Magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits Israel
Published: 15.02.08, 16:20
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31. #26
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (02.15.08)
I hate to burst your bubble, but actually, just about every time Condi Rice has met with Israel, there has been an earthquake within 24-48 hours. This has actually been been documented. Check out what happened the last time she came to Israel. In fact, every time Israel has been put in harm's way, there was a major geophysical event. The list would take up too much space here, but you can find it on google under "Measure for Measure." There are even some books about this. Yesterday, Livini was in Washington meeting with Rice. So, there it is- another warning. Our many prophecies state that geophysical events, such as earthquakes, are a warning and/or signal from HaShem. For example, if we experience 2 in one week, during this particular period of time, that is the signal that the Moshiach has arrived, and the Redemption of Israel and the Righteous Gentile is near. It is also written that HaShem will destroy the mosques on the Temple Mount in a massive earthquake around that time. So, before you cheer about things, read the ancient Jewish Prophets and you'll learn what this means. So how did your leaders know that a quake would come? Most likely they are aware of these patterns, too. Many people are.
32. thanks 27
carol ,   eilat   (02.15.08)
33. I know
Della ,   Woodland Hills   (02.15.08)
I went through the Northridge Quake in 94 "6.9 shaker." Keep looking up. "Redemption is close"
34. No 28 Sam
NYC Girl   (02.16.08)
It's Iranians like you who provide the best hope of one day freeing your country from the extremists. I wish you well.
35. keep olmert, and persecute jews....expect more to come
a warning of the ,   things to come   (02.16.08)
36. #30 that's funny
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