Negev residents demand secured rooms
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 16.02.08, 23:33
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1. Every useless piece of rotten junk ...
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.16.08)
deserves a turn. We don't believe in junk.
2. ıt ıs tıme to kıll hanıyeh
3. "The 'west' is always...
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.16.08)
using donations to apply pressure on the Palestinian people." As your bank account would tell, no doubt.
4. Israelis should build homes and schools and other
Rivkah   (02.16.08)
buildings of steel reinforced concrete in a geodesic dome design. A circular cement foundation is poured with a steel rebar frame curved over the circle cemented to the foundation. Then a big ballon is inflated to fit inside the rebar frame extending above the cement foundation. Cement is then sprayed on the outside of the frame onto the surface of the balloon to form a shell of steel reinforced cement of desired width. Then the balloon is deflated and taken out and cement is sprayed on the inside of the steel frame cement structure. The refars make the cement walls and ceilings far stronger than cement by itself or other building materials. It is cheap to construct, too.
5. safer to go back where you came from, occupation=no security
BA ,   USA   (02.16.08)
6. #5 is totally correct!
joseph ,   israel   (02.17.08)
When Israel goes back to Gush Katif, Homesh, Shchem and other cities and towns occupied by the foreign invader there will be peace. Thank you #5 for your wisdom.
7. Resumption of rocket fire
Dementia Preacox ,   U.S.A..   (02.17.08)
Pardon me for asking,but where is the representative from the U.N.?He is in the area for 3 days,He was shocked in Gaza the 1st day and was supposed to visit Sderot today..well where was he?Or was he so shocked at Gaza he left the country in fright?Maybe I am mistaken and it is tomorrow,and in that case the man should spend the whole day there so he can learn what it is like to at any second know you could be killed by a rocket..I read up on several sites over in the Middle East,and in particular Israel and her safety.This U.N. represenative that so eloquently slammed Israel for punnishing the Pals in Gaza must not be allowed to leave with out equl time in Israel in rocket range.If he doesnt I would file a complaint to the security council on Monday on the bias being shown to the defender,while the offender is coddled like a spoilt child. The Hamas just need to be eliminated along with all the crime families in the strip and on completion of all the house cleaning,a U.N.Force can come in and babysit,they are so concerned,tell them heres your chance to get hands on.Sorry I ramble, But this whole thing over there is a example of a modern day tragedy.
8. Its cheaper to shoot people like you. #5
k ,   USA   (02.17.08)
9. Where will it end? In revolution?
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (02.17.08)
Secure room? I want secure house, secure street, secure town, secure region, SECURE STATE! Where will it end? In revolution?
10. Sderot residents.
Jean Van Daem ,   Metula   (02.17.08)
All the Jewish population in Israel and abroad should support the people of Sderot. But even if the IDF invade Gaza.don't have unrealistic expectations; Don't overreact to bad news or future terrorist attacks; Do be alert; and Do put aside political differences in order to present a unified front against radical Islam. Never forget our strength is in our unity. Lets hear the opinion of a US General about fighting terrorism at :
11. who is not demanding in Israel?
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