Security at US synagogues stepped up
Roni Sofer and AP
Published: 15.02.08, 00:18
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AVI ,   TEL AVIV   (02.15.08)
ISLAM IS NOT HOLY ,   ..............DACON9   (02.15.08)
3. #1 Shouldnt you be sleeping? Its wayyy after midnight in IL
You sure you are in Tel Aviv?
4. american shuls only?!
Eyal ,   Brazil   (02.15.08)
i was just leaving the university now (here in brazil) on the exit there was a group of guys wearing t-shirts from the hizballah loudly speaking on how nasrallah the great will erase "our enemies and their entity" from the history since not everyone there knows im a jew (its not something we tell publicaly) i didnt really worry or something but came home fastly the minute i told my mother´s friend about it she told me the synagogue in here had been vandalized dunno if these facts are conected somehow but still it was scarying enough
Jorge ,   tegucigalpa   (02.15.08)
Hezbolah, as well as Syria and Lebanon, shold we warned that any attack against an Israeli or Jewish Target in Israel or abroad will be seen as an act of war and dealt accordingly, that this time the agressor will be obliterated, destroyed no matter what, this warning should be also be made to the so called international community. Warnig shold have a sense of determination. DETERENCE IS THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID AGRESSION AND WAR, that is precisly the reason why the late U.S.S.R., and the U.S. never went to war.
6. Wussy!
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA, US   (02.15.08)
7. Beyond being stupid
Sheldon B. ,   Cleveland Hts.   (02.15.08)
That is beyond being stupid the Govt. have done. Have we not learned that Hizbollah is a real force with real power, unlike the arabs. G-d be with us.
8. #1, Ahmed from Ramallah
Chatich   (02.15.08)
Avi, my tachat. You're an agent of mo. Go troll on al-jazeera.
9. Avi, they are always planning attacks
DC ,   IL   (02.15.08)
It is nothing new, they would have attacked us at the next chance anyway. They are always trying to.
10. Work of Nasrallah
E ,   Canada   (02.15.08)
This is the work of Nasrallah, jealousy and greed. Now that this guy is out of the way, Nasrallah becomes the sole leader of terror. It's sure nice of him to give Israel credit for his doing. He has stirred his cause and created a justification for future actions.
11. # 1 Avi
Natan   (02.15.08)
You are so naive. Do you really think that if we just sit back and do nothing, Hizballah will send us flowers and love letters??? Who the hell did we kill in the summer of 2006 that made Hizbollah kiddnap our soldiers and hit us with thousands of katyusha rockets?? Who did we kill that made this scum bag kill Jews in Argentina? And i can go on and on.. You have the Beilin mentality, appeasement does not work with Muslims!!!
12. #2 Islam will att no matter what.
Bob Mcgarrah ,   Hurst USA   (02.15.08)
You people have been attacking for 60 years and Isreal borders have yet to change. I really think Isreal will turn your citys to rubble. Look at the Hizbullah section of the capital of Lebonon
13. It's about time someonr killed the murderer.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.15.08)
Quit apologizing 1# The death merchant experienced death. It's about damn time.
14. Avi has same mentality
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (02.15.08)
As some Jews during the SHoah who would complain don't antagonize Hitler or he may get angry
15. #1 is not too bright
david ,   new york   (02.15.08)
hezbollah has always occupied itself with doing one of two things: a. commiting terrorist atttacks b. preparing to commit terrorist attacks. there's no "peaceful" hezbollah. fighting them is a duty. they will always try to blame us for the terrorism they commit against us, but the fact is terrorism is what they are occupied with all the time.
16. Well, if it's later rather than sooner..
Micha   (02.15.08)
that gives us more time to completely wipe them out. If just wiping out hez isn't enough, then wipe out the rest of the thug groups. It's like clearing out a gang. You get rid of it and move on to the next one. Only in this case, there is no due process.
