I recall other names of well known international terrorists who live their quiet and wonderful lifes in Syria?????
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