Marks & Spencer may reopen stores in Israel
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 17.02.08, 12:01
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1. Great news -
Shalom   (02.17.08)
Hope it happens.
2. marks and spencer
sas ,   israel   (02.17.08)
GREAT idea. why not the Mamila project in Jerusalem??
3. Marks and Spencers
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (02.17.08)
Yes please, I do hope this comes off, specially if they really do mirror the one in Oxofrd Circus, with the food hall yum yum yum!!!!.
4. Marks & Spencer should be boycotted
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (02.17.08)
Many years ago I discovered that Marks & Spencer were sourcing certain items of clothing from Egypt. Up till then I had bought most of my clothes from them, but I decided as a result to boycott them and have done so ever since. (When I was a child it was their proud bost that "99 per cent of Marks and Spencer clothes are British made".)
5. M& S to open in Israela
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (02.17.08)
A good idea as M&S will show Israeli stores what quality is and what good customer service is. In the case of the latter Israelis stores, large and small have not the first or even faintest idea about customer service or caring for customers. Israeli Shops attitude is "we are here to do customers a favour" or to customers " go away, I'm busy " !(talking to friends on ones mobile etc )
6. M&S in Israel - Now !!!
Danny ,   Tel Aviv   (02.17.08)
Great news, hope it comes off.
7. @Larry: can stupidity be boycotted?
Willy ,   Israel   (02.17.08)
What kind of idiot are you? If you wanna buy English-only products, I suggest you stick with Vauxhall and Berkeshire black pudding, you shmok!
8. A race toward mediocrity
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (02.17.08)
WHAT?????????? Have they cleared this with the London School of economics?
9. Marks and Spencer
Paul ,   London England   (02.18.08)
Unfortunately, M&S is not what it used to be. The last few years have seen a move downmarket, in a desperate attempt to attract more customers. The M&S reputation for quality is fading rapidly, as cheap imports replace its former ranges. The Stores are dowdy and in need major refurbishment but seem only to get a periodic superficial lick of paint. M&S customers in the UK are moving on. Israelis should do the same.
10. M&S
Dan ,   Herzliya, Israel   (02.18.08)
Please, please, please open some M&S shops!!! Some decent quality and more importantly decent service is desperately needed!!!
11. There clothes are old fashioned and outdated
Talula ,   Israel   (02.19.08)
But their bras and knickers are GREAT!
12. M & S back in Israel
Roslyn ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.20.08)
The quality is so good - bring it back!
13. yipppppppeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Danielle ,   centre   (02.26.08)
14. m&s
sonia ,   israel   (03.18.08)
nothing beats maks anssparks
15. branch in Israel- when???
rina ,   Tel-Aviv Israel   (08.25.13)
we've been waiting too long for a store in Tel-Aviv, we do not like to travel out of tel-aviv, so pls don't bypass us!!!
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