Sderot students: We want ministers to look us in eyes
Rona Tal
Published: 14.02.08, 20:08
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1. Home Reenforcement
Steve ,   USA   (02.15.08)
B"H The government of Israel has a job it is working on. I think if I lived in Sderot, I would seriously be looking at reenforcing the house. The roofs are like paper to these rockets. What needs to happen is that a roof within a roof needs to be built, a wall within a wall. Sand bags need to be placed on this "Sukkah"-like structure. The wood is not too terribly expensive for this temporary measure. Trust in G-d is important. But why test G-d unnecessarily? We as Jews should take measures to make our children safer as best we can. That is what I would seriously pursue. The same for cars. They need to have shielding against rockets and shrapnel. I am sure the government of Israel is doing what it can, but it is not enough, and additional measures are required.
2. No Pleading, No Begging, Only Action
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (02.15.08)
The poor children in S'derot are whistling past the graveyard. Israel's leaders do NOT care what pain they are suffering, they simply don't. The children should ask their parents, relatives and teachers to protect them. They should ask them to be just as 'creative' as the Gazans and to make their own rockets-as if their lives depended on it!!
3. sderot
colin   (02.15.08)
It does not have any effect by having the children speak about security to the cowardly egomaniac or the corrupt prime minister.They are only for themselves and banking accounts.They do not cringe for any person in Israel.The public are not in the calculations of safety.Get rid of the government.Have elections now.
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