17. Hizbulla threats
Chris ,   St Louis USA   (02.15.08)
Hizbullah should be thanking whoever sent this martyr to his final paradise - isn't that the goal of these who live by the sword? Will be happy to hear when the next one is martyred to a wet spot on the pavement. Bless those who help these meet their goal.
18. 25 million bucks is alot in the ''kitty'' to do that guy in
how do we know it wasnt some one who needed the money who was not jewish? why do these guys natuarlly assume jews did this? soliders of fortune hunters and bounty hunters can make a nice living with a one time deal. what arab would not sell out for 25 million?
19. Avi, you're soo wrong
Zack ,   LA USA   (02.15.08)
Avi- Sorry, but this guy is and was far worse than Osama ever has been. The list of atrocities he has committed reads like a horror story. Buenos Aires, Beirut US Marine Barracks, US Embassy in Beirut.... the list is soo long, and it includes both kidnapping incidents on your Northern border, in the last 8 years. I can only say one thing... good riddance!
20. #1 Avi have you learned nothing?
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (02.15.08)
What were you taught in Hebrew School? To cower in fear of evil emboldens evil. We are commanded to destroy evil and we do that in many ways including killing someone as heineous as Mugniyah. It is written that G-D created evil and to me it is a test of us as a people and a belief in our meassage to vanquish it. Every generation a destroyer is sent to plague us and we must remain strong, follow G-D's law and vanquish the evil. To cower in fear or to worry that now they will come after us is to deny G-D and his word...not to mention 3,000 years of our history.
21. nuke the scum if they dare
22. #1 Don't act like a holocaust victim
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (02.15.08)
The attitude you show in your post is what has created the problems with all of israels terrorist neighbours. If the enemies had been taken out without idiotic second thoughs, there would be no terror. Holocaust is over, and apeasement didn't work well that time right. And it will not work well ever.
23. lf any attack we jews,we wıLL target muslums
24. we Turkısh jews ready for any kınd of attack,
25. #1
Meir ,   Toronto   (02.15.08)
What a defeatist attitude you have! Mugniyah was responsible for murder and carnage. It took too long to have him removed from this planet. Being timid won't win you a pass from future acts of terror. They will always have an excuse as long as you - Israel - exists.
26. #2 down, #1 still at large
Ari - Jakarta ,   Jakarta , Indonesia   (02.15.08)
From Indonesian perspective: I read that the best defense is offense, right. While ahead, MOSSAD please continue your good work on Mashaal, Haniyeh, Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad etc. Muslim would attack Eretz Israel irregardless of your conduct. Avi, grow a back bone. Shalom
27. war on terror
......... ,   ............   (02.15.08)
once he said that we would transport the terror to the lands of terror to the evile lands iam sorry to say to the islam lands /// iam sorry again he is an idiot and those support the man was also idiots /as terror is always against the easy targets so it will be in any place and against any one /the thougt of terror cant be known and it is a thought without religion or race and it is easily to travell as the ways of comunication is widly presented to all over the world // and its weopon may need a low technology ..and terror is a responce action .. so not israil is the only target but all the jews and all the americans and no one is protected /in any land .. this is the lesson of mughneyya killing and what happened yesterday in american university // i want to say as terror is a thought and as thoughts must be from high univercities // so it must be studdied by academian of all specialists //if they want to cut this horrible circle all over the world // .. and the problem is not hassan nasralla but the thought that many support it // and it is the open war
28. what a waste of USA money
and security.
29. The war declared on Israel is a war declared against the Wes
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.15.08)
Israel has been under threat since the day it was established, and we know how to handle these threats and will do so now as well. Israelis traveling abroad have to be especially alert and pay attention to any abnormal occurrences. Today, we are not alone. The war declared on Israel is a war declared against the Western Civilisation by Islam. This might be the beginning of a world war as explained at :
30. we american jews are ready for any kind of attack. we stand
debra ,   usa   (02.15.08)
together with all our jewish brothers and sisters worldwide against this threat from these islamic fascist scum. JEWS UNITED ACROSS THE EARTH CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED!
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